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  • IMG_5710It’s Friday which means FUNDAY

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    We get so wrapped up in our timetables & schedules
    our diets & workouts, squeeze into the mix
    our daily mediation & self love…….

    Squash on top of all that, work & classes & clients &
    errands & families & relationships & friends

    &&&&&&   blah blah blah blah…..

    Do you ever feel chained to the daily/weekly grind?

    Breaking out doesn’t seem an option, at times.

    So we plod on…plod..that’s what we do..plod on


    Really, what’s the point if we can’t allow ourselves to
    have some proper, kick ass, crazy, sexy, cool fun?

    It doesn’t have to mean a major weekend
    bender of food & booze which may feel amazing,
    decadent & wild at the time..
    but, often leaves you feeling negative, empty & soulless.

    Just a sprinkle of simple spontaneity, perhaps?

    Loosen up.  Shrug your shoulders, wriggle your toes,
    make a plan to do something RIDICULOUS

    Lets totally throw caution to the wind and
    rock out & do something outrageously  spontaneous.

    Leave your iphone at home (GULP….Could I …..??)

    Ambitious as we are, striving for greater things, becoming
    better people, thinking positive loving thoughts,
    eating clean, training, juicing

    If theres no balance then whats it all about?
    And what are you doing it all for?

    Think about that one for a minute.

    How are you getting on with your affirmations?
    Are you starting to really dig & dazzle at it?

    I know, it can be so tricky at times and
    you forget…

    Yesterday I had a “situation” to face &
    I REALLY Had to work on my miraculous mind set.

    When incidents  & situations come into your life,
    see them as assignments, you are being tested in
    how to see the positive side.

    What lessons can you learn from the situation?

    Not easy, team, but its all part of personal growth.

    Keep your energy high at all times this weekend.
    Maintain your positive flow, happiness & positivity.

    “I am committed to love & miracles”

    Is Friday Fundays affirmation.
    Live todays affirmation.

    I’m taking my own advice & and will be dressing up
    & lunching at a grand old stately place in deepest
    Nottinghamshire with one of my dearest friends.

    Seize the day & Have a wild one…in the healthiest sense!


    Rachel xxxxxx

    If you would like to get my positivity,training, happiness & business ideas
    emails like this one.
    Add your email address here

    You know i just LOVE to hear from you.
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