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  • 26 Feb Instructor newsletter

    IMG_9419How are you?

    Hope your classes are busy and buzzing
    as ever & here is your uber
    action packed C2GO newsletter, marking C2GO 4.0
    my latest version of the website.

    Did you see Madonna trip last night at the Brits….

    Well if you didnt last night, I’m sure you have this morning.

    She couldn’t of dreamed  for the amount of publicity that
    clip is getting. I bet it has been shown on every news channel
    around the world.

    Go MADGE.
    Her ego and ass might be bruised
    but her PR machine most definitely hasn’t taken a tumble.

    There has NEVER been a more exciting time to be in the fitness industry so many exciting avenues & projects to seize.

    Here are my current Top Tips

    1: WELLNESS & Lifestyle is where it’s at. Think long term rather than quick fixes packages.

    2: Get better at writing – for your status updates/blog posts/newsletters/marketing everything we now do in fitness has an element of writing & copy. Its crucial now to spread your message.

    3: READ so much more – 10minutes a day minimum.

    4:Listen to what your girlfriends talk about & issues they have, then design classes, services, products to help them.

    5:Understand FACEBOOK adverts – Facebook algos have changed again.

    6:Understand Twitter for Business

    7: Revisit your goals list every week & edit, rework & change course if necessary.

    9: Design cool lifestyle/fitness programmes online & offline for women aged 40 – 60 years.

    10: Learn how to capture emails and use a good email distribution service like Mail Chimp. Aweber, Constant Contact understand it own it.

    11: Stop teaching classes & clients you can’t stand.

    12:Understand the difference between the social media platforms – Post different things, at different times on FB, Twitter, Instagram.

    13:Get into INSTAGRAM it’s developing into the future social media platform – Check out my 15secs videos they have upped my followers massively . Instagram/ RachelLHolmes

    14: Organise local fitness & wellness events – Stand out as an expert.

    15: Get into public speaking. You do it every day as an Instructor, therefore, create some interesting talks, and offer to speak wherever you can locally & build your profile.

    16: We are all 1 person media companies and brands now.

    17:Create your own picture quotes with your branding for social media distribution.

    18: Follow journalists, magazines and news channels & tweet them on topical health & fitness daily.

    19: Teach Fitness Pilates  – Classes go from strength to strength nationwide.

    20: Get into OUTSOURCING and Delegate. My favourite site is Fiverr I use this every day to get down my to-do list.

    21: STOP using Facebook as distribution. Pumping out BUY My…Buy My……. Facebook is not a modern day email service. You need to put out good CONTENT, blog posts, pictures.  Keep giving out great content.

    22: Trending Topics on Twitter – Check out what the daily Trends are & be creative and tie these into your daily Tweets. Understand # hashtags

    23: Work out you true core desires. What DO you really want out of life. Design your own life not someone else’s.

    24: Partner with Hair & Beauty Shop entrepreneurs in your town.

    25:  Position yourself as a professional expert.

    26:  If your classes are quiet. Look at your marketing. Change it up, reach out to new audiences, look at your social media, leaflets, branding. Marketing is a daily process & its constantly changes.

    27: Use Pure Energy Music – Its the best by 100000%!

    28: Spend time building your community

    29:Write a weekly newsletter minimum – Reach out to your list as often as
    possible with great content. (Daily if poss)

    30:Jump on monthly events & healthy awareness campaigns there is something every month that is relevant to health, fitness & wellness.

    31: If you are looking for ideas on things to tweet/FB scan the daily news websites like Sky/BBC/Huffington Post/ and comment on daily newsworthy topics.

    32:You can be the best PT/Instructor in the world but if no one knows about you you are not reaching your potential clients.

    33: Know EXACTLY who your customer is. Who comes to your sessions – Find out the exact demographic for each product you have. Its easy to market then.

    34: More people will ask your questions about your classes via social media. Ask for their email address & answer via email but add the email address to your list.

    35: Offer classes & services that no one else does: 1:1 Yoga/Pilates/, Small Group Training, @Home Transformation partys. Brainstorm NEW class ideas.

    36: Build up your media contacts locally including print & radio. Tweet them  & build relationships via Twitter/Linkedin

    37: If you starting out & really want to explode your business come & join me at Kick Start Fat Loss as a Franchisee 🙂

    38: The pay is NOT going to go up in Health Clubs & Leisure Centres.

    : Fitness is THE best industry to be in. It doesnt have to be hard its a gift ENJOY IT



    As C2GO moves into it’s 4.0 version I would love to know
    what you think?

    It has had a total revamp ready for a whole host of new

    New online courses & qualifications
    More freestyle videos and choreography
    New Fitness Pilates section.

    The mobile site has now been totally upgraded so
    you can access the whole site much more easily via
    your smart phone.

    if you have videos and downloads can you check you
    can log in and view your purchases?

    That would be really helpful for us.


    Abdominal Evolution Tour – How My Marketing Has Changed.

    This Tour has gone totally crazy & all of the other dates are nearly full
    to studio capacity.

    In 2 days the Bristol date has sold out. In a world of virtual choreography videos  and youtube It’s so fab to know that Instructors still want to attend a live local workshop.

    But it also shows you how my marketing has changed.

    5 years ago I would of paid for 20k
    flyers to be printed, at a cost of £600 plus a paid insert into the Fitpro
    magazine would of cost between £500 – £900.

    For this tour there is no flyer only a digital flyer I designed & created
    emails to my database and  a solid Facebook adverts & social media
    campaign over Youtube, Instagram Twitter & of course Facebook.

    Facebook adverts enable me to pinpoint and target exactly the right people
    to get the advert in front of and with a lot of trial and error over the last year,
    for this tour it all worked perfectly.

    Of course the course content is something that we all need and Kelly
    is an extremely popular and talented presenter.

    You can replicate this formula totally with your own classes and service.

    Build your email list daily.
    Practice using small  £5 and £10 amounts on your Facebook adverts and create great content for your social media channels consistently.

    It is a daily practice but we are now marketing in 2015 this is the way of the future.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

    For more information and to grab a last minute place click here


    I’ve NEVER Eaten So Much Chocolate In My Life!
    By Jo De Rosa

    Not everyday, but most mornings will see me eating chocolate these days. And I can honestly say that in the last year I have NEVER eaten so much chocolate!
    I have not touched ANY commercial shop-bought chocolate in that time. This Christmas was the very first festive season that not a single processed chocolate passed my lips….

    No processed sugar for one year.

    And I feel A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

    I drink ceremonial grade raw cacao mixed with homemade cashew milk, maca and lucuma powders maybe three times per week (and then meditate for an hour) and believe me there is no NEED for sugar-laden crap anymore.

    This is what has amazed me so much as I’ve watched the masses eat their bodyweight in sweet-stuff this festive season: I HAVE NOT MISSED EATING THAT RUBBISH. And I never ever thought it could be so easy.

    It’s just like my addiction to alcohol. It’s now been 823 days since I had a drink and I now NEVER want a drink! If you paid me I wouldn’t drink a drop of the substance that changed me, twisted me, and nearly destroyed me.

    I don’t need to do it anymore, I’ve moved on and away, and my life is so much better without it. And I’m talking alcohol AND sugar here……

    So we’re halfway through January now. Are you having a dry one? Or a sugar-free start to the year? How is that going for you? Are you pining away from the very thing that grinds you down? Why do we do that?! Why make it so difficult for ourselves?!


    If I told you EXACTLY what to do, would you comply with the instructions? Like a patient following their doctor’s advice, would you take the pill I prescribe religiously? Even if you knew it was guaranteed to give you a better life?

    Well here it is:   MEDITATION

    If you meditate everyday, check-in with yourself, and find a connection to the part of you that is whole then you simply cannot keep doing something that is not good for you. It’s literally impossible.
    The thought of drinking now, of poisoning my system with a substance that numbs me from feeling connected is ludicrous.

    And once you know that sugar is creating an acidic environment in your body, that it is feeding cancer cells, then why oh why would you continue to eat it?
    It is a drug, and just like smoking, drinking or snorting cocaine, the cravings will pass once it’s out of your system. And when it’s out, simply don’t put any more in!

    And meditate. Connect. Listen to your inner dialogue, which knows what is right for you….you cannot lie to yourself when in the meditative state.

    It’s amazing the excuses that people come up with to not do what they KNOW is right for them,

    “I haven’t got time to meditate”
    “I’m too busy at lunchtime to eat healthily”
    “I can’t meditate because my mind is too busy”
    EVERYBODY STARTS OFF THAT WAY: YOU HAVE TO PRACTICE (that why it’s called ‘practice’!!)
    “Cream eggs/maltesers/galaxy taste so good though”

    When we meditate we are CHANGING THE BRAIN. Old habits fall away effortlessly, and new pathways in the brain are forged and secured.
    It’s up to YOU to put the work in. Sit on a cushion for 10 minutes per day.
    In a month you will WANT to do more. Suddenly 20 minutes of meditation is easy and you’re sitting on your cushion for 30 minutes each day. Then you realise that there is more benefit in meditation than there is sleeping so you WANT to get up an hour earlier so that you can practice: what better way to start the day?
    Connected. Focused. Prepared. Perfect.

    So who’s up for it? Who wants to leave ordinary behind and welcome EXTRAORDINARY instead? Are you ready for the ride of your life? What are you capable of if you really put your mind to it?

    Do you want to be 100% focused on everything that you do? Do you want to be so focused that you get everything done that you start? Are you ready?
    Do you want the pill now?

    My Online Meditation Course is the prescription I’ve written out for you. Ten weekly 30 minute classes sent straight to your inbox. Take it dutifully like you would medicine: sit for at least 10 minutes each day listening to the sound of my voice as I guide you deeper within your own mind. Be consistent. Be diligent. DEMAND that you find that time in your day, because it may just change your life forever.
    Why wouldn’t you do that????
    Those that have completed the course have all told me something shifted. They noticed that life got a little easier, and I ask you all: ARE YOU STILL MEDITATING EACH DAY? Have you faithfully stuck to your daily practice, or has it fallen away? If it’s ceased how do you feel now? Has the connection that you made disappeared? Is life a little more hectic again? And why did you allow that to happen if it did? I’d love to know, and motivate you to start taking the medicine again x

    And for those that are ready to take the medicine for the first time then follow the link below, and WELCOME to a world of clarity, happiness and improved health. It’s time to take control of your destiny x

    Facebook:  InnerGuidance
    Twitter:  @Inner_Guidance
    Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2015

    What Shall I Tweet? by Rachel Holmes

    I have had loads of emails and questions about “What shall I Tweet” so here are some ideas for you. Remember the first thing to really work on is who is your market and who are you tweeting to? Try and narrow down your target market, being all things to all people is usually too hit and miss. Fine tune who you are actually talking/Tweeting to

    Who Is your market…..Again!

    I know I keep banging on about who actually are you aiming to become your clients and here I go again here 🙂

    Yummy Mummies wanting to lose baby weight?

    Older fitter adults?

    Disillusioned Health Club members who aren’t getting desired results at the gym?

    The Fat Loss Crowd?

    Busy execs?

    Time poor women juggling career, family, home, mates

    Business owners

    Over 40’s? Over 50’s? Over 60’s? Over 70’s


    These are only ideas and not necessarily the correct niche for you.

    Once your basics are clear and you are ready to give Twitter a go, keep the following in mind:

    •Talk about experiences, views, opinions that are central to your brand or personality. So if your target market that’s is older fitter adults, talk about anything that relates to this market, etc. Ensure that your talk is contextual to your brand and not far away from what it believes in. Also, ensure that it is relevant to what is being spoken in that point of time in the newspapers or television and hook in to current events and affairs

    •Be funny. When you are funny, people not only like what they say they also share it. So when people know it’s you who is saying this stuff they want more and listen. This causes your word to be spread and increase your reach within the network that you have established. .

    •Ask questions so that people respond. Remember mentions? Yes people responding to what you say will increase your mentions and thereafter increase the network your tweets reach out to. Each time you ask a question you also have the chance to receive views and opinions that people have about you.

    •Make it a habit to tweet. Do tweet each time you have something interesting to say or share. If possible tweet at least 5-8 times a day and remember to spread what you share. Don’t tweet 6 times in a row. Tweet with well spaced intervals or else people will be bored and unfollow you. Also, do not share information that’s been shared before or is apparent.Engage with your followers

    •Use major trends to your forte. If you see something that is a trend and that can be used for your brand, add it to your tweets. Use trends only and only when they make sense and have a brand fit and never otherwise. Also never use trends in each tweet.

    •Leave trails. Leave links to your twitter profile every time you make a blog post or a comment online anywhere. This is if people agree to what you have said they will also like to hear more from you.

    •Make it a habit to respond to those who follow you. Thank them or simply follow them back. As a check you may also ask them as to what encouraged them to follow you. But remember its good etiquette to thank those following you.

    •Retweeting is a fantastic option to use to share information. But if you are retweeting someone be courteous enough to use their twitter handle to show the source. This is something you would like others to do for you as well. So its important to put things into practice.
    These are just a few simple tips to get tweeting but tweeting efficiently.

    You can follow me and I’ll follow you right back

    Drugs Pushers……Hard Core Drugs Being Sold By Pharma (Drug) Companies


    By Andrew Crawford

    The other day I was alerted to a video of some fact I already knew…….

    Drugs is BIG business..!!

    Not the ones sold in parties and clubs  or on the streets………..but…….’over the counter…Hard Core ’Prescribed Drugs’…!!

    So much so that the likes of me and you will be locked up for years if we dared grow, cultivate and sell a plant that can be grown at home or which grows naturally in some parts of the world (not the beautiful flower like plant but the bad old weed type) in order to supplement our measley income and feed our starving kids, clothe them, school them and maintain our own crumbling bodies instead of sponging off Government handouts…just because someone somewhere somehow has classified them …ILLEGAL drugs….!!

    Millions of hard working laymans money is wastefully spent on something the media has ladbelled and fed to you constantly called ‘War On Drugs’ which empowers some bully boyz and Galz in Suits & Boots to ‘Protect You from Yourself’ having the FREE WILL to administer your own drug instead of ‘Protecting You from Other People’ …


    They conveniently forget to mention these killer drugs which they themselves make millions of hard working laymans money from….fatal killer addictive drugs like..

    Alcohol and Tobbacco.

    Which lead people to violence, liver damage and addictions.

    The same law which rejects logic, rejects all evidence and rejects all rationale..!!

    The War is being lost…

    My view………If it was being won… come there are no drug free prisons???? (The place they send people who deal with illegal drugs).


    You can grow your own tomatoes, yes you can even make your own alcohol but vast amounts of people don’t.

    They would rather go down a ‘Licenced’ shop and purchase these killer addictive harmful drugs in which the Government receives shed loads of money, through the taxes generated.

    Wouldn’t that be the same as the plant…..weed grown in your garden or in a secret room in your own dwelling??

    There are plenty of arguments for and against but why are the big pharma’s allowed to  get away with selling and marketing hard core addictive riddled with side effect prescribed drugs??

    I could go on and on till the break of dawn but I realise that time goes on and on and I missed the Brit Awards   tonight….something about Maddona falling off the stage…so no doubt that would make the headlines…..

    Just a thought….

    Remember when the Afghanistan fields were ‘liberated’ by the Americans??

    Well…. production of the stuff has increased since then (I wonder why…??)

    “…..Opium cultivation is estimated to be at an all-time high in despite the US spending $7.5bn to combat it.
    Afghanistan presently produces 80 percent of the world’s heroin which provides billions of dollars in illicit profits for the powerful drug Mafia….and other interested parties.

    Heroin trafficking and production have flourished under US military occupation and transformed Afghanistan into a dysfunctional narco-colony……..”

    My good gracious me…So Andrew..

    What has drugs got to do with Accountancy Tax and vast profits??

    Well…you have ‘prescribed’ drugs which means they are approved, then  you have the so-called ‘un-prescribed’ drugs which are unapproved. Some people share their drugs….!!

    Similar to Share Schemes.

    There are 4 main types of approved share schemes. These have tax and national insurance advantages.

    Share Incentive Plans

    Savings Related Share Option Schemes

    Company Share Option Plans

    Enterprise Management Incentives

    Share Options is the right to acquire shares in a given timefame.

    Share Incentives and Share Options Schemes are used to :

    Reward employees

    Incentivise staff to increase the value of the company

    Retain the good ones

    If shares are simply given these are a taxable benefit.

    If the shares are ‘quoted’, tax and NI will be due

    If shares are ‘unquoted’ they do not attract tax or NI but the employer must pay NI.

    With Share Incentive Plans (SIPS) the longer you keep them the better. Look to sell these shares once you have kept them for over 5 years.

    A Savings Related Share Option Scheme is an arrangement where you as an employee save a fixed amount each month into a SAYE (Save As You Earn) account.

    There will be capital gains on the difference between cost and sale proceeds.

    Company Share Option Plans (CSOPS) is a flexible way of rewarding specified employees. Therefore  it does not have to be available to all employees.

    The maximum value of shares is £30,000.

    The Enterprise Management Incentive Scheme  (EMIS) are used to give up to £250,000 worth of options to selected employees.

    There will be capital gains tax on the sale of the shares.

    Shares are another deep area I will not bore you with but nonetheless, I am sure you may have heard about 1 or more of the above. Just keep onto them for a length of time before selling. Yes, there may be some tax and NI to pay but you will have enough left over to buy your weed….!!


    What do you think to the statement in the headlines  “…80 percent of women don’t shower everyday..”

    Not sure where they got that statistic from …..(It’s in the papers, so it should be true..!!)


    The Reporter MUST be on drugs or something similar…!!!
    Have a wonderful Day LOVE RACHEL

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