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  • Rekindle Your Teaching Passion.

    We, as human beings are all like satellite transmitters and receivers.

    You may consciously be saying one thing to yourself and to everyone around you, but if your subconscious believes something different, then that is being transmitted to the world and people will pick up on it unconsciously as well.

    Do you teach and promote what you really, truly love, believe in and feel passionate about?
    Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 08.47.55

    Maybe you are dealing with some life stress & personal stress
    that is eroding your self esteem and confidence… We have all been there when you are trying to motivate and inspire your classes, yet dealing with something personal can be tough….
    but remember it will pass and you will feel your old self soon.

    If your heart has gone out of a particular class and even if you are the best actress/actor, subconsciously your participants will pick up on it and they will start to drift away…. but it could be that you need to delve a bit deeper into that subject and rekindle your passion for it?

    Take a few minute to think about what you totally love to teach and the message you want to convey to your participants.

    The beauty of being self-employed is that you can alter your course and take a different path, we are all continually growing as teachers, educators and coaches and our situations change and life evolves.

    Whatever you do don’t get stuck in a rut, identify what you love and follow your passion.

    My good friend Phil Richards spoke last week at our
    Kick Start conference workshop about the Heart and the Brain connection which I have become so interested in.

    If you LOVE being diverse and teaching different things
    that’s wonderful. My favourite thing is speaking about nutrition and health and helping people with those topics but I also
    LOVE business, social media and marketing and of course
    I’m still passionate about my freestyle classes and I’m
    learning about meditation and mindfulness and studying
    the work of Jon Kabutt Zinn and how to apply it.

    It’s all good for the brain and neuro plasticity.

    Keep learning, growing and evolving and helping our
    class members with the new information as we evolve
    as human beings.

    I am holding 2 new Kick Start Discovery Days.
    If you are thinking about becoming a Kick Start
    Franchise and want to know more. I can book you on
    Friday 3rd Feb London St Pancras
    Sat 4th Feb Manchester Airport Hotel.
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    Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 08.44.54

    Fitness Pilates 2 Day Training Certification
    Birmingham 4/5th March click here to book

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