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  • 27 October Instructor Newsletter

    Note from Rachel

    It’s half term in the UK and judging by all of the feedback via Facebook and Twitter in many areas classes appear quieter and Instructors have minimised their timetables, but next week will be a different story as the world gears up to Christmas ( I cant even believe I am writing that word in October but hey) It’s the final push to lose that extra weight, “tone up” or smash through those  goals you set at the beginning of 2011. Make sure you capitalise on the final year end push and of course plan 2012.

    Last weekend I taught at Fitness Fiesta over in Hinckley. It’s been 10 years since I taught at FF mainly due to that fact that I just cant face a Pontins or  Butlins chalet anymore. (must be an age thing) In my 20’s I was quite happy to party all night and teach 17 classes over the weekend then come home with flu, laryngitis and chest infection. I spent years doing Fitcamps at the Beautiful Butlins Bognor Regis, Pontins Pwhelli and, of course, the ultimate  Classic Camber Sands. But enough was enough, I had seen one to many Hi de Hi chalets for one lifetime and I retired from holiday camps fitness events. BUT the fab Andy Lucas of Leisure Plan Holidays/ Fitness Fiesta and the allure of the Hinckley Island Hotel drew me back 15 miles down the road to Hinckley, and boy what a cracking event it was. Classes packed to the rafters, great vibe and energy, lots of  fantastic freestyle choreography and on the whole a top weekend. I thoroughly recommend it.

    Here is this weeks VLOG with all the  C2Go news and view video style click here Plus Videos from Fitness Fiesta at Hinckley

    Does Twitter still baffle you? Are you still not sure how to use Twitter to connect with new clients, attract sponsorship, new business oppertunites If so check out my Twitter VLOG

    Trends for 2012 – What’s #Trending

    I always like to do a “trend” article at this time of year and here are my top tips for 2012

    1. Creating your own Program/Brand. If you are teaching an innovative concept that’s working in your area  roll it out. Look at Katie Bulmers LBD Club. She has 15 Instructors with LBD Clubs nationwide.

    2.Softening on the hard core diet and training regime – Many Fitpros are finding “real people” find it so tough to stick long term to eating clean. There is a massive gap for a program  that contains up to date nutrition and exercise but is flexible and takes into consideration physiological profiles and lifestyles. I would love your thoughts on this?

    3.Write a book. YES I know I always put it on the list but now Sally Ghafoor has written a book. (Detoxify your Child), Alice Ramcharran has almost finished hers, so come on guys get inspired. Start writing, begin with 15minutes a day.

    4.If you don’t teach in the community then you really must for 2012. I’ve been championing Community Classes for 20 years and if you teach some CC then add more to your timetable for 2012

    5.Websites will become more like TV channels so you need to get VLOGGING – Start practising now and get those videos up on your Facebook and websites. Really connect with your audience online as well as offline.

    Choreographytogo Updates

    Yes, we have finally fixed all of the bugs and the new Media player on the site but we need to continually check all of the video files so please log on and check you can see your choreography and all of your videos. Plus, I have launched Active Seniors 19 this week so check it out here click here for Active Seniors 19

    Fitness Pilates The Next Level Workshop 2012 – Bristol is now almost full  and places are going really quickly for the early dates so if you are thinking about attending then don’t leave it too lates Click here for booking and information


    Now all of the website revamp is sorted and fixed I will be announcing Choreographytogo Music on Friday and relaunching the Bootcamp  music direct on C2GO. Watch out for the launch on Friday with different releases and packages.

    DVD’s on offer

    Since I moved house a few weeks ago I have been sorting through the boxes of DVDs I have and  week been selling my DVDs at discounted rates. I’ll be releasing more DVDs on offer later today.

    The Fitness Business Builder Day is happening this Saturday at The Premier Inn Manchester Airport. I then take the day to Portsmouth 5th Nov,London Heathrow 12 Nov and Birmingham 26th November there are now only a few places so if you need motivation, direction and new Business ideas for 2012 Jump on Click Here for details

    Marvin Burton Functional Freestyle This week Marvin is hitting Southampton and Oxford and  he will be taking his Power Bags and a multitude of brilliant new ideas along with him. If  you have been following us on the functional journey Marv’s workshop has tons of new and innovative exercises and ideas click here for to book onto Marv’s Tour


    Metabolic Training – what is it and how can you implement it into our regular classes

    I’ve become obsessed with metabolic training and trying to ensure my classes are REALLY getting the best from their aerobics and conditioning workout. The research is pretty conclusive that the old style “low intensity long duration” style classes and training doesn’t burn body fat. You don’t get the “afterburn” or EPOC effect and the body tends to use only muscle glycogen for energy and not much fat. PLUS our classes can plateau really quickly if we teach the same exercises week after week at the same intensity, so how can we make sure our classes get the best from our workouts?

    Here are my top tips to helping your classes understand why you are doing what you are doing and how can you implement strategies into all kinds of classes.

    Aerobics/HiLo Classes – Ensure you have multiple “peaks” of high intensity section. Teach your usual choreography but interval between your choreography blocks, 2 minute of much higher intensity work.
    e.g. 4 of your usual combination with 2 minutes of power Squats/Burpees/Power lunges/ sprinting etc between each combinations.

    Step classes exactly the same. I’ve been teaching 4 combinations then doing 2 x Tabatas between each combinations. eg 20 secs of high intensity with 10 secs of rest x 4 so in Step try running basic/Power lunges/Over the tops/plyometric lunges

    Body Shock/ Body Conditioning – As above.  Teach  your usual structure but add in 2/3minute blocks of power or intensity exercises. e.g 4 x power squats fwd/ 4 x walking lunges/ 4 x slow burpees and repeat that 3 to 4 times. I usually get 3 or 4 power block into a 45minute Conditioning classes.

    Aqua – Exactly the same as above but modifying the exercises for water.

    This style can be a shock to the system and some clients will need to modify. Ensure you explain carefully why you are doing what you doing and not just beating them for the sake of it, then clients will try harder and get better results so much quicker. Do let me know how you get on. Tweet me

    What’s Batching and How can it help you manage your time and your week by Rachel Holmes

    I got lots of feedback re my time management article last week so here are more TM Tips

    We all do a lot of the same tasks every week. For example every week I try and film 1 or 2 video downloads, write this newsletter, write broadcasts every day for Choreographytogo and Every single week I do these tasks and more often than not by Wednesday or Thursday I’m STILL doing my regular tasks and NOT moved my business forward in anyway ’cause I’m too busy doing the weekly tasks.

    What I mean by that is, I didn’t take  any action into driving the business forward because I’m too busy doing the weekly stuff. Well, after being mesmerised by Tim Ferris’ book, the 4hour workweek, I have tried “batching” for 7 days and for goodness sakes why on earth didn’t I do this sooner – I’m still banging my head against the wall wondering why I didn’t do this years ago.

    So, what the hell is “batching”? Ferris gives this example and it’s so true. This is what Ferris writes in the book

    “If you want to get Tshirts/Vests/Hoodies printed up with your logos etc then let’s assume it takes $310 and 1 week to print 20 customised tshirts with 4 colour logos. How much does it take to print 5 of the same tshirt? (this is an American book bear in mind but the principal is there) $310 and one week. How is that possible? Simple – all the set up charges don’t change. It costs the printer the same amount in materials for plate preparation ($150) and the same in labour to man the press ($100) The set up is the real time consumer, and thus the job, despite it’s small size, needs to be scheduled like any other resulting in the same 1 week delivery. The lower economy of scale picks up the rest: The cost for 3 shirts is $20 per shirt x 3 shirts instead of $3 per shirt x 20 shirts.

    The cost and time efficient solution is to wait until you have a larger order and approach, called batching. So how did that work for me and how can it work for you?

    I did all of this in one long day – but worth it as it frees me up to do other projects or chill!

    1. I wrote the basics of 4 weeks worth of newsletters apart from the News and Updates section that I like to add every Wednesday in one go. This took me the same amount of time as it takes me to write one as I got all the contributors to email 3 articles instead of one.

    2. I filmed 12 downloads in one go instead of 1 or 2 it took me longer but I know have 12 downloaded ready to put out in the next few months.

    3.Planned and wrote 7 days worth of broadcasts for C2Go and infitness – saving me hours every day.

    4.Sceduled all of my Twitter tweets on Hootsuite for the week.

    All this leaves me loads more time to Choreograph my new programs/look into producing an infomercial/Choreographying the new Mel B Workout/ Finish my Book or hang out with my friends

    So examine your weekly tasks can you “Batch” a month’s worth in one go – email me and let me know

    How do you film a VLOG

    As we enter a new dawn of multimedia, it’s more important than ever to use video in your marketing. Let the power of your message go viral. As teachers and Instructors a video should (in theory!) be easy for you.

    So, let’s look at how to make your videos look slick and professional.

    Practice to be a Pro

    You don’t have to spend hours and hours going over what you are going to say again and again, but it is worth practicing what you plan to say a few times.

    Treat your video like you would treat a presentation to your audience from stage. You wouldn’t just jump on stage without an idea of what to say would you?

    Make up a story in your head to keep you on track with your message’s key points
    Don’t tie yourself to a script, follow some bullet points instead but keep the flow natural
    Think about the purpose behind your video. Is it to get an opt-in? To introduce yourself? To sell a product or service? Always be clear on your outcomes before you speak otherwise the video message will be vague.
    Present like a Pro

    Many people freeze up when talking to a camera – after all it’s not a real human being and you would be so much better if someone filmed you having a normal conversation The problem is that when you think of the camera like that you end up talking in a very stilted way and you come across as disjointed and tongue tied.

    Imagine an audience in front of you

    Then do your presentation to your audience and speak to them through the camera… trust me – it works wonders. I do this every time I do a VLOG I imagine you guys in front of me!

    And whilst we are on the subject of presentation remember what your choice of background says about you, an untidy office does not give out the best message to your prospective clients.

    Consider your Editor

    Sometimes it is possible to get your message perfect in one take, but what if you coughed at the wrong time, or the dog barked or countless other things that can happen to ruin that perfect take? There are going to be times when you will want to edit together different clips from different takes – here’s how to make sure your editing is super easy.

    Keep your background stable and the same for every take to make sure the background doesn’t jump when you cut it together.
    Try to film with the least amount of background noise.
    If you’re filming outside, use overhead light, not late or early morning.
    Don’t face straight into the sun (you’ll squint) or have the sun directly behind you (your face will be in shadow)
    Consider the Mood

    What is the mood and energy of your message? Music is a great way of livening up the video, particularly at the beginning and end and is an extremely powerful way of turning a standard “monologue video” into something that draws people in and makes them want to watch. Fade in and fade out with music and your video is suddenly 100 times more dynamic.

    Promote like a Pro

    Once you have filmed your video and edited it you want people to watch it. So sign up to youtube and upload your video(s) there. Place a graphic at the bottom of your video with your website link on it where the client can find more information about you.

    Use relevant keywords on youtube to help your video to be found
    Post your video on your Twitter and Facebook
    Remember you are a vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic fitness professional and you aren’t reading the 10 O clock news .Look happy and enjoy your VLOG

    So how did I get to the point of writing a cookbook aimed at children? Sally Ghafoor

    I wanted to write this article to show everyone where I am coming from with regards to bringing out a cookbook aimed at Children (but to be honest it’s for adults too) It isn’t just a “oh I could make some money out of this” There is a real story behind it.

    At the age of 6 my now 11 year old was diagnosed with mild ADHD. He also was suffering with all over body tics or twitches as we called them that were very very noticeable. I went into overdrive, there was no way my son was being put on any type of medication – there must be a natural way to sort this.

    I learnt many things, and I made many adjustments to Taylor’s diet. Firstly I removed aspartame and MSG from his diet – this had a big impact, his tics calmed down as did his restlessness. We also ensured he was out doing sport – he was a different child if he didn’t.

    All that I kept thinking in my head was – would you have ever found a caveman with ADHD? I doubt it, this must be a disease from what we eat and environmental toxins.

    The removal of Dairy had a big impact on his eczema and asthma, he no longer needed an inhaler and the eczema – it disappeared!

    No processed foods or takeaways – yes we occasionally will treat the boys to a takeaway but it’s now an occasional treat.

    Next to go was Wheat/gluten, sugar and the introduction of probiotics. This is what seemed to make a big difference, the tics although occasional are to a point that actually you would not even know! The ADHD? You wouldn’t even know – his teachers are gobsmacked when they read he has it.

    Half way through all this my 3rd child Lennon, became quite ill, diarrhoea and mucous and abdominal pain. All the above was applied to him and guess what – I achieved what the doctors couldn’t , a return to a normal healthy functioning bowel. All from removal of some foods, eating healthy homecooked meals and some probiotics.

    For myself – IBS gone, after years of awful skin – it’s clear and GLOWING, migraines have gone from 1-2 a month to 1-2 a YEAR, I am not tired or lethargic anymore. People ask me how I do it, have 3 children who do many many hobbies, teach 12 classes a week and run a business and cook all from scratch – do you know what it all comes from ?  Attitude and a healthy diet. Do I ever eat the way I used to – yep sometimes and I pay the price afterwards though as the one to two migraines I get a year is normally when I introduce any kind of toxic food into my diet.

    Did I detoxify my children – yes I did, and that is why I want to bring this cookbook to you all. The stuff you’re putting up with can go away with a bit of effort. A bit of planning can mean a happy healthier life – it’s your health – go grab it and make it good!

    Check out this review of the cookbook from Katie Bulmer-Cooke:

    OMG it’s insane how amazing these recipes are! My 14 month old daughter, Heidi, has eaten ‘clean’ since birth but I’m a fairly simple cook, opting usually for omelettes, steamed veg, salmon, chicken etc…all pretty basic. But Sally’s book has given me so many ideas to add more variety. Having the healthy alternative to stuff like snack bars and burgers will come in super-handy as she gets older too, when she starts to take notice of what other kids are eating. And what’s better than that the recipes are easy to make and quick…perfect for the busy parent (and who isn’t busy?). For the health of your children, parents, you NEED this book in your life!” Katie Bulmer

    Detoxify your child – Eating clean in a toxic world is on sale from next Tues 1st Nov. Go to and add yourself to the sign up box to ensure you don’t miss out!!! Or follow me on twitter @sallyghafoor or on facebook

    Marvin Burton D.I.Y

    In 2 weeks my latest adventure begins. In 11 years I have trained every kind of person. Came across millions of diseases (some transmitted in funny ways) and massaged billions of hairy backs (male and female) but the missing link has always been – what people do when they leave my soft hands/ classes/ personal training studio/ clinic!
    Why is it that people either:
    Can’t follow instruction

    Have no concept of eating what we ask them to

    Need to consume 3 bottles of wine and 2 boxes of chocolates – every episode of x factor

    Don’t sleep at night and rest like they so crucially need to…

    I’ve tried the lot. Weight management, NLP, neuro science, food diaries, taking them shopping myself. I even cooked the food for 1 of my clients.
    Some work, but most don’t.

    So that’s it.. The final lecture has been said. The ink in my pen has run dry. I’ve counted every rep and pressed, pulled, dragged, swung and kicked every weight.

    This is Marvin Burton DIY.
    I will now live with them! People can come along to varied venues all over the UK and internationally (eventually) spend 7 days living and breathing my life. I have a chef, luxury accommodation, classes all day, workshops, question and answer sessions, date and science reviews and studies, the latest and greatest equipment all provided. This is health, fitness, mind, body, nutrition, testing, plans, programmes,  strength, conditioning, flexibility, posture, balance, coordination, agility… Shall I carry on..
    It isn’t – back to back classes, brutality, military, torture, force feeding/starvation. It’s the way it should be and suitable for everybody.

    I’ve also searched for 2 people who are carbon copies of my brain, they have also worked with the best and internationally. I have created the team. We have everything in place.
    The best thing is that nobody will be able to do what we do and it’s not like any other “weight loss” camp.

    If I can monitor them for 7 days then the success rate will increase and I can impact more people long term.
    I also know that I’ll get the people who are committed, that will listen and have tried other ways and failed.

    So how can you D.I.Y?
    I’m sure reading this will be some other “hybrid” fitness professionals that teach classes and personal train as I do. Setting up group sessions if you have the business can only be a winning solution for diary management and ease. If I was still working heavily in personal training I would:

    1.Set up 2 nutritional meetings a week for 30 minutes that all clients can optionally attend. Keeping them consistent with time, location, handouts and notes. This session would be open to all of my clients. If they can’t make it. They need to change their plans. This gives you more time to focus on the actual training during the session.

    2. Have a 3 x per week 30 minutes high intensity group  training session for up to 10 people, create an elite atmosphere with T-shirts, free prizes and loads of attention seeking exercises that people see and want to be involved in so bad that I have to create more of these “super PT” groups
    Tip: don’t put these at your busiest times.

    3. Start putting together sample meal plans and workouts designed at busy people (I think this is our target market in today’s society)

    4. Offer 30 minute PT sessions. The deal: first 3 sessions 1 hour (session 1. Testing, data and How to warm up, session 2 how to cool down, session 3. Nutrition and home exercises)
    1 in 6 weeks must be 1 hour.

    5. Give free fat loss talks in my gym. I’d set up 4 weeks of really crowd pulling topics. Eg.

    How to flatten your stomach.

    Choose where you lose weight from.

    What’s stopping you losing fat?

    How do they sound? I bet your thinking how does he know that? Or has he really got talks on these topics? The answer, yes and I have lots of handouts, notes and sample diet and workout plans for these topics.
    That are easy to read, ready to go and can be fired out at the push of a button.
    After all, what does a PT do in their spare time?
    They should be:
    Researching or

    Their are no “gaps” in my diary. Their are 2 settings. Work or rest.
    (Training comes under work)
    So hopefully you can be motivated to D.I.Y
    If this inspired you then make sure you have a go yourself then let me know how it went.
    Good luck and keep making people healthy.
    Marvin Burton 2011

    IVF and Fitness Part 2 – The Physical side by Alice Ramcharran

    Last article I did an introduction to IVF which might affect you as instructor through your clients over the course of your career.  Or in some instances, you personally.

    IVF is such a HUGE subject that I decided to break it down in to chunks, so that you can get a better understanding of how it might affect your clients.

    Now some of this comes from my limited knowledge on the way that hormones affect the body, and a lot of it comes from my own personal experience.  My husband and I are one of those statistics – the one in 8 that need help at some point.  Quite frankly the past 2 years have been a real eye-opener for me and probably the toughest 2 years of my life, and the whole experience has been emotionally draining, physically horrendous, depressing, and a real rollercoaster and is not something that I would wish anyone to have to go through.  But at the same time I am grateful that that opportunity exists as without it, people like us may not be able to have children.  I also think that IVF is still very much a taboo subject and with so many people who now need it, I think it’s about time it got bought out in to the open.

    Now the physical side of IVF treatment has a big impact on the ability to lose weight and body fat! In a typical treatment cycle basically your body is ‘taken over’ and your hormones manipulated so that it does exactly what they want it to do.  Regular scans are also required so you lose all sense of dignity!

    You will have to take drugs, and these are commonly firstly a drug that basically lowers the levels of oestrogen and progesterone in the body (this can cause depression like symptoms, mood swings, bursting in to tears for no reason)

    This is done so that they can then give you oestrogen and progesterone to bring the levels back up but to a level that the clinic wants them  (some of the medications prescribed are similar to what you may get if you are on HRT, and have a similar effect on the body).  A lot of clinics will also prescribe steroids as standard too, in case there may be any underlying issues with immune problems – they will probably just do this without testing but do it as a precautionary measure.

    The effect that all of this has on the body, both mentally and physically, is quite immense.

    Too much oestrogen in the body can have a real affect on the ability to lose weight. It causes the body to store body fat, which in turn produces more oestrogen and so you have a vicious circle.

    If oestrogen amounts are dominant to the progesterone levels too, then this can also cause problems such as bloating, water retention, which can make you feel uncomfortable and heavy.

    Add in to the mix that you are also having to inject yourself on a daily basis (and twice per day for a few weeks) in to the stomach area, this can lead to soreness in this area too.

    Steroids will also lead to weight gain, the amount of gain will vary from person to person, and can also lead to redistribution of body fat hence the puffy and swollen face appearance of some people when taking steroids.

    All this coupled with the fact that you are unlikely to be able to do all the exercise that you used to do (there seems to be some conflicting advice on exercise during IVF.  We were told to cut out all resistance and weight training as this can have an impact on egg quality, whereas others say to cut out aerobic exercise and just concentrate on things such as yoga and pilates during the treatment)  makes ‘fighting the fat’ a very difficult task indeed.

    I won’t go in to detail, those that want to know more can email me and I’ll happily give more information, but the rest of the physical side of IVF treatment is very unpleasant and can leave you feeling very sore too, and all you can do is rest during this time.  Once the embryo/s are then implanted, you are then in your ‘2 week wait’ – basically you wait 2 weeks to find out if the treatment has been successful or not. During this time you are advised not to exercise at all, and should not overdo it either mentally or physically during the course of this time.

    When you find out if treatment has been successful, if it hasn’t you can pretty much stop medication right away.  If it has worked, then you spend the first 12 weeks or thereabouts of the pregnancy still taking medications, so just further adding to the weight issues.

    I could add so much more to this article, but want to try and keep it simple and to the point for now.

    As instructors I think we should be aware of what clients may be going through so that activity can be encouraged but adapted for as long as they feel able, and to get an understanding of what they may be facing – unfortunately the healthiest diet in the world may still mean weight and fat gain during this time.

    As instructors if you have to go through this – it can be a really tough time if people don’t know what you are going through – clients will judge you because all of a sudden you are putting on weight, and not doing as much as you were, they will probably think that while they are having to cut out foods they love that you are gorging yourself silly on them and you have to put up with digs and comments.  You will get people speculating about you (1 week after my failed cycle, I had to get back in to it, and had some clients asking if I was pregnant or had I just been eating lots over Christmas because I ‘had a belly’ – Ouch! )  It can also be really hard if you have to carry on teaching classes when all you feel like doing is hiding away.  My advice to any instructor going through this would be to plan well in advance, pick a time when you can either cancel classes without too much disruption or arrange to have classes covered where possible, so that you give yourself plenty of time out to rest and relax as much as you can.

    At least now I have a good excuse and reason for an expanding waistline!  We are one of the lucky ones, although our first cycle didn’t work, am pleased to say that we had our second cycle at the end of July and as I sit here typing I am 15 weeks pregnant.  There is a long way to go yet, and I’m a nervous wreck right about now, but we are over the initial 12 weeks so that is one hurdle gotten over! My heart goes out to those that I know that have tried and tried again, sometimes 7 times and much much more and still haven’t got a positive result, please spare a thought for them.

    How to shmooze with celebrity PR agents

    and become their best friend by Christianne Wolff

    Anyone been to any celebrity haunts this week?

    Do let me know!

    So, after networking in the celebrity domain we have to do a bit of buttering up to their PR agents.

    Pr agents have to spend most of their time schmoozing with people to get their clients into the press, but it is also a good idea for you to shmooze with them!

    They are very clever at their job and have amazing contacts. I remember when I was training my clients at The Evening Standard they had free stuff sent to them every day by PR agents, and were wined and dined by them, and it worked . They were flattered and happy to receive freebees and everyone likes to be buttered up. So it is now your job to butter up to them.

    PR agents and managers also can become very close to their clients so if you get close to them you get close to their clients too. When I trained Keely Brosnan her Pr agent often joined us in the training session and even went on holiday with Keely to keep her company.

    When you contact the PR company send them or go armed with a media kit. Use a local film company or film your self using a flip camera to contain the following..

    Media Kit should contain.

    DVD of you training Clients

    Video Testimonials


    Other services; massage etc..

    Price Sheet


    Contact Pr agents with a view to them helping raise your public awareness.

    When it comes to finding PR agencies, the best thing to do is to ask around. Talk to other entrepreneurs to get leads on the cost effective smaller firms.

    Another great way of finding PR firms is to look at the Contact Us or Press pages of companies that you think are doing a great job at PR. These pages will list the contact info for their PR agent, especially if they’re a smaller company. You can then contact them, set up a meeting and take it from there.

    The advantage of going with a bigger name is that they will have the network and contacts to get you meetings with the key media people. The disadvantage is that because they have a lot of clients, you might not get enough attention from the key partners of the firm.

    If you go with a smaller PR agency, you might not get the broad exposure since they are going to have limited contacts and capabilities. However, if you get someone who used to be at a larger PR firm and still has the contacts, it could work out well for you.

    Really think about what your end result is going to be. What do you want to gain from a PR agent. Do you want them to find you a celebrity to raise your brand awareness. For instance, do you want to bring out a fitness website for Mums, so you would want to use a celebrity Mum to endorse this? Or do you want to bring out supplements that increase muscle mass, so you would want to use a celebrity that could endorse this.

    So what happens next

    Well, if you want to find out  more key points to getting to  celebrity status and follow a specific 10 step plan with amazing contacts to  get you into the film industry and in close contact with celebrities  then go to my website and you can get all  this information in my manual.

    YES a plan to follow to get you to celebrity status!

    I  also offer a 2 day seminar at the world famous Pinewood film studios.

    You will be surrounded by World famous sets including 007 and the seminar will be held in a movie theatre that they preview films in.

    You will  more than likely bump into a few celebrities  And you will get the chance to speak with me personally.

    And on top of that if you want to have a professional photo shoot at Pinewood I can arrange that so you already look like a star in the making!

    I also offer a special mentoring program  for a select number of people to work with me and I will personally help them get into the celebrity industry. This is all on my website

    So how else can you bag a celebrity client?

    Contact them!

    If you follow all the chapters on my 10 step celebrity trainer manual chances are you are training celebrities already!

    But also On my manual I have some fantastic ways of contacting celebrities go to

    Good luck and please contact me if you would like to have more information or you have a success story using my methods, I would love to hear from you!

    Have a fantastic Week

    Love Rachel xx

    If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the link below:

    Choreography to go 351 Cromford Rd. Langley Mill, Nottinghamshire NG16 4HA United Kingdom +44 07854 739285

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