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  • Wise Words from the Fitness Elders










    I’m just having a minute chilling on the
    balcony in Turkey after teaching 5 classes
    today on the Fitness Week.


    Fitness Pilates, HIIT, Aqua HIIT, Step
    & a Fatloss talk to 20 ladies all who
    English is not their first language.


    I am the only Brit here, so
    it’s the perfect chance to reach out,

    chat to people & find out how others
    live, enjoy their fitness & generally
    meet new friends.


    The week really is a breath of fresh air.


    You are cocooned in a bubble of positivity.



    Everyone is here to embrace the fitness classes
    & concepts & have a go at everything.


    It is AMAZING what being surrounded
    by such happy vibes & positivity can
    do to feed your soul.


    Traveling around on these fitness jaunts
    is such an experience for me.

    This week I’ve met women
    in their 50’s, 60’s & 70’s who have the most
    tremendous amount of self confidence, happiness
    & lust for life.


    They simply radiate like sunshine.


    After my indepth questioning over dinner,

    I needed to know…..

    How do they have it  all together and in the know?
    How come they appear to have  it all sussed?


    I realised these aren’t women on a
    defined set path,with rigid goals or
    have everything sussed &
    mapped out.


    They float from one thing to the next,
    trying new things out,
    making a decision to do or go with something
    then giving it 110%.


    So, What is the common thread?


    Accepting  & LOVING yourself for who you are.


    Living totally in the moment &
    Loving life whatever you are dealt in the

    ALSO, They all meditate, exercise daily AND eat clean!


    Don’t forget to love yourself.” (Soren Kierkegaard)
    Have the best Bank Holiday Weekend.
    As always, I love to hear from you
    Tweet me @RachelHolmes
    Knock em dead this weekend!

    Love Rachel x

    If you want to come to Turkey for our next
    Fitness Event Click here
    I am creating a new Fitness Business Academy
    for Fitpros who are interested in mentoring & coaching
    by me. If you are a go getter & want to step things up
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    Lastly my new KSFL 11 day Online detox
    starts Tuesday click here for the details

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