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  • Revolutionise your Fitness Pilates Business

    Fitness Pilates is super, successful programme, and out of the 1000’s of Instructors I have trained most recognise that running FP classes as courses or block bookings is the way to go for many reasons :

    1. FP exercise are progressive.
    2. Clients require time to learn the technique, regular practice of the moves and technique is improved at every session.
    3. To feel the benefits and get results students needs to attend classes regularly, therefore, a financial commitment from the client i.e block blocking, course paid in advance, direct debit, monthly payments etc is advantageous.
    4. By enforcing a financial commitment the client will adhere to the programme and stay motivated.
    5. FP is seen as a premium fitness class product and should be charged at a higher rate.

    Up until FP many community Instructors typically, ran their community class business as the pay as you go model (me included)  but with FP we recognised that clients need to commit to the classes for a period of time to see the result required.

    It became the easier and acceptable model to offer FP in this way as opposed to drop in sessions.

    The financial benefits to running FP in blocks/direct debits/membership deals etc are numerous as well:

    1.Finacial commitment from the client results in better adherence to your sessions.
    2.Financial stability for YOU the business owner. All of the money is paid in advance, room hire and expenses are covered and your profit is in your bank account before the course starts.
    3.Easy for you to manage your cash flow and business in this way.

    But can we now take this one step further


    The Fitness Pilates Bootcamp Package

    The FPBP was born when I had a light bulb moment in class. I was away for a week and my class was cancelled, after asking what would the group being doing instead that week, 90% said they would be going to Weight Watchers or Slimming World.

    Gobsmacked! I realised that my group were in desperate need of proper, cutting edge fat loss information. 90% of my group were going to be weighed every week and listening to the WW and SW talks so If I created a course for them they would be interested.

    “But I can give you all the Fat Loss information you need in my regular Bootcamp”

    “But your Bootcamps are too hard for us  we only like FP” was the general consensus

    It all goes back again to knowing your client profile. My local FP classes are aimed at 45 +, female, retired or part time person, older children maybe grand children, have niggly injuries,  regular back pain, not a fan of hard core exercise, likes attending with friends, is involved in the local community, used to do “aerobics” back in the day but finds it too hard on the joints now, will stick to a programme she likes come rain or shine.

    Whenever I market my FP its this client I have in mind. She is who I am talking to when promoting FP through different media outlets..

    The point I overlooked is my client profile ALSO goes to SW and WW.

    And so FPBP was created.

    It runs exactly the same as my Bootcamps expect we do 2 progressive FP classes per week. I also provide home workout downloads containing interval and cardio workouts for the clients to do in addition to my FP classes. They get all the fatloss information , the support, kick start fat loss info, emails , group discussions etc. The results have been amazing and its THE most popular Bootcamp I teach.

    There are loads of Pilates classes in my area but NO FPBootcamps it differentiates my business from the competition and was one of the best ideas I have ever had.

    If you are Pilates trained you can replicate my FPBootcamp in your area and make a solid, sustainable business from FP. I now employ FP teachers to teach it for me but I do 2 special masterclass FP classes every month in the 4th week.

    I’d love your feedback on this on here or on Twitter

    Have a great day


    You can get my FP Bootcamp Package here

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