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  • Instructor Newsletter 6th February 2014

    IMG_5091HELLO Everyone.  How are you?  It’s been a busy week with a lot going on with KSFL, Fitness Pilates & C2GO, with the launch of Kelly’s new Fitness Pilates Tour, new courses and more Franchisees coming on board.  Plus, we are launching our new KSFL at Home parties and a new class initiative merging KSFL with Fitness Pilates for a unique Detox plan. Again, I know I say it all of the time, but there is just so much to go at in fitness; so many avenues and niches and opportunities and it’s really all about thinking outside of the box and doing things differently to everyone else. I’m pretty stoked and pumped about the future; I hope you are as well about your future in the industry.

    This week I wanted to get some cool folks to contribute and it’s been a good 2 years since his last article here, but he is back with vengeance. Welcome back Mr Paul Mort. Paul is a been there done that kind of fitness guy and I am LOVING his podcasts right now. He has interviewed some serious fitness business heavy weights and I’m also enjoying his daily emails. Paul loves a good swear fest and often offends, but I am sure you can look past that and see the brilliant 80 insightful observations and tips in his fab article. Tweet me @RachelHolmes and @Paulmort and let us know what YOU think about Paul’s tips for Fitpros

    Yvonne Radley also comes back this week with an article on getting into your local media and of course Andrew Crawford brings us his inimitable take on finance, taxes and the inland revenue.

    Fitness Pilates Pre-HAB Tour

    Many places on the Fitness Pilates Pre-Hab Tour are now taken as we are limiting the numbers on many venues, but if you would like to grab a space here is the link to book.


    New HIIT Programmes


    Last week I put an incorrect link into the newsletter for the HIIT Workout Programmes. Marvin and I designed a HIIT Stability Ball Programme, Hiit Kettlebells, HIIT Stretch & HIIT Resistance Bands and they are all still on offer until the end of this week. You get the full instructional DVD, PPL/License Free HIIT Workout Music and Workbook with all of the exercises in, so if you would like to grab a programme here is the link.



    DIRTY 30 Workout Club



    Yes! It’s back by popular demand. 30 x 10minute Workouts you can do at home. Ive filmed a whole range of new stuff this year and you can join the Club at any time. There are HIIT, Kettlebells, Fitness Pilates, Conditioning, Step. It’s £35 for 30 Workouts



    Rachel Holmes Make It Happen Day


    Put Saturday 10th May in your diary as I’ll be a full one day event in Nottingham on Building an Online Business in 2014, Personal Development, Increasing Your Profits in Fitness, Writing, Blogging, Positivity, New Trends PLUS SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS. You won’t want to miss this totally unique event and I’ll be releasing details very soon on this special day.


    Are You a Coordinator, Fitness Manager or Group Exercise Manager of Local Authority or Leisure Trust?


    Is this your ROLE? If so get in touch we have exciting developments on implementing a new Kick Start Fat Loss Weight Management Programme into your facility for your members. Email




    Things I’ve Learnt since I ‘quit’ by Paul Mort


    Long time no speak, amigos.


    Two years ago I went into meltdown.


    Got sick of playing ‘the game’ of trying to

    please everyone and being used by people who

    wanted a piece of the pie…


    so to speak.


    Since been diagnosed with Bipolar.


    Anyhow… the last 2 years have been a roller

    coaster to say the least.


    Since the last time we spoke, I’ve had two



    Well, my wife did.. I just watched.




    My biz’niz has also exploded.


    :::: Look away now if you hate bragging ::::


    I actually hate doing this but it’s important

    you understand where Uncle Morty is coming



    Yes, I did just refer to myself in the 3rd






    –I sold me bootcamp biz’niz that ended up in

    19 locations and 4 different countries


    (one was Scotland mind, so not sure if that



    –I’ve held my own events, selling them out

    to 100 trainers 7 weeks before they actually



    –Last year I got the closest I’ve even been

    to 7 figures.


    — I launched my own greens drink (my own

    formula, not white labeled)


    it’s in Selfridges, the Trafford centre


    from March it’ll be in every lifestyle

    fitness club in the UK


    and from May in every (club that I can’t name

    yet but has 127 sites)


    — Been named in a list of the top 100 most

    influential trainers of all time


    — opened in inner circle’ physical

    newsletter at 98 a month that’s on 103

    members after only 2 months


    — Started a podcast which gets 52 THOUSAND

    downloads a week.


    — All of this WITHOUT a flakebook account..


    although that’s open again now cuz of the

    lifestyle fitness deal.


    :::: End of Brag ::::


    So when Holmesy asked me to write an article

    I had A LOT I could talk about


    I decided to tell you the things I’ve learned

    since I last offended you 😉


    So here we go:


    1: Facebook is full of noise.


    Get people OFF of facebook and onto an email



    2: You will NEVER be considered an expert in

    your field if you don’t put out content:

    Articles, videos, podcasts.


    3: Most fitness people are boring and are

    glorified cheerleaders


    4: There is an amazing amount of freedom in

    not taking things personally.


    5: If you’re doing GREAT work, you WILL be

    criticised. Rise above.


    6: You can’t expect to stand out if you’re

    doing the same as everyone else


    7: You’ll never be attacked by someone more

    successful than yourself


    8: Your income is directly correlated to how

    many people you help, and how good you are

    at helping them


    9: Most people are allergic to money and are

    conditioned to think it’s bad:


    10: Money lets you do amazing things. It

    doesn’t make you happy but funds experiences

    that do make you happy.


    11: Family first ALWAYS.


    12: Having children is incredible for

    productivity.. and lowers your tolerance to



    13: You can CHOOSE who you do business with.


    14: Neediness from fitpros is commonplace.

    and looks desperate


    15: Confidence is almost irresistible.


    16: There are MANY more things that are

    important to people when looking to train

    with someone than just ‘price’


    17: People will join you for the results but

    stay for the experience.


    18: Sending Information is boring, people want



    19: People buy more often and spend more when

    in good humour.


    20″ Comparing yourself to others is the

    fastest way to misery


    21: Talking about NEGATIVE things (especially

    feelings) is THE FUTURE of fitness



    22: The fitness industry is waaaay to ‘happy

    clappy’ and makes ‘normal’ people feel like

    shit about themselves


    23: Burpees, chicken and broccoli put the

    same ‘normal’ people off. Stop it.


    24: Having the courage to be yourself will

    attract A LOT more people that trying to fake



    25: Most fitpros wear a mask in public

    because they’re afraid to stand out.


    26: There’s no point in having a website if

    you don’t learn how to drive traffic to it


    27: Having a website without an opt in is

    like taking a dump and not wiping your ass.


    28: FOLLOW up will increase your profits



    29: Never give up is bullshit. Why keep

    beating your head against a wall with

    something that doesn’t work


    30: Figuring out marketing and why people buy

    is the reason poor trainers can earn more

    than brilliant trainers


    31: Results aren’t enough anymore


    32: ‘word of mouth’ is what people who don’t

    know the numbers in their business.


    33: if you’re not assessing you’re guessing

    applies MORE to marketing that it does to



    34: Don’t compare every day your best day.


    35: Most people can have a £10k month, but

    the key is to do that EVERY month.


    36: Mentioning the word ‘classes’ immediately

    pigeon holes you with the competition.


    37: 80% of your business comes from 20% of

    your efforts. Find out what the 20% is


    38: 80% of your headaches come from 20% of

    your clients. ALWAYS the ones who pay the



    39: Higher prices= MUCH better clients AND



    40: If you’re only form of marketing is

    facebook- you don’t have a business.


    41: Do the polar opposite to your competition.



    42: If you’d rather spend time training

    people on an evening that having a bath with

    your kids (up to a certain age, of course!)

    then you need to look at your priorities


    43: It’s not about hard work.. it’s about



    44: Daily email positions you VERY quickly as

    a LEADER.


    45: EVERYTHING in your life comes down to



    46: As soon as it stops becoming fun. Stop

    doing it.


    47: ‘Professional’ is incredibly boring.


    48: The customer is NOT ALWAYS right.


    49: ‘Buying’ customers is something we all

    need to learn


    50: Most fitpros are lazy and would rather

    post a status update than put out some useful



    51: It’s okay to hate exercise and diets…

    most people do


    52: It’s okay not to be okay.


    53: You’ll lose friends on the journey.


    54: Just because you don’t share the same

    opinion as someone doesn’t mean you have to

    fall out with them


    55: Make your ‘circle’ smaller, not bigger.


    56: Most people are in it for themselves and

    will use you. Don’t take it personally


    57: Lower your expectations of other people.


    58: when you feel like shit, look back at

    what you have achieved. However small it may



    59: Most people overexagerate their success


    60: If you’ve ever suffered any kind of

    depression. Facebook is a HORRIBLE place for



    61: People have no problem being ‘sold to’.

    As long as it’s not pitch after pitch.


    62: Learning how to write compelling copy is

    the greatest skill you can learn in business.


    63: Don’t do your own accounts. Period.


    64: ‘Cheapest’ and ‘Best’ NEVER belong in the

    same sentence.


    65: People don’t buy based on logic,.they buy

    based on emotion.


    66: Trying to ‘sell’ with flyers is stupid.

    Just get me to your site and get my email



    67: Only 2% of sales are made on the first



    68: 80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th



    69: Therefore email kicks ass^


    70: There’s FREE money in your business right

    now: Referrals, reactivation and Retention


    71: Most people’s opinions should be



    72: Make your own rules, don’t blend in.


    73: The country is fatter than it ever has

    been yet the people who can help the most get

    paid less than burger flippers


    74: The above is down marketing.


    75: You can’t create change by telling people

    what they want to hear.


    76: Cut people that only contact you when they want

    something out of your life. Immediately.


    77: Free websites attract freebie hunters.


    78: D.I.Y design attracts D.I.Y clients


    79: Someone has to be the most expensive trainer

    in your town.. why not you?


    80: : I could do this all day, but you’re

    probably getting bored now 🙂


    Hope these help, babycakes.


    My fingers hurt.


    Paul Mort

    Serial entrepreneur, Full time Superdad,

    Part time Bipolar, hater of humans




    SUCCESS STORIES by Yvonne Radley


    I’ve been getting loads of emails this week from Fit Pros telling me how they are getting in their local paper after doing my FREE 30 Day Challenge last month.


    They are thrilled.


    And so am I.


    The best part about my job is teaching people what I know about how to get into your local newspaper.


    It’s not the kind of stuff you can pick up in a book or on a course.


    Plus the “experts” are more likely to tell you the “official” way to get in and since when did that ever work? No, we want the unofficial tricks of the trade – the stuff that works.


    The stuff you can ONLY get from someone who’s worked in the industry [hint, hint, that’s me]



    One of the keys is writing about issues of interest and not just promoting your own classes.


    Give the reader free, valuable information and your fan base will grow – just like your blogs.


    Talk about issues affecting your town – maybe the park aren’t up scratch or the leisure centre is about to close – perhaps the childhood obesity stats are huge. Whatever people are talking about – these are your stories.


    Always have your reader in mind when you are writing and don’t use health and fitness jargon like CHD, REPS or even BMI, Joe Public won’t know what you are talking about. Keep it simple and talk in their language – just like you do when you are writing sales copy for your clients.


    Finally use a professional Press Release that is around one page long with your Editor’s Notes attached. These have added info like your contact details, website address, any awards you have won.


    You can download my Press Release Template and Guide for free here and join my 30-Day Challenge now


    You’ll learn how to write a Press Release – How to get on the right side of journalists – how to drive traffic from Pinterest to your website – how to get your branding across all levels and what to do once you are ready to send your Press Release out.


    Yvonne “Let’s Get You In The Paper in 2014” Radley



    The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum………

    By Andrew Crawford


    “……The politically correct brigade who insist on bringing out even more ludicrous laws, advice etc to further control our lives and treat us all like idiots. ??For example, the bags of peanuts that have warnings that they might contain nuts! The take away coffee cups that warn you that they might contain hot coffee! Or the local council in Devon that has just put up a sign on the beach warning that the tide can come in! ??How stupid do these people think we are or is it that they are really the thick ones?…………..”


    The media can make or break you. They give you ‘snippetts’ of information on which to form opinions.


    It can change your perception and make you follow without questioning. It can make you fight for war or march for peace.


    How powerful is that?


    So my question is…………Are you a FREE Thinker?


    Coming off the back of 31 days of 18 plus hours a day working for the Government I slowly emerge from my cynical environment.


    So Andrew……That’s some crazy hours you knocked out…


    What has Lunatics Running the Asylum got to do with Accountancy & Tax?


    Well…on top of those crazy hours these couple of tax moves drove people looney…!!!!


    National Insurance Class 4


    I always point out that this little Bar Steward comes and bites you at the end when working out your tax. It is added in addition to the normal tax rates (20% 40% & 45%).


    Class 4 is 9% on profits between £7,755 and £41,450 plus 2% on profits over £41,450.


    Do not confuse it with national insurance class 2 which is £2.70 per week.


    Neither of these can be claimed.



    Payment on Account (POA)


    This is another crazy idea. What is this. Basically it is ‘Advanced Tax’ payable on 31st January and 31st July.


    It works like this.


    If your tax and NI was £1,000 this year, then your POA will also be £1,000 half of which would be payable by 31st January with the tax due.


    So, £1,000 + £500    = £1,500 payable by 31st January then the  other half £500 would be payable by 31st July.


    Now as you can see. If your tax is higher, say £3,000, then your tax for the year would be £6,000. £4,500 payable by 31st January and £1,500 by 31st July.


    Can you claim to reduce this ‘Advanced Tax’


    Yes indeed.


    You can claim to ‘Reduce’ your payment on account by claiming to do so on your Tax Return. Even down to nil……It’s entirely up to you…!!


    Value Added Tax

    Once your Turnover exceeds the threshold (presently £79,000) you have to compulsory register for VAT whether you are a sole trader, partnership of company.


    You will need to charge VAT on your products and services. The 20% would  be added to your cost.


    Can this be avoided?


    Yes indeed.


    Other Crazy Observations


    I still observed that some tax payers were not taking advantage of the personal allowances of ‘Other’ members of your family.


    So the cost of the salary or wage you pay to your partner, children or family member can be deducted from your profits.


    So my daughter works for my company and I pay her £9,440 a year. (her personal allowance), I can claim that in full. There is no tax payable by her.


    Supposing you have 2 children?




    I noticed this year that some businesses would be best to by running their businesses as a small company.


    Here’s an article which compares both sole-trader vs a limited company.




    Crazy or what?  Lock me up as I’m becoming a lunatic….!!



    Andrew James Crawford




    Have a Wonderful WEEK


    Love Always Rachel x


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