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  • Instructor Newsletter 24th July 2014


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    Have you been on

    a course or a convention
    or met someone that truly inspired you?

    You walked away feeling happy, positive
    & full of ways to change your world.

    Your creativity goes into overload
    & you feel ready to tackle anything.

    Then, 2 days later.

    It’s roasting hot, class numbers dwindle,
    social media is  driving you nuts
    & sitting at your desk feels like scratching
    finger nails down a chalk board…

    Welcome my friends…It’s convention come down
    after the amazing Fitpro Live event.

    Fitpro Live Round Up

    What was HOT!

    Firstly, I highly recommend you make the trip next year.

    EXCEL is easy to get to & because it’s July the weather is good and London in the summer is always such fun. The sessions (in my opinion) are very inspiring.

    It’s not a jump up freestyle extravaganza like IFS, more lecture & workshop based, so oodles of mental stimulation, new research, new thinking and quite unique applications to your fitness classes, PT & Bootcamps.

    PLUS, everything is so close so you’re not walking for miles between sessions and with lots of bars & restaurants very close by, it’s nice to unplug from the event from time to time & get back to reality.


    Katie Piper – Her talk was so  inspiring, emotional & uplifting. The whole room was really moved and affected by the events that have happened to her.

    She talked candidly about  overcoming not just the physical pain & scars but the mental trauma she has endured. Her spirit &  positive mental attitude has seen her though terrible dark days. It was an incredible talk, full of positivity, hope & achievement.

    Magnus Ringberg taught a beautiful Vinyasa Yoga class and I especially enjoyed Animal Flow by Mike Fitch; this is a really cool concept involving body weight training animal style, check

    Jenny Burrell rocked her 3rd age & Pre/Post Natal sessions, as did Katie Bulmer Cooke, Bobby Cappucchio was outstanding.

    Jayne and I launched the Hot Pilates & Hot Yoga Training courses & I got a huge amount of nutritional knowledge from Dr John Beradi – lots of things to implement into KSFL.

    All in all a brilliant conference, well worth it. I could easily attend an event like this every month I enjoyed it so much.


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    New Downloads On C2GO

    If you are spending a lot of additional time on creating new freestyle routines, check out my downloads. Sometimes just seeing a couple of new combinations  inspires your creativity and off you go.
    Here are my brand new top 3

    1:Summer Vibe Freestyle Step
    3: Summer Vibe HiLO

    I am using all of this chory in my classes right now & it’s storming. Click here to view


    The Rachel Holmes Podcast Show
    with Charlotte Ord

    This is a wicked interview with Charlotte who talks about opening your own studio.
    Loads of fantastic information here 🙂
    Click here to listen


    Are you Marketing your classes like it’s 1995 or 2005?

    Marketing and promoting your classes has changed unrecognizably over the last 10 years with  Social Media, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, so WHY  are so many Fitpros marketing classes and services like it’s 2005 or even 1995????

    We have to grab those modes, leverage them and run with them as fast as we can because the competition is getting hot out there, and I don’t mean from other classes and Instructors, but from some serious players.

    In 2005 there would be a group of community Instructors teaching similar classes to a loyal group of followers. There was a distinct  difference of consumer who joined a gym and those that came along once a week to a community class. Community classes were thriving.

    NOW look at the local landscape we all are competing with.  There is Herbalife, Body by V, Bootcamps, Independent gyms & studios,  Budget Gyms, CrossFit Boxes, Zumba, Fitsteps, KSFL and everything in between.

    There are some serious major players out there who are doing some serious marketing to similar markets as  community Instructors. In order to keep your community business thriving you HAVE to really embrace social media and have a strong strategy. You really can’t afford to just play around on Facebook any longer.

    It’s not enough to say “well my people aren’t on Facebook or Twitter”.  Well guess what, over a billion people are using social media every day and if you don’t get a plan together soon your prospective customers could be going to the local pub and buying into Body by V.

    The eyeballs are on social media and the internet. Newspaper & magazines sales are dropping every month. You have to deliver even more flyers than ever before to even get a 1% return. Less people are going into the local post office and looking at postcards. If you are running community classes you HAVE to shout above the noise on social media.  I predict the whole community fitness  landscape is changing hugely as we speak.  It may not even have hit your area as yet, but it is coming.

    Here’s a Marketing comparison in 2005 and a Marketing in 2013 comparison:

    2005                                                 2013
    Word of Mouth                                  All social media
    Flyers                                              Digital posters
    Taster Sessions                                 Filmed on Youtube, used on your website
    Going to see Local businesses           Making contact on Twitter & Linkedin
    Press Releases                                  Facebook notes  & BLOG regularly
    Magazines                                        Free Digital magazines

    Of course, flyers, posters and newspaper ads do have a place, but the reality  now is that social media is the place in 2014 to build up your followers and potential customers.

    My Fitness Business Academy kicked off 5 weeks ago & my students are growing their online businesses, which is so exciting.

    I will be opening up the Fitness Business Academy again in August, so if you are interested in getting my weekly business building newsletter, add your email here.


    The Good The Bad and The Definitely Ugly……But…School’s Out For The Summer….!!!!

    By Andrew Crawford

    Yippee………School’s out for the Summer…….. Out goes the school runs. Roads will be clearer (mornings & afternoons), travelling as a whole will be a much better experience.

    Yippno…….In comes higher rail tickets, higher plane tickets, higher holiday fares, Summer Schools and bored kids.


    Bored? We wasn’t bored in our days. We had hop scotch, penny up the wall, knock down ginger, the old railway, parks, rivers, cowboys & Indians, doctors & nurses ( my favourite….tee hee), cricket against the wall, swings , see saws and kiss chase…!! Mwah

    The Good

    Let’s skip this shall we??? The media is in a perpetual negative bad news state…they don’t want GOOD news… I’ll give you some…..You’re ALIVE….That’s a gift, that’s why they call it the present…!!

    The Bad

    The 2nd airplane going down…..innocent lives gone.!! Who to blame….Putin..!!!
    Why?? He disn’t know about it but still everyone wants to point a finger. Note this moment in history because if anything goes wrong make sure we all point a finger to the HEAD

    The Definitely Ugly

    I couldn’t escape that video on FB of those police officers killing that innocent man in broad daylight. Even with ‘video evidence’ no one is convicted of manslaughter……..this goes well beyond comprehension.

    Witnesses repeatedly told the police that he just broke up a fight. Did they listen? ………….No. Repeatedly shouting “I can’t breath” a few times. Did they listen…?? No..!!

    Then after realising that he lost his life lied to say that he was breathing…!!!

    It’s all on camera….but I bet £10,000 noone goes to jail..!! Definitely Ugly

    So Andrew……..

    What’s Good, Bad & Definitely Ugly got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    Well Brothers & Sisters, remember my story last week?

    The geezer who had a £34,500 tax bill……..well I got it to under 3 G’s….that’s 10 per cent of what they were originally searching for. I’ll keep you updated on that one.

    They ain’t  gonna like that… ball and ox…’s my job..!!

    So that’s good.  Oh……..3 G’s = £3,000

    The Bad was yet another case that I dealt with today. This time I met with something which I hadn’t dealt with before.

    Beware of Schedule 41 FA 2008

    This is where they have set out some new ways of  extracting money from you.

    This is a penalty which is calculated as a percentage of Potential Lost Revenue (PLR). There are 3 stages for them to decide what penalty to charge you.

    Remember this is where you have ‘failed to notify the HMRC about additional income within the statutory time limits.

    In calculating the amount of penalty the will take into account the ‘extent to which you have been helpful and provided information about your income or gains that were omitted, understated or paid late’.

    Stage 1 is where they have a Penalty Range. This will depend on your behaviour. The behaviour which led to the failure to notify. In addition to that, they have something called Disclosure.

    Remember I mentioned this some time ago??

    It is whether your disclosure was prompted or unprompted. In other words, did the HMRC find out that you should be submitting a tax return or not.

    Stage 2 is the reduction for quality disclosure. Just remember Telling, Helping, Giving. They will decide the percentage depending on your actions.

    Stage 3 is the penalty percentage. They work this out from the minimum
    And maximum penalty then multiply this by the total reduction at stage 2.

    Let me tell you something now….!! It all looks gentlemanly but in essence it is all weighted towards adding additional penalties to any late tax payment.

    You will recognise that this is also a way of loading any outstanding debt up to 100%.

    More on this at a later date.

    Please warn people about the above, they seem to be rolling this out (to the workers only) not to the closely protected elite.

    It was a pleasure to meet so many nice people last week at the FitPro Convention.
    Do good and good will follow you. Let’s get these kids through the next 6 weeks …..there should be no boredom setting in there’s too much to do..!!

    Have a great Thursday
    Love Rachel
    Tweet me @RachelHolmes

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