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  • 2nd August 2012 Instructor Newsletter

    Olympic fever has swept the nation and how amazing has it all been. Inspiring, motivating, compelling and downright awesome. I’m loving the new verbs that seem to have popped up ” to podium” and “to medal” everyone who is interviewed wants “to medal and podium” I love it!

    #Olympics2012 has its own new language and jargon.

    It’s also been the first ever full on multimedia digital Olympics Games; you can download the app, watch the events on line, on your phone, see interviews in real time, follow your favorite athletes on Twitter and Facebook.

    Look how far we have come digitally in the last 4 years. We had none of this in Beijing.

    #London2012 is leading the digital multimedia information age.

    If you haven’t embraced multimedia as much as you perhaps should then cast your mind back to Beijing and now 4 years later how different the promotion, PR and press is around these games.

    Now apply that to your fitness business and brand.

    Times are changing so radically and rapidly. Fitness, Health and Wellbeing are MASSIVE right now, you HAVE to make the most of the multimedia platforms to promote your message. Not my message, Jayne’s message, Jill’s, Vikki’s, Claire’s or Katie’s or someone else but YOURS. With YOUR own language, your style, your knowledge and expertise.

    When I peruse Facebook I see a lot of Instructors doing and offering similar products and services. Be different. Be unique.

    Use new language – Your language, Create a new class or concept that no one else is doing, Market it in a exceptional, distinctive and exclusive way. If you are want to create a product or service online, brainstorm something new, not a version of someone else’s idea. I truly believe there are a million untapped health, fitness and weightloss markets and niches (if you read past newsletters you will find some of my ideas). Consider carefully what your customers need help with, then solve the problem with a product or service.

    #London2012 will be remembered for many things. Many records will be broken. New superstars created, the highs and the lows and we will all be totally up to speed in real time, seeing the events that we enjoy and are personal to us, as they happen via our chosen media platform.

    We can do exactly the same with our fitness products and services. Deliver them live, online in realtime and in person and reach a much bigger, local and global audience.

    Helping people change their lives, feel fitter, stronger, happier, mentally and physically. So my message today is be original, be a trend setter and harness the power of multimedia. Just like #London2012.

    This week’s newsletter is action packed with inspiring articles and updates from Jayne, Jill, Cori, Vikki, Becky ,Claire and Yvonne to keep you motivated and feeling you are not alone!

    Autumn Checklist – Be Original!

    As we know, the good people of the UK embark on a new training regime, diet and overhaul in January closely followed in September. Statistically, more people join slimming clubs, buy health club memberships, purchase “low fat food” (let’s not go there with that one today!) start running, buy fitness magazines etc etc.

    Plus we will have the Olympic ripple effect.

    Seeing all of these fit, healthy bodies talking about training and seeing the dedication will be inspiring the general public to make a change. Being fit and healthy is trendy, it’s cool, so make sure you your classes and services are geared up and ready for the September rush.

    1.Create eye catching, brand aware posters, flyers and business cards.
    2.Design new classes, names and content – Unique to you and your market.
    3.Identify a Small Group Training niche, brand it and create a new product.
    4.Bundle nutrition, healthy eating, shape change and workouts as online or offline packages.
    5.Event training – Create groups to train for a specific event. There are tons of events, runs, triathlons, duathlons. planned for Autumn that will be local to you. Get involved, offer to do the warm up and do a 6 week training class.
    6.Bear in mind classes don’t have to run for ever! You can create classes and courses that are seasonal or only run for a particular quarter.
    7.Leading people to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to only mean you teaching or training. Put on talks, lectures, seminar and socials – You have amazing knowledge that 90% of the population needs. Spread your message in alternative ways.
    8.The Power of a Good Brand – You know this. I have discussed it a million times, work hard on your brand image, website, social media so it all connects and looks professional, fresh, innovative and informative.

    I look forward to seeing your Autumn roll outs. Tweet me @RachelHolmes

    New Downloads
    I’ve uploaded more new downloads this week including a new HiLo, Barefoot conditioning and Total Body in 10 Click here for all the latest downloads

    New August Hot Body KSFL
    The KSFL revolution rolls on for another 17 day plan starting Monday 6th and finishing just before bank holiday on 23rd August. More new workouts, a tweaked plan and incorporating loads of seasonal foods and recipes. For all of the details and to sign up Click here

    World Fitness Pilates Updates Day

    For this unique one off event I only have 30 places left so if you want to get all the latest FP moves and ideas that jump on board.
    Being held in Derby on 4th November Kelly and I will be radically overhauling ideas for FP helping you explore new avenues and options.
    Join us for Fitness Pilates 2013, Plyometric Pilates, The Prop Shop and Flow Motion.

    The day is £57 + Vat and you can book on here

    Kelly Reeds – Ultimate Toning Project Workshop coming to 10 venues around the UK click here for information

    Jayne Nicholls – Your Language

    We all have Olympic fever, this week – what a great show and a massive honour to host it, London is a fabulous place to be right now. Rachel and I have been discussing the way that we pick up language trends and also how they become National dialect with such speed – ”innit”.

    Without doubt, text talk has dumbed down the way that many of us communicate and local trends have seen standard English replaced by local dialects, even slang. Social media has made it imperative that we condense every sentence to the minimum characters.

    So what does the language that we use, say about us? Think about it, if we want to stand out from the crowd, the words that we choose create a first and lasting impression, as does the tone of our voice.

    As Rachel points out, would you prefer to ”go for gold” or ”medal”, ”cross the winning line” or ”podium”. I have always favoured many words over just one and am always looking for new ways to generate interest in my products which is why I am doing a complete 360 in sourcing some one-worders that will summarise my entire timetable. The BBC is playing a brilliant hand by introducing new winning references. These single word associations will spread like wildfire over the next few weeks, especially when #ed.

    As instructors our first priority is to make change, so why not start with our marketing and our self image. We now have access to so many people why not make them notice you by creating a ”language” that stimulates. Everyone has smashed, blasted, beasted and battered their workout in FB formulaic text – what’s next?

    My most favourite tool is Thesaurus, it can help to put a new spin onto the same class in just a few seconds.

    I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

    jayne nicholls – Jayne is currently working 1 to1 with instructors who want to improve their writing skills for articles, blogs and personal promo.

    Jill Gardner If I can be a Fat Controller then Anyone Can
    Hate it Change It

    I used to think and talk like this…………..I kept stating the problems, making excuses and being a victim.

    I eat to comfort my sadness…….I feel sad
    I am addicted to junk food…….I am an addict
    I starve to punish myself…….I am greedy
    I try every diet I can find………I am confused
    I have no willpower…….I am weak
    I hate exercise……….I am lazy
    I used to think and talk like this…………..I kept stating the problems, making excuses and being a victim.

    Instead, I needed to find solutions. So I just started to think and talk a little differently. I started to ask myself questions instead of stating the problems:

    ‘How can I stop hating myself?’
    ‘How can I stop eating junk food?’
    ‘How can I get control over my eating?’
    ‘How can I start to love exercise?’

    As I changed my thinking and started to ask myself questions, it was as if by magic that I started to seek solutions. I used to find solutions to my problems and stopped blaming everything and everyone else.

    Whenever I found myself making excuses:

    ‘I am too tired’
    ‘I have no time’
    ‘I am too busy’

    It became harder. I had given myself permission to accept my state and do nothing about it. I had taken my power away. The moment I flipped it I re-gained my power and my ability to change:

    ‘Up until now I was too tired’ but ‘From now on I am no longer too tired to exercise as I will make time’
    ‘Up until now I was too busy’ but ‘From now I will make my health a priority, as I am more important than work’

    Something made me realise that only I had the power to change.

    I started with my thought process – I stopped making excuses. I accepted that I needed to do something different and take responsibility for my life and the outcomes.

    Responsibility = your ability to respond

    That day I took control, that day I decided to start a journey of learning and discovery became the first day of a new life.

    How can I take responsibility and start to make that change?

    Start by changing your self talk:
    ‘up until now’ you used to hate cooking. But ‘from now on’ I am going to start learning some new easy recipes.
    ‘up until now’ I used to hate exercise. But ‘from now on’ I am going to embrace the feel good factor after.
    ‘up until now’ I didn’t know what to eat. But ‘from now on’ I will start learning more about my fuel so I feel great.
    ‘up until now’ I had no will power or self-control. But ‘from now on’ I will start to choose foods that fill me up and satisfy my hunger
    ‘up until now’ I was fat and out of shape. But ‘from now on’ I am starting to love how my body can change when I move and feed it well
    ‘up until now’ I was tired and depressed. But ‘from now on’ I am starting to energise my body with great food and exercise
    ‘up until now’ I was too busy to fit this all in. But ‘from now on’ I am loving learning about my body and making my health my priority!
    So if I can be a fat controller then anyone can!

    Big love, small tummies!

    Jill – The Fat Controller x @itsjillgardner

    Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Sending Out A Press Release Yvonne Radley

    Here is a list of the most common mistakes people make when sending out a press release. In August I am launching my media start-up kit for fit pros teaching them how it should be done. Big Me Up is coming soon.

    1: They save their best information to the last paragraph.
    2: Their story is NOT newsworthy or it’s an event that has already happened.
    3: They repeat the same information over and over again.
    4: They include pictures and logos which just bounce the email back or worse clog up the journalist’s in-tray.
    5: They never follow up with a phone call to the newsroom.
    6: They forget to include the date, time and place of event.
    7: They put a name and phone number of the person to contact but then they go away for a week. (This happens a lot and drives journalists crazy)
    8: They ramble on for pages.
    9. They use jargon that the journalist, let alone the reader, will not understand.
    10. And finally, they send their press release in just after the journalist’s deadline.
    Yvonne Radley from

    Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamonds
    By Andrew Crawford

    Not sure about you but I had tears in my eyes as I watched the opening ceremony to the 2012 London Olympics… mind you, I wonder if them foreigners knew what the….was going on??
    It also reminded me to break out and dust off my collection of Encyclopaedia Britannica World Atlas to search for those countries I had NEVER heard of before..!!
    What about you…..did you know all 200 odd countries??
    All that glitters is not all gold…remember the fake gold rings which left a blue mark around your fingers, especially when wet or that big dodgy fat 18 inch gold plated belcher chain swinging around your neck ..don’t forget the sovereigns…..!!
    We should celebrate our athletes, Team GB, whichever medal they win… has taken them years of dedication, training, commitment, abstinence from the pleasures of the flesh, dieting, weight training, mind control…but no support from our own Government in terms of funding or investment.
    Our Golden Girls Helen Glover and Heather Stanning who brought tears to my eyes as the first of many Gold medals started to flow today…. not forgetting our Golden boy Bradley Wiggins who rode into the history books..!! (I nearly forgot Chris Froome who got the bronze and the Team 8 rowers who also got bronze).
    It took me back to when I used to run and won my first gold and silver medals….it became addictive…you kept on training to keep ahead because somewhere someone was training harder than you…!!!
    So Andrew, what has Bronze, Silver & Gold got to do with Accountancy & Tax?
    Well….I want to give you some Diamonds…!!
    Nowadays its strictly white gold, platinum and diamonds.
    They’re not just for you ladies….they’re for us geysers too…!!!
    The diamonds I’m talking about are ‘nuggets of pure information’…that will save you tax which you can use to buy your own chunk of bronze, silver or gold!!
    Here is a selection of my Tax Awards……………
    Example 1 – Have a Partnership Agreement in place
    I have been contacted many times about people wanting to work with other people. The first thing I advise is to have a proper Partnership Agreement in place from day one…!!!
    Amongst the agreement you may want to also have a partnership bank account, letterhead and invoices,
    Remember in a Partnership you are all ‘jointly and severally liable’ for all the debts. So just be careful who you go into business with.

    Example 2 – Working Tax Credits
    Working Tax Credits are payable whether you have children or not. If your income is low enough you can receive payments directly from the HMRC.
    There are different elements to this credit depending on your marital status, the hours you work, your age and whether or not you are disabled.
    Depending on your particular circumstance, the scenarios will differ, so not everyone would be the same.
    I was contemplating on laying out the different ways here but there are so many combinations you would get bored reading them…so call this number and let them tell you – 0845 300 3900.

    Example 3 – Child Tax Credits
    I couldn’t talk about the above tax credit without referring to the Child Tax Credit. You can receive this tax credit if your income is up to £65,000.
    There are different elements which make up this tax credit, which are ; the family element (basic element), child element (paid for each of your children), disabled child element ( extra payment for each disabled child), severely disabled child (an extra payment for each severely disabled child).
    Again, this credit will depend on a lot of variables…instead of me boring you with the details, you can discuss your individual circumstances on this number –
    0844 856 4312

    Example 1 – Rent a Room in your house for additional income
    If you are struggling for some funds and have a spare room to let in your house or flat, you could rent out the room and claim ‘rent a room relief’.
    You are allowed to earn £4,250 per year under this relief without incurring any tax. If you already rent a house or flat yourself, you can also benefit from this relief as it also applies to you.
    The downside is that anything over and above the £4,250 is taxable….but I’m sure you can find expenses to reduce this..!!!
    Oh….and there is no capital gains tax when you sell the property.

    Example 2 – Sell assets for less than £6,000 to avoid Capital Gains Tax
    You can sell jewllery, pictures, furniture and other assets under £6,000 without incurring Capital Gains Tax.
    So if you have a bulk of items you want to get rid of, consider breaking it up into individual items and sell for under £6, different times…of course..!!

    Example 3 – Ever consider Fostering?
    When I was younger, my friends mum use to foster 8 kids….goodness knows why.!!!
    Now that I’m older and wiser, I can see clearly now…..(not that track..!!)
    If you love looking after these little cuties….or beasts in some cases, you are allowed to earn £10,000 tax free plus £200 per week for each child under 11 and £250 for each child over 11.
    This is not for everyone…its just an option.

    Example 1 – Selling your car to your business
    If you have a small company and possess 2 cars, consider selling one of the cars to your company. It will even work if you had one car…!!!
    If you remember is one of my previous articles, my company bought my expensive car, then a few years later (when the car had been fully paid, I bought it for £1 from my company. Nothing wrong with that. The Academy in Brixton was bought for £1…!!!)

    Example 2. – The company paying the cost of a Personal Trainer
    Some of you may be members of a gym or you may Personal Train clients yourself. If you run a small company and it pays for the membership, you will be taxed personally on the cost of the membership and your company will have to pay additional national insurance.
    However, there is a way to organise your affairs so that the cost of the Personal Trainer is paid for by the company and there will be no more additional national insurance to pay by the company or yourself.
    How? Have the Personal Trainer as part of your remuneration package..!!!

    Example 3. – The company paying the cost of a Nanny
    More and more ladies are having children then going back to work. One of the biggest costs apart from the mortgage is nannies fees..!!!
    Supposing the nannies fees can be a deductible expense to your business…,would you be interested?
    Here’s how…..have it as part of your remuneration package.
    Once the appropriate paperwork is in place, the cost is deductible by the company in full.

    So there you have it… mini Olympic Tax Advice Awards.

    Today I wanted to give you a quickie….so I will leave you now to finish watching the rest of the Olympics….track and field next week very exciting.
    If your anywhere near the Olympic Village next week, give me a holla…!!
    I must dash….See you there.

    Andrew Crawford
    Twitter: @tax4fitness

    Your mind is a genie; your thought is his command!” Tanya Oliver

    I thought I’d write about something so close to my heart and something that sometimes we need reminding about what I’m about to tell you, you already know using simple little tools can help us enjoy everyday life.

    In today’s society we sometimes feel we need to follow the latest craze or follow current trends everyone is like trying to be like everyone else. I’m almost positive that we’ve all done it! Sometimes we all have different tastes different enjoyments and unique qualities you know that’s cool Uniqueness is priceless; it is cool to be you. Don’t be afraid you! You are who you are, dig down deep and find the courage to be you it’s worth it.
    Now moving onto another fact I believe hold us back & I believe we all do it, we all let the past ruin the present but that’s got to stop, we’ve all made mistakes we all might have something that we’ve done in the past that were not proud of, but we can’t change it or even forget it. What we can do though is simple, live & learn, yep that’s right live and learn from the mistakes you’ve made let the mistakes propel you forward. Mistake is a very important part of self improvement. Learn to love yourself that’s right you hear me and you’re probably rolling your eyes right now, but the truth is the truth learning to love yourself starts with making a conscious decision, an intention to become happy and lead a fulfilled life. Love what makes you, you.

    Do you want to enjoy life?
    Do you want to grow?
    Do you feel you need to move on?

    I don’t know about you but sometimes when a change in my life is about to happen I start to stress out and struggle to let go, but I’ve kind of figured that in order to live a happy life I do need to let go. Here in Sunderland the saying is ”go with the flow”, stop worrying, stop stressing and have faith in yourself. Sometimes you need to take a few steps back to see things clearly. Every journey you ever take in your life has a beginning you may encounter something along your journey that doesn’t quite happen as you want it to, so do you give up or do you go back to the beginning and start again. My motto is go right back to the beginning and start again you’ll come back stronger than when you started. It doesn’t matter how many hurdles you have to jump over, don’t let a setback stop you from pushing ahead. Let the hurdles and the setbacks make you stronger and drive forwards. You might not end up initially where you set out to go but the roads you take in life will all le ad you to your destination.

    Remember my favourite quote ”if you lead the mind to believe, this is what will help you succeed”

    Hope you have enjoyed reading my piece take care have a mint day

    Tanya x

    It is okay to not be okay 🙂 Cori Withell

    I wrote about this at Mindful Health and Wellness Members Only on Facebook last week. Only a short post to remind people that is absolutely okay to not be okay so I thought I would expand on it a little for you given the response that post had.

    1) It is okay to not want to get up.
    2) It is okay to not want to face the world.
    3) It is okay to not want to go and train clients.
    4) It is okay to not want to go and teach a class.
    5) It is okay to have a bad day.
    6) It is okay to not want to leave the house.
    7) It is okay to have those emotional roller coaster days when one minute you are crying and the next you are laughing.
    8) It is okay to have a duvet day.
    9) It is okay to eat junk once in a while.
    10) It is okay to be just you, as you are, no tweaks, no changes because you are just as you should be.

    For many of us, we allow the industry to pressure us from all kinds of angles. I was originally going to write, ‘the industry pressurises us’ but we have to remember that our thoughts and responses are in our control and we do not have the privilege or right to blame anyone or anything for those feelings.

    We are not perfect. No one ever should be. The only persons opinion of you that matters, is yours. So, if you are not happy with you, then change but if you and others aren’t – that is their problem, not yours. Having a bad day, missing a workout, eating a chocolate bar, not wanting to teach, these are parts of life! You are not a robot!

    Live your life as you want to live it and always be kind to yourself.

    Health and happiness x
    Best wishes
    Cori x

    Fit or FIT? Vikki Scovell

    Oh baby, I just hit the scales, which I have been studiously avoiding for several weeks now. I had noticed the lycra was feeling a bit snug recently, but had decided that it was getting a bit old and had probably shrunk. The digital read-out just flashed up the word ‘YUCK’ while I was praying that I had been imagining things and it would say ‘HOTTIE.’ Ok, that’s an artistic elaboration on the truth, but it did flash up 6 pounds heavier than last time I checked. A tiny inner voice piped up that the scales need re-calibrating, and that they might be malfunctioning. I Googled ‘does lycra shrink?’ and the answer is NO. Crap; I think it’s me that has malfunctioned.

    If I ever mention that I struggle with my weight, people roll their eyes at me and say; you look amazing, blah blah, with all of that exercise you do you can eat whatever you want…… But let’s face it, they don’t spend most of their lives stood in front of a gang of people, wearing very little, and what you are wearing is usually tight, somewhat unforgiving of knicker lines, bumpy bits and elastic cutting into blobby areas. AND THEN, you do not have the option of constantly sucking it all in and standing still whilst presenting a great angle, with perfect hair, and make up. Oh no, you have to jump around, flash your bum, prey the sports bra/pelvic floor holds up to all of the burpee tuck-jumps, and dangle upside down whilst a badly-chosen top flips over your head and temporarily blinds you, so that mercifully you can’t see the horror on everyone’s faces as your belly is revealed inverted at a 45 degree angle, in all of its nearly 40-year-old 2-pregnancies-truth. Meanwh ile the hairstyle unravels into 90% sweat and 10% fuzzy stuff, and any residual make up is by this point busy defining wrinkles instead of making you look better.

    As a fitness instructor/Personal Trainer/fat-loss expert, the pressure to look the part is IMMENSE, it can feel crushing. If my confidence is at low-ebb, I imagine that I feel the gaze of my clients burning into me, checking out my slide into pudginess, the softening of my muscles, the creep of my tummy over my waist-band. I hate to stand in front of people and feel a FRAUD because I am telling them to do this, do that, eat clean, exercise, lift weights, and there I am sporting a beer belly, bingo wings and double chin (or at least feeling like I do). There is nothing as terrible as slipping into conversation that you are a fitness instructor, only for that person to do a head-to foot body sweep with their eyes, followed by an expression which is open to interpretation. It is dreadful to stand in front of 20 or 30 people and feel as if you have been poured into someone else’s much smaller PE kit by mistake. And it is utterly gutting when people come to class and they loo k more like the coach than you do, whilst you pray that the new people won’t wander over to them instead.

    Cori sent out a tweet the other week which said; what is more important to you- to look good or to be healthy? GOOD me wanted to reply, ooh Cori of course I am only interested in being healthy, fit and strong, and beauty comes from the inside. BAD me knew that I really want to just look HOT. I replied- Cori, you probably don’t want to know my real answer. I have wanted to look different for EVER. Having been both really quite chunky, and spookily thin, I have spent a lot of time doing stupid stuff, like only eating peas and vinegar at boarding school, because it was that or battered cod and chips, but then eating half a loaf of white bread and jam later because I was RAVENOUS. I went on my first diet age 12 or 13. I have eaten utter junk for weeks at times in my life, at other times almost nothing. It took me years to banish my demons and get my head round that fact that a healthy balanced diet teamed with exercise was the way forward; but as someone who is not natu rally slender, this means endless effort. I can do ten hours plus of exercise a week, and nibble salad like a saintly rabbit, but the second I slip up, I put weight back on. But if I am honest, when I slip up, it can be fairly epic; we are not talking one chocolate button here.

    So here is a word from GOOD me; staying organized, making sure there is a plentiful supply of quality protein and fresh veg will keep me on track. Making time to work-out intelligently and under guidance ensures great results. When I get to the gym to lift, set myself goals and reach them, and see my strength and shape improve, I am so motivated that I find it effortless to eat well. Then I feel UNSTOPPABLE, legendary and empowered. But wait good me! It’s been the school holidays for nearly a month; I haven’t had an opportunity to get to my studio and lift heavy weights (all that keeps me sane). The kids are constantly baking, and demanding snacks and treats, my routine is shot to pieces, I still have a huge work-load, but 2 noisy, distracting people with me full-time and it is all sliding out of control. Oh no, my powers have weakened, WATCH OUT! Here comes BAD me……..
    I JUST WANT TO LOOK AMAZING, and I’m bored of the effort it takes. I would happily sell my soul, and my children, and YOUR children to the devil in exchange for being a complete BABE. Luckily for you, despite scrutinizing the pages of Dr Faustus, I have never been able to work out how to contact Satan, or even one of his minions, so your kids are safe. I love to train hard, and I love to lift heavy, but I am utterly WEAK and pathetic when faced with peanuts, wine, cheeses and Salt’n’Vinegar Spirals. A baguette may as well be a flaming sword to slay my resolution, and the first peanut M&M is a magic pill which dissolves my will-power and dulls my memory; these sweeties will make me happy, they can’t be so bad…. Oh good Ladies and Gentlemen, bad me is winning, and I need to stop her.

    I have 20 days to get myself beach-ready for 2 weeks in Greece. There is some serious work to be done, unless I want teams of conservationists to descend on me with specialist carrying equipment, and buckets and sponges, whilst the world press descends on the beach to photograph my stranded peril. This summer, I led a Summer Body Fat-Loss course, and as I was on the heart-break diet then, I effortlessly melted away over a stone in a couple of weeks, and then effortlessly melted it back on once the comfort-eating kicked in. This is where I have come off the tracks; derailed my routine, sunk back into older less-healthy habits, and not looked after myself. Time to take a ladle-full of my own medicine, and transform myself back into an example of someone committed to their beliefs and knowledge. I have the tool kits at my disposal, but I guess being a Fitness professional can be like being the plumber who just can’t face sorting out his own house after a busy day of work ( believe me I KNOW this as I was married to one; my old bathroom would make you weep).
    I was wondering how I would wrap this one up, and had to scoot out for my Monday evening Boot Camp. While I was there I got my answer. I put on some loud music and we burnt up the place; burpees, jumps, press-ups, hill climbers, squat thrusts. The class was full despite the time of year and the good weather. My beautiful people shone and worked their socks off. Their level of commitment amazes me and can be seen in their strength, muscle tone and positive mental attitude. I looked at them and thought; I can surely get myself back on track if I can help them look this fabulous. And then I thought, actually they make ME feel AMAZING, and I’m not so bad after all. My chubbiness is mostly inside my head, it is a lack of confidence: part of the pressure of the job, and partly from my past. I am going to blow it out of the water with some good hard training and re-connection with what I love; to be fit and strong, and enjoy fantastic healthy food. So I may have had a blip , but this week I’m going to burn it up, and have invited the beautiful people to train with me every evening. So if you see me at the garage gazing at a packet of chockie peanuts fondly, please remind me that they may make me feel happy for a couple of minutes, but that being in control and eating healthy stuff makes me much, much happier. Oh and beauty does come from within, strength and health are more important than looks, but having a fantastic bum helps, especially if you earned it!
    Vikki Scovell @fitbite

    Get out in amongst your community!
    By Claire Mockridge
    Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert

    Hi there C2Goers!

    I think recently, we’ve all gone a bit Social Media mad when it comes to marketing and advertising and we’ve lost something along the way. Would you agree? Whilst I personally get “some” business from Facebook and Twitter, it’s certainly not the most effective form of advertising for my main client group which, as you know is pregnancy and postnatal.

    I’m a local girl at heart. Well, I’m actually from Tasmania, Australia, so I couldn’t be further from my “local”, but you kind of know what I mean. I’ve lived in the area where my classes are based for 7 years, and through living there, I know all of the shopkeepers, the postman, the hairdressers and beauticians, all of the baby-business owners, and I only need walk into the local cafe, and I’m met with: “Hi Claire! How are you? The usual today?”. Which, can I just point out is not a pint of bitter, but a cup of camomile tea. Oh, how my life has changed since joining Rachel’s KSFL in January?!!

    Anyway, today’s message to you is simply this. Block out a date in your diary, once a month, where you walk around the local area, popping into various local shops and small businesses, armed with a smile, a friendly face and a pile of your business cards/leaflets. It doesn’t matter which business you call in on, just do it. Get out there, meet the local small business owners, and bring the “community” spirit back into your marketing.

    I believe that networking and supporting local, small businesses is an integral part of what we should be doing as FitPros, so much so, that I’ve written a whole juicy chapter on “effective networking” for my next product which is: “Go forth and multiply” – Postnatal Marketing Manual for FitPros.

    For a detailed list of what’s contained in “Go forth and multiply” and who it’s for, take a listen here:

    Join my Private Facebook Group here for more information about getting qualified to teach pre/postnatal:!/groups/clairemockridge/

    Bye for now.

    Claire Mockridge
    Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert

    Top tips for teaching children through the Summer Becky Lane

    If you don’t normally work with children or have children of your own you may find the following useful! Children will be BORED already so this is a great time to arrange a kids class / workshop! Your aim – to tire them out for their parents! The heat might make you lethargic but it wont make them! Parents are always looking for activities for their children through the holidays – even if it is a short time so they can go and get the shopping done!

    · Get a good nights sleep, you will need all the energy you can muster!
    · Select your age group appropriately, so for example; 5-7 year olds, 8-11 year olds. You may struggle with combined age groups.
    · Schedule in enough drink breaks and rest bites.

    Fitness camp or class? Bear in mind you can only have a group of children up to 1.5 hours otherwise you have to register through OFSTED so keep it short and sweet!

    Some ideas for you….

    · Olympic theme – select events which will be occurring at the Olympics. Make mini competitions. They have all just studied this at school so should be knowledgeable about it.

    · Mix it up – Change the activity every 15 minutes. Start with a game such as dodge ball, ball drills and skills, move onto a health and nutrition section with handouts, complete a bootcamp style fun section, get them working in groups to create their own workout and finish with a dance / rhythm section and finally a stretch cool-down.

    Keep them engaged throughout. Make the session as fun and interactive as much as you can but if outside beware of the sun and heat. 15 minutes of handouts and education whilst having a drinks break will rest them enough to go again.

    Remember that all important CRB!

    Have a great Summer!

    Becky Lane
    Twitter – @beckyfitness

    Have a wonderful Thursday and Enjoy the Olympics

    Love Rachel xxx

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