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  • Slow Down to Speed Up – Mondays Motivational from Rachel

    For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here








    At last.

    Lighter nights & longer days,
    make it easier to rise earlier,
    workout in the morning, eat healthier
    foods & generally feel more positive
    & happy.


    Consider slowing down to speed up?

    As it’s the beginning of British Summer Time,
    it is THE perfect opportunity to take stock,
    re-evaluate your goals, business, fitness, health,
    training, family time…

    the whole caboodle.

    We think if we slow down, the dream machine
    will come to a stop. Or, if we stop working
    so hard, we’ll have to do without or give up on a
    particular dream or goal.

    Simplifying & streamlining what YOU put
    into the world doesn’t
    mean you have to expect
    anything less in return.

    Today fall in love with your life again.

    Fall in love with your business.

    Fall in love with YOU.

    Streamline your goals.
    Make a step by step plan & with
    a laser beam focus go after them.

    Today from Marianne Williamsons book
    A Year Of Miracles I just loved Day 259

    “I use the power of a positive attitude
    to uplift any situation”

    Marianne goes onto say

    Doubt, fear, negativity & judgement
    have destructive power. Faith, love, positivity
    & blessings have miraculous power.

    These feelings & thoughts supercharge all situations..

    Use your power wisely today.

    Have a super duper fun filled Monday.

    Love Rachel xxxx

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    are received @RachelHolmes

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    For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here

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