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  • 25 April instructor newsletter

    From Blackpool to Loughborough, the presenting train now
    moves to South Africa and a whistle stop tour covering Cape Town,
    Johannesburg, Durban and back to Cape Town teaching UNITE. Jayne
    and I have trained almost 600 Instructors who all teach for Virgin
    Active South Africa and, wow, it’s been a completely awe inspiring
    and humbling experience. On arriving in Johannesburgh to teach in a
    huge conference centre we found out many Instructors had driven
    over 8 hours from the North of the country to get there and many
    had woken up that morning in a tiny one bedroom shack where they
    all live with no running water and all of the family, brothers and
    sisters and even extended family in the townships. It all kind of
    puts things into perspective. We talked about the UNITE concept and
    how FP and FFY has been developed over the last 13 years. We taught
    the workshop and it was a brilliant experience; the concept was
    embraced and welcomed by all of the Instructors who are hungry for
    new ideas, moves and music. Virgin South African don’t have any of
    the branded programmes on their timetables apart from Zumba,
    instead concentrating on developing unique programmes to their
    market and culture. Fierce, 24, Retro, Ride the Cape, Argos are a
    few of the innovative studio programmes, plus there are unique swim
    programmes, gym floor challenges, kid’s programmes and running
    initiatives. Over 110 Virgin clubs in SA, with some boasting 10,000
    members, as everyone in SA appears to be fit, healthy and works
    out. It’s a very family orientated and outdoorsy life. This is my
    4th trip and I fall in love with the country more and more every
    time I travel. We look forward to seeing how the South Africans get
    on with UNITE when it launches across the Virgin Active business in
    July. It’s exciting times and for all the UNITE Instructors in the
    UK our newly trained South African friends will be joining us on
    our global UNITE programme. Class Ideas – AmRap I’m loving the
    AmRap idea right now that you can easily implement into your
    conditioning and HIIT classes. Take 5 basic strength exercises
    1.Power Squat 2.Tricep Dip 3. Split lunges 4.Ab grab 5.Press Ups
    Ask everyone to grab a partner. For 50seconds get partner 1 to do
    as many reps as possible and partner 2 will count the reps and
    record the scores. Then switch and as partner 1 rests and counts,
    partner 2 performs the exercise. It will take 10minutes. Its’ a
    super hard section and it’s fun, PLUS you can do it once a month
    and get your classes to see how they improve and it’s a great way
    to build friendship and community in your classes. Tweet me and let
    me know if you do a Group X Amrap. Tweet me on @RachelHolmes Grab
    the HIIT music from Pure Energy and use the Am Rap side for music
    that fits perfectly to this simple and fun format. Creating Culture
    and Community One thing that has really made an impression on me
    whilst being in SA is that every club has a strong culture and
    community. Members really feel part of the community, are proud of
    it and become amazing sales people for the brand and programmes.
    Crossfit is generating an underground cult following. You see the
    Crossfit #WOD – workout of the day being posted all over social
    media with people all over the world posting their scores and WOD
    results. Crossfit has its own language and every workout and
    movement has a name and a theme. Crossfit members completely buy
    into the culture and become part of the worldwide culture. We can
    all embrace that for own community classes. Tips for creating
    Culture & Community 1.Create a name for your members or
    attendees – think Lady Gaga calls all her fans Little Monsters. I
    have a group who come to my classes called the Holmettes! 2. Name
    all of your workouts and combinations. 3. Use the Am Rap and get
    your class members to upload their scores to your website or a
    Facebook group for your class members. 4.Operate an exciting and
    vibrant Facebook group where your members share info, ideas and
    experiences. 5. Get a class mascot, name it and take it along to
    all local community events! 6. Get a team together for local fun
    runs, Race 4 Life, Tough Mudder or any local team event. Supply
    tshirts for your team and go along and get involved, the publicity
    will be brilliant and you will be fostering a great sense of
    community and culture Sunday 28th April 2013 World Fitness Pilates
    Day in Guildford Kelly has just returned from presenting in Sydney
    at the FILEX convention and we both can’t wait to present World
    Fitness Pilates this Sunday at Guildford Spectrum. So, if you are
    looking for some cool ideas for your conditioning and Pilates
    sessions then come and join Kelly and I as we present this
    enjoyable day on Sunday. We are both buzzing after our trips away
    and have loads of new ideas to share as Fitness Pilates goes from
    strength to strength You can still grab a last minute place by
    booking online here. Hot
    Music for your Summer Classes Have you tried my HIIT Workout music
    from Pure Energy as yet? It has 2 x 28 minute HIIT Workouts, plus
    warm up and cool down on 1 side then Ceri Hannons Am Rap HIIT
    workout and Accumulator HIIT Workout on the other. It’s packed with
    storming and motivational tracks that really get everyone going. We
    are now developing more HIIT mixes with Pure Energy that will be
    out in the next few months. Chart Breakers 5 – The Chary breakers
    series are some of the most popular PE series and the latest one
    has all of the banging chart hits that will get your classes
    singing along to.
    Mind Body 20 – My latest mind/body release has the A side
    containing lovely ballads and vocals and the B side is all
    instrumental tracks. This is the mix that Jayne and I use for UNITE
    3 and it’s going down a storm
    Kick Start Fat Loss Franchise Opportunity I’m looking for the next
    stage of KSFL Franchisee Business Owners. If you would like to join
    the fastest growing Diet and Fitness Club, then send me an email
    asap We are rapidly expanding and the
    clubs are doing exceptionally well as we move into the next stage
    of Kick Start Fat Loss ™ including the KSFL Express & KSFL
    Executive programmes targeting different populations and
    demographics. Sally Ghafoor – Writing an Ebook Since Rachel’s
    Awesome seminar, I have so many people contacting me asking about
    writing ebooks that I decided to write an article for you al., I
    have decided to take up Andrew Crawford’s mantra of love more, give
    more ,help more so if you have any questions on anything I write on
    please do just contact me. Thinking about an ebook will not get it
    written, a lot of people say that they have tons of ideas but when
    it comes to getting it down on paper they have pure writer’s
    block!! What do people want to read? You might assume people will
    want to buy your book but are you sure? Assuming they will is a way
    to fail, ask them, send out surveys, ask in a blog post, use
    twitter and facebook. If you’re writing a book that people have
    interest in, you’re creating a buzz around it whilst writing it
    that will help sell it along with the fact you are delivering a
    book they have interest in! The Title – Do you decide the title
    first or after? To be honest it doesn’t matter – some people once
    they have decided the title, it gets them focused on writing their
    book. So why not give that a try, jot down different titles then if
    one stands out see if the writing will flow. If not don’t panic,
    you can just as easily choose it afterwards. However your title is
    IMPORTANT It can mean the difference between selling a few and a
    lot, you need a title that catches your target market’s attention.
    Play around with different names; use a thesaurus to find different
    words for words that are not exciting Answer your Question – Every
    time I write, I start by asking myself a question and answering it
    in the article. So maybe write a statement before starting out on
    the ebook. What problem are you going to be answering in your book,
    what purpose does it solve? How will it benefit the reader? Write
    about something your audience has a problem with that you can
    solve. Don’t try and do a book with everything including the
    kitchen sink, as you will go off track and bore the reader – plus
    by writing just a subject at a time will give you scope for more
    ebooks. After you have done all this then you can break this down
    into smaller objectives within paragraphs to get to the bigger
    objective in your book. Why not use a mind map? Make sure all your
    chapters fit together – how are you going to break it down? What is
    each chapter going to solve. So list your chapters then flesh it
    out! If you write or blog, why not when writing your chapters
    imagine you’re actually writing an article/blog for each chapter.
    What’s your subject – Does it REALLY interest you? Are you
    passionate about it, if you are it will just roll off the page. My
    type of writing is completely how I would speak to you, be natural
    and read your content back, would it interest you or would you
    switch off, do you re read your paragraphs and think yes I want to
    read more I get what I am saying, if my content doesn’t flow its
    scrapped and started again. Have you researched your subject? There
    is nothing worse than an un-researched book, remember people will
    read this and judge you on your book. They might buy the first book
    but if you are not well researched they will not buy from you
    again. So if you’re trying to promote yourself as an expert in your
    field, research become an expert, do not pretend as the public are
    very savvy they will know and will not buy from you again. War and
    peace – So much I see on social media,” I have written a 300 page
    ebook on how to bore your readers” – it’s about content and quality
    not how much drivel there is on masses of pages, if you can say it
    one paragraph why write a chapter about it. Keep your audience
    engaged. Would you read your book – Would you? If not scrap it
    start again. Remember the three D’s – DO IT, DO IT, DO IT Want more
    info go to there is a ebook and webinar on
    writing your ebook Have a wonderful Thursday and sorry for the
    shorter newsletter as Im still away in Cape Town till Friday Love
    Rachel xx If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the
    link below: Unsubscribe Choreography to go 351 Cromford Rd. Langley
    Mill, Nottinghamshire NG16 4HA United Kingdom +44 07854


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