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  • 27 September Instructor Newsletter

    Exciting developments yesterday as C2GO contributor Cori Withell was featured all across the local and national media and featured in the Huffington Post, Radio2 & 4, The Independent, BBC news and countless media outlets.


    Cori had booked a hall to teach UNITE in Southampton when 10 days before the class was due to start the priest cancelled her booking for Unite and Fitness Pilates on religious grounds? Cori took this up with the local paper who featured it in the morning. In a matter of hours the story went completely viral, featuring on nationwide news and radio, with the topic being discussed all across social media. It was soon trending on Twitter and re-tweeted by celebrities all around the world.


    Many community Instructors have had the knock back from church halls when trying to hire for Yoga so it is not a new occurrence, but off the back of the Olympics, rising UK obesity levels, and church hall closures due to lack of funds, it all seems very archaic and out of touch.


    Totally astonishing and remarkable PR for Cori and her business. You could not pay for the amount of coverage she has had in 24 hours and it is still going on – the power of social media working at its best. It was an interesting day watching all the developments as the story moved so fast!  Did you see it? Tweet @RachelHolmes @CWFitness


    Its all brilliant timing as Cori and I have collaborated on the first Kick Start Fat Loss Recipe Book which launches next week.



    Don’t let Step and HiLo Die – It’s in Your Hands


    An avalanche of responses hit me last Thursday after my article “Don’t let Step & Hilo die a slow death” As committed freestylers and choreographers we all feel the same. It will be tragic if in 12 months’ time or less these classes have disappeared completely from our timetables.

    It is imperative we keep these 2 stalwart forms of Group X up there. I’ve started filming more downloads this week and designing a Twitter and Facebook campaign to keep momentum going. But still would love to hear from you. What do you think? What’s happening with Step and HiLo in your area. Tweet me @RachelHolmes




    Big One South Reading on Saturday


    I’m very excited to be presenting Body Transformation and Fitness Pilates Power Results on this event so really looking forward to seeing you there. You can still book online at

    The Big One events are always great fun with a great variety of sessions and presenters. Tweet me if you are going @RachelHolmes


    7 Day KSFL Detox


    The 7 Day KSFL Detox started on Monday using a new online delivery system and we have 100 people signed up all going through the programme, which is totally incredible.

    I’ve been working hard on the confidence coaching side of KSFL as I am committed to helping the group feel confident and motivate. Confidence, self esteem and negative self talk are all fatloss saboteurs and make up some of the reasons many people fall off the wagon.

    If you can believe you can do it… you can do it….. and that goes for anything you really want to do. Therefore my daily audios have made up a large part of this unique 7 Day KSFL.


    Since I started KSFL in 2007 I’ve collected loads of data and information on how people feel when they embark, go through and complete KSFL, the concept continually evolves. It is fascinating, and the mindset and confidence coaching plays such a crucial role


    Regular Fitpro conventions attendees will recognise Dr Pamela Peeke who has been a keynote speaker several times and was the Keynote speaker at IDEA earlier this year. I’ve recently read her new book, The Hunger Fix, and it is a brilliant read. It backs up what we have known for ever, but have not had the scientific research until now, that certain foods are addictive and do alter gene formation and brain chemistry


    For all Instructors running weight management programmes it is a useful and interesting resource. Dr Peeke is incredibly inspiring and motivating. I thoroughly recommend it.


    I will be starting a 14 day KSFL Detox on Monday 1st October. Click here for details




    KSFL Live Clubs


    The new Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisees are picking up pace as we move into Stage 1 of Marketing and PR. I have appointed Yvonne Radley Media to do the press and we have our first Franchisee meetings being held in Burton Upon Trent Derbyshire on 3rd November. We’ve got great people on board and I’m beyond excited about this new arm to the Kick Start Fat Loss brand.

    KSFL Live clubs will be starting all over the UKLive

    If you are still thinking about getting involved with this business opportunity the initial promotional offer closes on 1st October. Email me for details




    Is your insurance policy up for renewal? Take a look at the Pure Energy policy. I have just renewed mine so compare your existing policy before you renew again


    Fitness Pilates 

    The final FP course for 2012 is 1/2 Dec and new courses are 9/10 Feb & 20/21 April. New Level 3 Course dates are also out on the L3 Page.



    Be a Magnetic Marketer on Twitter


    Cori’s story yesterday totally underlined how hot news on social media can spread like wildfire in a matter of minutes. The story was of such a huge interest millions of people were re-tweeting it, sending the link and Cori’s name became global in seconds. Now of course, a story like this doesn’t come up every day but great quality, interesting and controversial content is what people love to read about – and spread!


    I’ve been championing Twitter in the newsletter for a good few years. You know I have been banging on about it since it started, but when I begin fitness business marketing with new mentoring clients, it is clear lots of Fitness entrepreneurs still don’t really get it and are puzzled about how useful it can be in the fitness world.


    You have to focus on your area of expertise and to build and engage with others who share the same interests. This takes time just as in real life relationships.


    Here are my 5 Magnetic Marketing Twitter Tips


    1. Build a world of friends. Twitter provides you with the opportunity to meet people from around the world. You must actively engage with influencers, chatters, customers, potential customers and customer service issues.


    Marketing Tip. Many Fitpros I follow on Twitter only blast out details of classes and services and don’t engage with their followers. This is sooo dull and not what Twitter is all about PLUS you won’t get any feedback, interaction or build your audience. Don’t skip the small talk, people want to see a human side of you.


    2.Track relevant hashtags #, keywords and groups. To make Twitter more relevant to your specific needs, use a Twitter client like Hootsuite that enables you to track conversations around specific hashtags and keywords.


    Marketing Tip – Use Hootsuite to schedule tweets but also be spontaneous and comment on news of the day and up to the minute events relevant to your followers. Don’t be robotic or predictable!



    3.Tweet interesting fitness, weightloss, group X information pertinent to your niche and client group. Make it unique to you. Not just the same old stuff rehashed but your unique take and spin on things. Re-tweet other peoples Tweets, answer question and ask question.


    Marketing Tip: Schedule tweets throughout the day to avoid clogging followers’ streams. Tweet ten times about others for every tweet about yourself. People don’t respond well to promotion on Twitter.


    4.Reach out to people and influencers in your fitness niche. Get noticed by re-tweeting their content and tweets. Follow presenters, celebs, politicians, TV personalities.


    5.Take Twitter engagement offline. Whenever there’s an opportunity to meet people with whom you’ve been tweeting in real life, grab it. There’s nothing like meeting someone face-to-face to enhance your relationship.


    Marketing Tip: Networking events and Fitness conventions events provide opportunities to connect with people you have been Tweeting with. I recommend seeking out at least three to five individuals at each event to go and say Hello and put a face to the name. Eg I’ll be at Big One South on Saturday Tweet me and come and say Hello I love to put faces to names. @RachelHolmes


    Encourage people to get to know you using social media. It will enhance your business, your brand, possibly attract sponsorship and market your services. You become more visible in your local area and national – even global, easier to find and locate and you will stand out from the competition.

    Being a magnetic marketer on Twitter takes time to accomplish. It requires engagement and interaction to your connections and follower base. The more active you are, the more you’ll find your investment yields measurable results towards your goals.




    How to become an opportunity magnet! – 10 reasons to Network by Jill Gardner


    As a networking Queen I have many reasons to believe that networking is absolutely vital for your business. It is the life blood of success and whether you like it or not you are networking ALL the time:


    Twitter, Facebook, classes, events, shopping, socialising…. these are all forms of networking.


    But what about networking events? Are they really worth it?


    It’s not what you know, it’s who you know


    Absolutely YES. Networking is the lifeblood to success. You cannot do it without other people supporting, helping and promoting you! So here are my top 10 reasons why:


    1.It helps people recognise you and to really understand what it is you do.

    2.It teaches you how to listen to others, engage, build rapport and become a better networker.

    3.It helps you to build you brand, build trust and credibility and creates ambassadors for you and your brand.

    4.You can network directly with your target audience by choosing the right groups. You can literally get amongst them, get to know them, find solutions to their problems and answer their questions. This gains massive trust.

    5.You become seen as more than just a fitness professional. You can really show off your passion, enthusiasm and knowledge.

    6.You can demonstrate how you walk the talk. Dressing like your target audience and showing them how to make the lifestyle work for them too.

    7.It builds you a list of contacts and cross referrals. By getting to know other local businesses you can cross market and refer customers to each other.

    8.You become the first person that they think of. Whether it be an individual or another local business. You literally become a magnet for opportunities!

    9.You gain a list of contacts that can help you grow your business from marketing, advertising, business advice to financial advice.

    10.Being around positive, like minded people has been proven to help you think more creatively and be open to ideas. Plus you make new friends!


    There are so many more reasons to network. But these should be enough to get you thinking. Next week I will share my top tips on how to make an impact so you will be remembered at every networking event and invited to so many more. Come and #network with me and let’s see how we can help each other!


    Big netWORKS, big success!


    Jill – The Fat Controller





    Is your BRAND important? by Cori Withell


    You can bet it is. I see countless articles and newsletters going on and on about your brand and then I see various posts from the same people saying they just don’t get it and don’t understand. So, what exactly is your brand? YOU, you are your brand. Every time you walk out of your door you are a walking, talking advertisement for your classes, studio, sessions, whatever it may be that you offer. So, is how you look important? In my opinion very much so. Look at it this way, would you want to go for a well being assessment by someone shabbily dressed and moaning that their back hurts in the supermarket queue? Do you think about your make up, your hair? Does it convey what your brand is? If you are a specialist Pilates instructor then your image may be very different to someone who teaches 80’s aerobic masterclasses. Even if you are wearing nothing with your logo on and your car has no decal on, people remember faces. What if you have been shopping packing you r basket full of chocs, sweets and ice cream and then the person behind you in the queue turns up to your fat loss class the following week? Look at me for example, where I specialise in mental fitness, what would it do to my brand if someone cut me up at a roundabout and I was seen swearing at them etc? Something to think about or not? I think these are all important factors so here are my top things to think about when creating your brand.


    1) Live and breathe your brand with every ounce of your being!

    2) You are never off duty when creating your brand.

    3) Take every opportunity to show off your brand – that means you!

    4) Walk the walk and talk the talk. If you are promoting a healthy body then make sure you have one.

    5) Be true to yourself first and foremost and that will shine through in everything that you do. Don’t ever try and be something you are not, fakes are always found out and people will feel let down, you lose those clients and they will rarely come back.

    6) Walk tall and stand proud. There is little point in creating this amazing brand and then not being able to show it off.

    7) Be confident in your ability – something a lot of us struggle with.

    8) If something isn’t working about your brand then change it, it’s you after all.

    9) Every time you walk out of the door, think of yourself as an advertising board and show what you would expect to see – you can be yourself around friends and family 🙂

    10) Relax, sometimes we take it all so seriously whereas if we just loosened up a little it would flow so much better.


    So, go and be the biggest and best brand that you possibly can be and that’s easy – after all, your brand is you 🙂


    Health and happiness x

    Best wishes

    Cori x



    Blogging are you left staring at a blank screen?by Sally Ghafoor


    How to come up with content on a regular basis


    I often read about how people cannot find the inspiration for their blog or newsletters each week or even each day. Coming up with content that is interesting to your end market can be time consuming and you end up no further on than when you started.


    5 top tips to writing:


    1. Don’t fire up that computer. Looking at a blank screen will get you nowhere, don’t fire up the computer until you have an idea of what exactly you are going to write about.


    2. Keep an idea folder of everything you can think of that you can write about. Sit down and brain storm without the pressure of writing an article straight after, this is something you can mull over in the bath or whilst shopping, whatever comes into your head pop it down on a piece of paper so you have a list of potential articles. Remember these are ideas, don’t dismiss them yet, just write them down.


    3. What are your end users liking? Take a look on social media, what are your end users commenting on and liking? What is floating their boat, what is making them want to read? Add these to your list.


    4. Before you start writing your article, write the headline. The headline should not only grab the attention of the reader but it also gives you the angle for the article.


    5. Outline and expand. What is the problem you’re writing about? What are the symptoms? What are the solutions? And lastly, a call to action. Then all you have to do is expand on these outlines and you have written your article.


    However if you are still struggling and want some content to put into your newsletter or blog I have 5 new ones over on my website (brand new and I will only sell 20 of them), you buy them (Just £10) you enter them into your newsletter and credit yourself and that will take you all of a few minutes. Go take a look



    Start spreading the news! 


    By Claire Mockridge 

    Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert



    Hi there,


    So, finally, after 5 years of working with pregnant clients, I had my very first “waters breaking” experience last week. To say I was excited is perhaps an understatement – I was overjoyed! Over 450 mums-to-be have come through my pregnancy classes, so I think you’d agree that’s a lot of expectant women! So, for just one of them, up to now, to never go into labour in my classes is pretty unusual.


    I often joke with pregnant clients, other FitPros and baby and birth contacts when they ask: “Has anyone ever given birth in your classes?”, and say “No, no one has ever given birth in my class. Exercise doesn’t bring on labour. Blah, blah, blah…”. I might start changing my tune now!


    Never one to miss out on a media opportunity as you know, my fellow FitPro/Media Guru, Yvonne Radley, put me in touch with a features writer at the Evening Post, our local rag here in Nottingham. And, guess what? At the weekend, my Bump to Babe Pregnancy Fitness/Pilates classes got a 2-page feature. A photographer came in to take a few photos of the ladies in action, the reporter chatted to my clients about exercise etc, and she printed up a fair percentage of the press release I’d sent through. I was really rather chuffed, and have received an influx of calls, emails and enquiries as a result.


    I think you’ll find local newspapers (and local radio for that matter) are always looking for stories of interest, so if you have something newsworthy to say, get a reporter on to it. You might feel a bit nervous when the reporter chats to you and/or your clients, but I’d suggest you just relax, take your time and answer the questions slowly. You’ll have an idea of what questions the reporter is going to ask you, so just talk to them in your normal speech, as you would do to a prospective client, enquiring about your classes.


    As for the client whose waters broke, well, you’ll be pleased to know that she made it home safely, her partner drove her swiftly to hospital where they discovered she was 8cm dilated already! She delivered her baby, James, 6lb 9oz later on that night, so a lovely happy ending. And, if this story hadn’t have happened, then I wouldn’t have been featured in the local press, eh?


    I discuss the need to raise your profile locally as an Ante/Postnatal Expert, and many other missed marketing opportunities at length in my “Bridging the Gap” Pre/Postnatal Exercise & Marketing Workshops. To find out how to book your space, click, or connect with me here:


    Closed Facebook Group:!/groups/clairemockridge/





    Claire Mockridge

    Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert



    Vikki Scovell


    Watch children play; their movement is extravagant, unexpected, fluid, confident, and of infinite variety. Unashamed about filling the space around them with huge amounts of movement, they fling their arms and legs around using all available space. Even whilst colouring in, or watching a film, they are in a state of perpetual movement; flowing from one position of rest to another; curled in a ball, stretched out, upside down. When grumping I interpret this behaviour as irritating fidgeting. In reality, it is part of being a child; exploring the huge potential of the body: stretching and getting comfortable with no inhibition or adult ideas about the correct use of a chair or sofa.


    We are lucky enough to have active, expressive jobs, but modern adult life traps individuals in repetitive tasks, restricts movement: bodies close in on themselves, posture suffers, joints lose range of motion and motor skills diminish. Inhibited by social acceptability, we do not sit in a meeting upside down on a chair, dangling one arm to the floor as a five year old would. In public we learn to confine our bodies to a small sphere of personal space, tucking in our limbs, keeping our movements small and unobtrusive. We can lose the ability to be playful, to move fluidly, to experiment with physical potential.


    Although adults grow away from natural movement, all have the ability to unlock forgotten grace, and the beauty of movement that is hidden within ourselves (OK sometimes it MIGHT not feel like that with some of our less-coordinated clients). It can be no coincidence that when people break down inhibitions after a few glasses of Lambrini, they end up singing and dancing; expressing themselves through movement and rhythm. Allowing the body creative expression can have powerful consequences; releasing stress, building confidence, improving coordination and posture, banishing adult ‘up-tightness’ and reconnecting with a more natural way of being. Taking the body through learned movements, breeds grace, energy and confidence.


    I am writing this following last week’s discussion about keeping choreography alive. Modern living IS results-driven; yes we sell ourselves through promising weight-loss, muscle tone, and stress release. It is harder to market happiness, achievement, learning and grace, but we CAN SELL THAT TOO! Here in the rural community we are drowning in Zumba, but I always struggled to keep my choreographed classes full, and one by one they morphed into Boot camps because I can sell that easily/lazily. But I miss aerobics, I yearn to be part of a group again, all moving together, feeding off each other’s energy. Oh, and the moment when the performance piece ends and everyone is thrilled with how far they have come, what they have learnt and remembered, and we all smile at each other and clap. So I’m thinking that it is time to redress the balance; yes, I love boot camp, I adore my Yoga, but I want to get back to my roots as well. VIVA AEROBICS! LONG LIVE CHOREOGRAPHY!


    Vikki Scovell @fitbite


    Have faith! Becky Lane


    Ok so how many of you get hounded by sales calls every week? This is a regular occurrence for me, most of them not explaining my business properly and in return expect me to pay for advertising. Not a chance!


    Then I got a phone call from a company saying that they could help me with Facebook advertising. Most of my advertising is driven through Facebook and I have run campaigns/ads in the past. I thought this would be a great opportunity to target my audience through a company who knew what they were doing and to save me time and money! I had the skills myself but thought they could do better!


    To cut a very long story short they took the £109 fee from me and then after discussions to say I only wanted one month they continued to take payment from me without consent. The bank couldn’t do anything, as there was no written contract to say we had agreed on one month. I managed to get my money back as the compliance call was not clear and they didn’t have any grounds but I spent a great deal of time and energy trying to resolve this where as I should have been working on my business. This was a great deal of unnecessary stress and for something I could have just done myself. In fact when I did it myself previously I achieved better results! So what I am trying to get across is have faith in your skills, don’t trust what people say on the phone, they are just good at their job and most definitely check out their terms and conditions prior to signing up to anything.


    Bank Elsewhere 

    By Andrew Crawford 


    Did you see the programme ‘Rip Off Britain’ last week?

    It had a case where a lady deposited £25k in a well known high street bank, left it there for a few years, when she wanted to draw the money was told the account did not exist.


    Did she get her £25k back? NO…..!!! Even the ombudsman sided with the bank.


    How can an account just disappear?? Her money is in there (The Banking System ) somewhere. She should have banked elsewhere.


    I was at my friends house yesterday who has a similar story to the one above….however, his amount is £45k…Even I was angry and it wasn’t even my money..!!


    Sorry bro…but you should have banked elsewhere.


    Tonight’s show highlighted the interest you received from banks whilst depositing your money with them…………absolute b*ll*x…on a £500 deposit over a year you get back interest of £0.10.

    Bank elsewhere.


    So basically, when you lend money from the banks the interest you pay for that money is high, when you deposit money with the banks the interest you get is low…..uumm..

    Which bank should you bank with?


    The Commercial Bank of “Fill- In- Your- Name -Here”




    It’s safer, you don’t need 3 forms of id, no 90 day advance notice for withdrawal, no queing, no computer glitches, access your funds 247 365, you can forego and will not miss the £1.23 interest per year you receive on your funds, no bank statements, no banking fees, no standing order fees, no direct debit fees, no additional fees for looking after your account, no transaction charges, no interest charges, no maximum withdrawal limit, no statement posted to house fees, no debit card useage fees, no cash paid in fees, no cash paid out fees, no cheques paid in fee, no non automated debit fees……in fact those are off the top of my head, I’m sure there’s more…!!


    So Andrew,

    What has banking and interest got to do with me??


    Well ….Here are 5 places you can bank on and get a better return on your money.



    Your Business

    Your Products

    Your Services

    Your Staff




    Remember that trader who ‘lost’ £1.4bn ? Contrary to what mis-information is printed in the papers, I do not believe he acted alone. At least one of his seniors would of, or should have known what he was doing….somebody did!!


    Besides, this is Switzerland’s largest bank…!!! Excuse me for saying this but do you ‘really’ think they would let a young boy of colour run amuck with so much funds?? Your having a Steffi Graff.


    Some mofo got paid……It’s very interesting how they talk about the losses but…….where someone has lost,……another person has gained.


    Who has gained? Exactly……Silence of the lambs as they use this guy as a scapegoat.


    Perhaps he should have banked elsewhere. Oh……and get a safe.


    Andrew Crawford




    Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday 


    Much Love 


    Rachel x

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