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  • Post – Fitness Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

    This weekend has been a life changer in so many ways. I was actually only planning on going Friday and turning up just in time to do my talk at FEB and leave, but after the first session that was never going to happen. I was a bit conference jaded to be honest, since Jan I’ve toured all over the UK PLUS  its been IFS, followed by Fitpro. Conference inspire you like nothing else but the stress of presenting and preparing sets me on an emotional roller coaster, you are excited, nervous, frightened then whens its all over hyper (if its gone well) and then you come down BUT F E B was such a unique experience for everyone.

    The event has really found its feet. The whole industry is sick and tired of the “Make More Money in 30 days” and “Follow me I’ll show you what to do” from people with no business and no track record so this event HAS to be differnt, or it can’t survive and boy did it deliver.

    The event kicked of with Andy Wake – Lets face it there is NO fitness brand that is as successful. Period. If you are going to listen to anyone that has such a successful track record who is clearly doing exceptionally well then this man is the man of the match. Quiet and unassuming with no big ego Andy talked of the challenges of running a huge business, about the problems he faced personally as his wife battled cancer and his baby daughter nearly died nearly PLUS a huge tax investigation to boot, he was able to deal with this because of the business systems he had set up from the outset. Truly inspiring and a lesson for us all. It ain’t easy! Plan for the future, plan for problems and brick walls and get it right from the word go.

    This talk set the tone of the weekend. Every session contained SOUND and PROPER business advice, mind set information and how to look at your business with different eyes – there  was no fly by night get rich quick schemes – we all know this is rubbish and doesn’t work.

    I can put my hand on my heart and say I got something from every speaker. Dax Moy, The Cosgroves, Nick Nanton, Ken Ady, Paul Mort I have written a note book full of ideas, quotes and plans and feel I have now chrystallised where I want to go. In the end, I stayed for every session, loving every minute and now its time to see if I can step up to the mark and put all of my dreams and plans into action.

    It was a thrilling and exciting room to be in with everyone buzzing with ideas and plans and  loving the whole vibe, I am  chuffed to bits with the potential that now lies in front of me.

    Have a great Monday

    Rachel xxx



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