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  • 5 Simple Group Fitness Instructor Tips To Find Success

    5 Simple Group Fitness Instructor Tips To Find Success

    #1 – Always Adapt to Feedback

    One of the best group fitness instructor tips we can provide is to listen to feedback, before distinguishing whether it’s constructive or critical.

    Whilst no one likes to hear negative things about their teaching style or methods, hearing the class members’ opinions will only help you grow as a fitness instructor. Trust pilot/ google reviews is a great way to get feedback from your class members.

    #2 – Make a Good First Impression

    When operating as a fitness instructor you will be regularly running classes with the same members. However, every session has the potential to be a member first time.. welcome them warmly and make them feel part of the group!

    #3 – Share Your Positivity

    Positivity is contagious and if you come into work with a good attitude the class members will, in turn, reciprocate this behaviour.

    #4 – Provide Demonstrations

    You should always be leading by example and performing the exercise routines along with your class.

    Failure to provide visual and audible demonstrations will result in a class that lacks focus, and can even cause injuries among attendees.

    #5 – Stay Organised!

    Plan your classes, promotions  thoroughly for success.


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