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  • New Music and ideas and Fitpro Fitness

    I hope you had a fantastic weekend?  August is just going so fast……
    If you are looking for some cool music for your HIIT’S and Body Conditioning classes then a HUGE recommendation from me, is Pure Energy’s release with Katie Bulmer Cook called Awesome Intervals.

    I choreographed and planned 5 new workouts for the Lift Lean project using Katie’s CD as the timings, protocols and music selection is spot, highly recommended from me.

    You can download it from PE here

    The Next 28 Day Lift lean Project starts on Monday 4th September so again, I’ve created and began filming another 28
    heavy lifting workouts.

    The project has been an amazing success and is really gathering momentum after being featured in Workout Magazine.
    It’s all about the training and eating healthily with no huge restrictions, just enjoying lifting heavy and being with a strong community of like minded women.

    Do you want to join? Click here 

    For the last 12 weeks, I’ve been working exclusively with 23 women who joined my 90 Day Women’s Health and Weightloss Programme going through a variety of protocols including 7 Day Juice& Soup Detox, The Sprinter programme and a bespoke personalised plan for each person.

    The group has been amazing with all of the women “living”…. navigating through holidays, birthdays, celebrations and every thing that life offers over the course of the programme.

    The programme has helped the group make lasting changes and new habits and make the right choices for the long term and when they haven’t made healthy choices we’ve been able to get straight back on track.

    This is the beauty of a long 90 day programme, of course there are times when you don’t eat and exercise in the best way and I teach you the strategies to enjoy the moment, and move on.

    It’s been a fantastic experience with everyone hitting great goals and milestones.

    My next 90 Day starts on Monday 4th September and to get on the programme you need to add your email to a special VIP list.

    If you would like to be one of the 25 women I’ll be working exclusivity with add your email
     here and it’s perfect for Fitpros who want to gain accountability and control on their own health.

    Happy MONDAY

    Love Rachel xxxx

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