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  • 28th March 2013 Instructor Newsletter

    International Fitness Showcase 2013

    International Fitness Showcase 2013……. O M G sitting here reflecting on the whole extravaganza is giving me goosebumps, summing it all up and putting into a short article will be a challenge as there was so much going on. Words like epic, immense, amazing and phenomenal don’t really even come close to describing the energy and positivity of the whole weekend. In the Blackpool bone chilling temperatures, where you walked out of the Wintergardens and felt like you had been slapped across the face with a wet fish, it was that cold kind of feeling to the energy inside the Wintergardens which could of lit of the national grid up for at least a year.



    It was such a happy and enthusiastic vibe, everywhere. Smiling Instructors chatting, socialising and REALLY working out in all the sessions. There was no sitting on the side lines and watching here, everyone was throwing themselves into every session and genuinely going for it.

    What about the sessions, well, they were bigger, busier and brighter than ever before. Freestyle is alive and kicking MASSIVELY at the IFS with rocking Step sessions, Freestyle HiLO in the huge ballroom was packed and of course all the HIIT, Conditioning, Circuits, Dance, Mind Body and Core sessions were banging. Pure Energy had sponsored the beautiful Spanish Hall which is an exquisite room with fantastic sound and lighting rig and for 1 hour for me, being on stage in here was like being a rock star. PE created me a cool Burlesque mix to teach Chair Dance to including Eta James, Pussy Cat Dolls, Devinyls, Christina Aguilira culminating with Big Spender I loved every minute of this session and it was utterly fab to see all 250 people burlesquing away.

    I also taught All Mashed up which is a Freestyle HiLo class and we incorporated live music videos behind me of all the artists in the mix, so everytime I tuned my back to the class I had Rhianna or Lady Gaga right in front of me, it sure was surreal and great fun. The Kick Start Fat Loss™ Workout also rocked using the new Pure Energy HIIT mix and again everyone was totally training and going for it in this session.

    Trying to pop into as many sessions as possible is always my aim at any conventions so here is a brief run down of the exciting sessions…..We ran UNITE as a pre convention delivering all 3 of the current releases which went down a storm and we will be bringing a full UNITE Training day to London in June. Metabolic Effect also ran a fully booked pre convention training and the word was how useful and informative it was.

    All of the big branded sessions such as Zumba, Piloxing, Bokwa and Spinning had enormously popular followings PLUS innovative presentations from Elisabeth Dalsgarrd, Ben McDonald and the Premier Team, Jairo Junior, Bianca Karel and Jo Parry.

    Jayne Nicholls and Jay Banks beasted everyone in the brilliant Cross Training Challenge and Ceri Hannon, Steve Watson and Marvin Burton launched the brand new Rush Workout which went down a storm. C2GO’s very own Kelly Reed-Banks taught her Absolutions class which was one of the busiest of the weekend and Katie-Bulmer Cooke was shining in her first outing at IFS.

    Steve Watson classes are always the busiest on the timetable and this year he pulled out all of the stops to teach some wicked sessions proving he is the UK’S most popular presenter.

    IFS is a place where Fitness Presenters, Instructors and Enthusiasts all come together and share a huge love for Group Exercise its an utterly brilliant event that keeps getting better and better and 2014 is the 10th Anniversary for the Chrysalis Team, so get on right now at the early bird price and join us for this truly ground breaking fitness showcase.

    You have a great class or choreography idea, now how do you sell it and present it to other Instructors?

    AT IFS the big brands stood out a mile and people LOVE to be part of a brand. How many times have I written about getting YOUR brand together, looking professional, slick and cool. So come on then stop procrastinating, it doesn’t matter how small you are, a professional branding fitness business IS THE way to go.

    How well you sell your new class idea or presentation is just as important as how good you are at teaching it and I think this is one of the most overlooked aspects of becoming a Presenter or Lecturer.

    In my 25 years of teaching I have seen so MANY great teachers who would make amazing Presenters, they have great skill, great ideas etc but unless you are clever and savvy with how you market yourself and your product you WILL NOT get anyway. Even if you don’t want to Present on a national level at convention there are loads of other presenting avenues that you can go down if you cultivate a cool and distinctive brand image.

    1. Local presenting – Presenting new ideas in your club to fellow club teachers or local people in your area.
    2. Corporate Presenting – Aim your presenting at local business, Develop classes, lectures and workshop specific for business and business people.
    3.Public Fitness Speaking – Spreading the Health and Fitness message through talks and lectures.?

    So, let’s get started.

    How do you sell your ideas????
    1. Strategic Positioning?
    2. Savvy Psychology?
    3. Slick Presentation?
    4. Structural Persuasion
    ?5. Solving the Problem???

    Of course I can’t give you a complete course in this article, but I can supply you with enough knowledge to ?become a dangerous adversary in your battle to be heard. I will use my Fitness Pilates session as an example in how I applied all the points below.???1. Strategic

    Position:??To sell an new class idea (NCI) or presentation idea you must have a strategy. Before you begin defining your selling idea, you must create and define a strategy. Your strategy could be as simple as this; “My strategy is to gain awareness of my new Fitness Pilates class both to the general public and to other Instructors who will be interested in learning how to teach this class. Or your strategy could be a complex and diverse plan of attack including Social Media, TV, Radio, Newspaper and Internet Advertising Campaigns. Whatever your strategy may be, the most important is that you believe in it. If you don’t believe in your selling strategy, you have a poor chance in convincing any potential client to believe in it. YOU have to live and breath it.???

    2. Savvy Psychology:???Selling an idea in any form really comes down to “talking to people”. Think about how they feel when they read, see and/or listen to your NCI. The principle of writing up a good selling idea is in the presentation. Learn to involve others in your selling idea and presentation.

    Test your ideas out on friends,family and peers involved in the fitness industry. Your NCI should be well tested on your classes and all aspects of it well researched and rehearsed. Listen to what your clients they have to say. They will often have very valuable input and will help to make your selling idea better.??Pay close attention to the psychology of your potential workshop attendees. When fellow Instructors are deciding weather to attend a workshop or buy a video or fitness book they will have one question in mind, “What’s in it for me”? ” What will I gain from this?” Understanding that one point alone can be the difference between success and failure. You need to gain insight into how the client will feel and react to your presentation. This is Savvy Psychology in action!???

    3. Slick Presentation:??A good presentation makes people want to read, watch or listen to what you have to say. Presentation requires the joint effort of two distinct facets. One is the actual copy of your flyer or your letter to a convention organiser.

    Presentation of a NCI or session for a convention idea is not unlike presenting a play. Writing and presenting it is like writing a script and staging it. It requires abelievable script, rehearsal and timing. Layout and graphics are more important now than ever.???

    4. Structural Persuasion:???How do you persuade people? It’s simple! By meeting their needs and aspirations, which is not always so simple.
    Persuasion is not a science, but an art. Art is a form of expression and so is presenting an your selling idea. The most critical part is the entry or the beginning. First impressions are important in any part of life. Presentation is no exception. In everything that you communicate, whether it’s the first sentence in your copy or the first 8 counts of your choreography, you must be concerned with that vital? step.

    In today’s “advertising congested” world, you must fight to get your presentation noticed.You must literally capture your reader or viewer?immediately.??So what about the rest. Try starting out with a rough outline of the presentation with titles and sub heads for each part of the presentation sequence. Think about the toughest questions that will be asked and supply them with the answers. Always know what you are doing and where you are going with it.
    Be organised and sequential. Do things step by step and by the numbers.?For the best results, learn to organize your thought processes and develop good organisational habits. Your layout and presentations will reflect this.????

    5. Solving the Problem:??What’s the problem? The problem, or should I say problems, are “needs and answers”. Clients have needs.?Knowing what those needs are is an essential factor in solving the problem. You can’t present a solutionwithout first knowing that they have a need for one. You must also provide the client with the answers,answers to questions they haven’t asked.

    If you can fill the “needs” and answer the “questions” you can”Solve the Problem”

    ??I cannot recommend enough creating your own brand and NCI, get it looking slick and take it to market using social media to boost you and your brands profile.

    World Fitness Pilates Day

    Kelly Reed and I will be running in the World Fitness Pilates Day in Guildford on Sunday 28th April and you can book on by clicking here

    IFS 2013 Baby by Katie Bulmer-Cooke

    Hi C2Goer’s!

    WOW! What a brilliant weekend I had at the International Fitness Showcase in Blackpool. As always I was there with Mammy Bulmer, and we LOVED it, the buzz was amaze balls and Chrysalis Promotions really know how to put on one hell of a convention.

    This was my first year presenting at the event and I taught 3 classes; Real Deal Aerobics, Serenity Pilates and Real Results. I was over the moon that so many people came along to my classes and it was great to meet C2Go readers too and put faces to names.

    The main thing I took away from the weekend is that people really love to be part of something and feel like they belong to a group. Whether it be affiliating with a well known fitness brand or being a true hard core freestyler, we all have the desire to be a member and feel like we are in a club.

    This is something we should definitely translate into our fitness businesses by creating programmes that people want to be part of; where they can be around like minded people, form bonds and feel like they belong and don’t want to miss out on what is going on within that group.

    Strong, clear and professional branding is key in creating something that people want to be part of, and so many brands at IFS do this very well, with Unite, Pure Energy, Gym Symphonies, Piloxing, Premier Training to name some of the most memorable. They have colours that identify them and run throughout all of their marketing materials allowing them to be easily recognisable.

    So, here are my top tips to create something that people want to be part of…

    Give your members branded clothing
    Create a ‘Members Only’ area on your website that contains information, tools and resources that only members can view and access
    Have clear start and finish dates for your programme, whether it be running a 4 week course or a 6 month membership, to allow people to go on a journey together

    Have a great week,

    Katie xx

    What if you could see into the future? by Yvonne Radley

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could see into the future and know instantly what health stories are going to be in the press next month?

    You could see if any of them were relevant to you and even plan some events around them to attract new customers and maybe get a report featured in your local newspaper.

    In a minute I’m going to tell you about a couple coming up……

    But first, I was at IFS this weekend, backstage rather than front stage.

    It was great because I got to meet some of my customers face to face and also loads of people who follow my blog. It was lovely to know that the stuff I ramble on about is actually being used and instructors up and down the country are getting publicity now where they weren’t getting any before.

    Some have even landed their own weekly column.

    But the one area people still struggle in is knowing what to write about.

    In my Big Me Up Coaching Group I give my clients a forward planner every month and I’ve just posted Aprils.

    It’s a list of all the stories coming up the next month that are likely to hit the headlines, like health reports and conferences. These are great for reacting to and getting yourself on radio as the local go-to fitness expert.

    Your customers will think you are very switched on reacting so quickly to breaking news and many will be thrilled to hear you on your local BBC station.

    Also there are nice little charity events which local papers love and it’s a chance to get out into the community and raise some money.

    And then there are awareness weeks, which are always great to comment on or organize an event around it to gain some publicity.

    So today, I thought I would give you a peek into the future and share a couple of ideas in here with you guys.

    Monday 15 April 2013 – Sunday 21 April 2013
    Depression Awareness Week
    Focuses on reducing the stigma attached to depression.

    Monday 22 April 2013 – Sunday 28 April 2013
    Wallace & Gromit’s Big Breakfast
    Fundraiser from the Wallace and Gromit Foundation encouraging people to raise money for children’s hospices by hosting breakfast parties.

    Monday 15 April 2013 top story
    Random DNA testing of beef products – first results published
    Publication of the first results stemming from the Europe-wide three-month programme of random DNA testing of beef products. Launched in response to the contaminated meat scandal in which products purporting to be beef contained horse meat.

    If you would like to get your hands on the full list and join me in my group to get yourself into your local paper regularly then my next coaching course starts straight after Easter on April 2nd.
    Find me on Facebook and let me know if you have had media success with my tips

    Spinning too many plates? Jill Gardner

    How many plates can I spin? I think that was the challenge I had unknowingly set myself.

    Sadly, I found out the hard way. Sure you can spin lots of plates but you will drop a lot of them, smash them and make a complete mess! This is what was beginning to happen.

    Being known as the Fat Controller places quite a large amount of pressure to remain fit and lean. And whilst I have been for the best part of 10 years, recently I was really beginning to struggle to control my cravings and hunger and had lost motivation to train.
    ?So what was different?

    It’s not uncommon for us instructors to teach loads of classes, take loads of clients through their paces, work late, go to bed late and manage everything else that goes with a fitness business. Many of us, like myself also manage a family and house. Some even have other jobs.

    But what happens when you heap a load of other stress on top?

    Divorce, death, terminally ill relatives, relationship breakdowns, troublesome teenagers, lack of sleep, money worries etc etc

    Well this is exactly what was happening. 18 months of stress was piling itself on top of 10 years of over training and over working in the industry. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t seem to pull myself out.

    I took a boat load of supplements, cleaned up my nutrition, dropped my clients and classes…… BUT still I was struggling to function every day.

    Basically, my metabolism had become a victim of my lifestyle. The stress had caught up and my body just couldn’t handle even small amounts of stress anymore.

    The solution? Well I am still working through it but the bottom line was I needed to slow down – not just physically but more importantly mentally. My brain was running in first gear with my foot flat to the floor. I desperately needed to switch into 3rd, 4th or even 5th gear so I could cruise along more easily and breathe!

    I needed to address my sleep – without doing this stress levels would remain high and so cause excessive cravings and lack of motivation.

    I needed to deep breath, meditate and be more mindful everyday so I could lower my stress and make better decisions. Stress kills motivation!

    I needed to do gentle walking and leisure activities – not pound myself in the gym.

    I needed to reduce anxiety and turn negative and worrying thoughts away.

    I needed to perform visualisation exercises to train my brain into a more positive state of mind and steer it towards a healthier life.

    I needed to learn to say NO!

    Stress can creep up on you. All to often we want to help everyone and say yes to everyone. But as I have learnt, when you try to spin too many plates you end up helping no one and ultimately hurting yourself!

    Look after yourself first! You are more important than anyone else!

    Big love, small tummies!

    Jill – The Fat Controller @itsjillgardner

    Its hard being a mum and running a business by Sally Ghafoor.

    How many of you out there are mum’s who are expected to run your family as well as your business?
    I love my work, I love teaching and I love social media, my two jobs, do you find though if you love your job sometimes people close to us see it as a hobby job and dismiss the hard work we actually put in?

    Combine that with running a house and a family, getting dinner cooked, getting the kids to hobbies, doing the washing and cleaning and spending quality time with the children, before you know it you are in land overwhelm. Your to do list is about as high as the sky and you start making to do lists about to do lists. You stare at the computer for half an hour knowing you have to do something but the stuff going round in your head means you just cannot get it in any strategic order. You are in a classic state of overwhelm. I used to get this all the time and I used to just want to go to bed!

    Then to make it worse you start to look at those big achievers – the mum’s that run the type of business you want to run and you wonder, how do they do it, how do they fit it all in? This then leads you to feeling like a failure, you are struggling to keep your head above water and that big to do list is sat on your head trying to make your drown in overwhelm.

    Then to make it worse your kids kick off, your trying to run a business, a home and bring up children who will become responsible, respectful adults. Suddenly life as a working mum can seem really lonely because no one else gets it unless they are a mum running a business.

    So here are my top tips to help those mums out there manage overwhelm, their business and their life.

    1. Got to the FB page Empowering Parents – like them, then go on their website and read their blogs. This has been a turning point for me. They teach you skills for when you kids are acting out. I cannot tell you how much their strategies have changed my household and made it a calmer happier place.

    2. Watch this video Then if you want to you can sign up here

    3. Pop over and like my new page We are going to take you out of overwhelm into running a functional, happy family life and business. We are making you Confident, Happy and Chic business mothers 🙂

    4. If you have an iphone download this ap Cozi – It keeps me and my family’s calendar and my to do list and my shopping list and my journal all in one place and keeps me organised.

    5. Remember your worth. I know its hard, just by being a mum you can be put at the bottom of the pecking order. Don’t give up on what you are doing. You are doing an amazing job and you are the pillar of the family and your business – keep going 🙂
    Twitter – @fitbusinesshub

    Are you a bully? by Cori Withell

    Well? Are you?

    I wrote an article on bullying for my newsletter last week and was completely overwhelmed but the response. Not just a few, literally tons and tons of people contacted me. Many to say thank you for broaching the topic but an alarming number were being bullied and of those there was a very high proportion currently working in the fitness industry. I love this industry with an unrivalled passion BUT this aspect of it is loathsome. From gym managers bullying their staff to community instructors being bullied by fellow instructors. With the enormity of the social media platform it can be all to easy to bully but what gives anyone the right to bully someone else? Up to 44& of all suicides are thought to relate to bullying, so I guess this isn’t so much of an article than a plea to say, PLEASE stop and think before you speak and act. The industry is big enough for us all to work alongside each other. You will never, ever know what someone else is going through and your comments may be the last straw for that person. Bullying destroys people, it robs them of their self confidence and self esteem and if you join in that makes you no better than the bully themselves. It is all well and good saying don’t let it bother you, or just ignore it, doing that is extremely hard if not impossible to do. I will stop begging now! Just think, kindness, generosity and gratitudes are great traits for all, being a bully is just plain nasty.

    Health and happiness x

    Cori aka The Nut Cracker

    Charity Begins……………Where?
    By Andrew Crawford

    Last week I was drawn into the longest thread I have ever participated in on Facebook, started by that cute lady over there in Wreham named Danni Evans.

    I am sure it was way past the hour of 1am in the morning when I jumped in and finished at 2.30am…, so most of you conscientious 8 hour sleep worshipers were snuggled warmly between soft fluffy duvets, wrapped around slumberland mattresses head buried in soft duck down pillows, knees curled up to your chests in a ball, some clutching luke warm rubber hot water bottles, odd socks covering those little cold pinkies, garibaldi biscuits eaten and digested washed down with a nice large mug of warm milo or horlicks made with semi skimmed drunk and finished, plastic bottle of room temperature envian water at arms reach, without being aware of the conversation and individuals putting the worlds to rights about the subject of……………Charity.

    The meaning of Charity is as follows:

    The voluntary giving of help, typically money, to those in need.
    Help or money given in this way.

    So with that in mind check out these instances where it applies…..

    On one hand there was a little girl denied NHS funding for her cancer treatment. On the other hand, a young lady fed up with her looks and wanted to imitate her famous role model was given funding to enlarge her mammary glands. Charity??
    This year’s Red Nose Day raised a record £75.1m for Comic Relief on the night.

    Our little nippers were out in the freezing cold buying red noses, dressing up, making objects to sell and generally working to raise money for this ‘unquenchable’ red nose Charity fund.

    For as far back as I can remember they have been raising money for the UK & Africa……haven’t they succeeded in their goals yet?

    Where ‘exactly’ has all this money gone? Show me what this money has done. Let there be a public independent audit.

    Perhaps you would like to read my ‘tongue in cheek’ article written years ago here……

    Oh……..You’ll be pleased to know that……
    David Miliband is to quit as MP to take up his dream job working at a ‘Charity’ in New York’
    ?”……….David has landed a dream job in charge of a charity in New York and wants to take it. But it means leaving politics.’
    David will take up a top job with the charity International Rescue Committee with immediate effect. It is a charity with 8,000 staff which helps 40 of the world’s poorer countries………..”
    Now…..someone has to ‘pay’ those 8,000 staff. It appears that this charity is awash with ‘Charity Cash’.

    So I calculated staff overheads for this ‘Charity’ as if they were being paid, this worked out to be £200,000,000 (£8,000 x £25,000 approx wages )…Lord have mercy……..BEFORE any of the 40 of the world’s poorer countries gets any.

    Now…that got me thinking…40??? Which 40 are they talking about…surely Africa could NOT be in that list…why??? Africa is one of the RICEST ..!!

    Firstly Africa is a continent and has plenty of Natural minerals. I wrote a short article here about it.

    Drugs………(Not the ones under your bed…!!)
    “…….A new drug that combats a specific type of lung cancer is too expensive for the NHS, says the rationing watchdog.
    Crizotinib, which is aimed at patients in their 40s and 50s, halts the advance of the disease for almost eight months – more than double the time for chemotherapy.
    The drug, which was fast-tracked for use in the US last year, is designed for patients with a specific genetic mutation – non-small cell lung cancer.
    It is estimated that 1,000 patients could benefit each year from Crizotinib, which costs £4,000 a month.
    But the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence claims it is unclear how much benefit the drug gives to patients so it is not deemed to be cost-effective……………..”

    Barclays has been accused of trying to bury news that it paid its top bankers an “extraordinarily greedy” £39.5m in bonuses by sneaking out the pay details when most of the City was distracted by the budget.

    Britain’s banks have been told to stockpile £25billions by the end of the year to prepare for future financial crises.

    What is being planned?

    Warning…….Draw your money in cash now and deposit in your own ‘Commercial Bank’ which has 24hour access. How much interest are you presently getting on it in any case?? 0.1%, 0.2%??

    I would rather have access to my own cash than restricted funds of my own money….for Charitable purposes……me..!! Look at the Cyprus banks at the moment…!!!

    Sorry to throw this one in the bag but….the Jimmy SoVILE case is a waste of public money. The amount being spent on Solicitors, Investigators, Judges etc will be to no avail. Why? Jimmy ain’t here to answer any allegations. Close this case and divert the money being wasted on it to Charitable purposes.

    So Andrew……..What has Charity got to do with Accountancy and Tax?

    Well the budget was announced last week and I noticed how the figures being bantered around and the emphasis they put on certain allowances. The money given to the workers was like giving to charity.

    Firstly, the amount you can earn before tax is applied from 5th April 2013 is £9,440. They keep talking about £10,000 which will come into effect from 5th April 2014, so you have a whole year to wait before this kicks in.

    Whilst you wait, the price of petrol will go up a few times, yet, the travel allowance will stay the same like it did before they changed it.

    Main Budget tax proposals
    Date set for increase in the personal allowance to £10,000.
    New scheme for tax free childcare.
    Further reduction in the main rate of corporation tax to 20% from 1 April 2015.
    Employee-shareholder contracts will be exempt from income tax and NIC for the first £2,000 of shares received.
    The introduction of an allowance of £2,000 per year for all businesses and charities to be offset against their employer Class 1 NIC liability from April 2014.
    A capital gains tax re-investment relief for gains made in the tax year 2013/14 where the gain is invested in Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme shares.
    Significant non-tax measures have been announced to tackle long-term problems in the housing market and are covered in the Other Matters section of this summary.
    Annual Investment Allowance (AIA)
    The AIA provides a 100% deduction for the cost of plant and machinery purchased by a business up to an annual limit. The Chancellor announced in December an increase in the limit from £25,000 to £250,000 for a period of two years from 1 January 2013.

    Capital allowances and cars
    A 100% first year allowance (FYA) is available on new low emission cars purchased by a business. The current rule is that a 100% FYA is generally available where a car’s emissions do not exceed 110gm/km. The availability of a 100% FYA is to continue for purchases as follows:

    Tackling offshore tax evasion
    In recent years HMRC has been devoting greater resources to tackling offshore tax evasion. Various disclosure initiatives have allowed evaders to settle past liabilities with a capped level of penalty. Agreements to obtain information from Liechtenstein and Switzerland have yielded significant results in terms of tax collected.
    The Government has now announced that agreement has been reached with Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man for the automatic disclosure of information which will further strengthen the hand of HMRC. A new disclosure initiative for investors with accounts in those islands is expected to yield over £1 billion.
    HMRC are also committing extra resources in personnel and analytical support to target this area of evasion.

    General Anti-Abuse Rule
    Legislation is being included in Finance Bill 2013 to introduce a General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR). This will provide an additional weapon for HMRC in tackling tax avoidance. At the heart of the GAAR will be a so-called ‘double reasonableness test’. Under this test an arrangement would be ‘abusive’ if entering into or carrying out arrangements ‘cannot reasonably be regarded as a reasonable course of action, having regard to all the circumstances.’
    HMRC will be able to counter such arrangements on a ‘just and reasonable’ basis but must follow designated procedures which will include reference to an Advisory Panel.
    Other measures on tax avoidance schemes
    Consultation will take place on specific measures to counter avoidance in certain LLP structures aimed at disguising employment relationships. HMRC will also be consulting on countering artificial allocation of profits to partners in all types of partnership to achieve a tax advantage.
    HMRC also have the promoters of aggressive tax schemes in their sights with plans to improve disclosure of schemes and to ‘name and shame’ promoters.
    Support for the housing market
    Major reforms have been announced, including over £5.4 billion of financial help, to tackle long-term problems in the housing market and to support those who want to get on or move up the housing ladder, including the introduction of a new housing scheme, Help to Buy.
    From April 2013, the Government will extend First Buy to provide an equity loan worth up to 20% of the value of a new build home, repayable once the home is sold, and widen the eligibility criteria, including increasing the maximum home value to £600,000 and removing the income cap constraint.
    The Government will also create a mortgage guarantee for lenders who offer mortgages to people with a deposit of between 5% and 20% on homes with a value of up to £600,000, increasing the availability of mortgages on new or existing properties for those with small deposits.

    Sorry if it is all facts and figures today but I wanted to ensure you were aware of the changes that will affect your Fitness Business.
    If you want to see a summary of the latest budget, you can find it here.

    Any deals done with the Government I would watch very carefully.

    So….Charity Begins…………Where?

    Have a wonderful Easter

    Love Rachel x

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