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  • 6th December 2012 Instructor Newsletter

    Only 3 weeks away from Christmas and we are still working hard on PR, marketing and making sure everything is ready for January.

    My own local KSFL group has only one more week to run and it’s been emotional. Many of the attendees have tried everything to lose weight. They literally signed up for KSFL in desperation, not really knowing what to expect or what the class would entail, but I’m happy to report our results have been jaw dropping. Confidence levels, energy levels have been soaring and people are feeling empowered with all the new information. KSFL attracts a very different clientele from my usual classes. People here need much more nurturing, caring and generally looking after. Many individuals have hit rock bottom confidence and body image wise and it’s been amazing to see the transformations week after week.

    The most inspiring thing about Group X is the contrasting levels of joy it brings for all the different people who attend our various classes. For example, on a Tuesday I teach 2 freestyle classes, an advanced step class followed by a hardcore TBC. The joy and exhilaration when the group gets the choreography and routine is addictive. I feel inspired to come up with new and exciting routines every week. In the evening I teach KSFL where I talk on nutrition, empowerment, confidence and motivation, followed by the KSFL workout which has little choreography but the sense of accomplishment and, of course, the body transformation here is a completely different high to the freestyle Step high. It’s all about helping our clients feel great and enjoy their chosen mode of health and fitness depending on their goals. Who WOULDN’T want a job like this.

    The end of a year is a great time to reflect on all the people we have helped, motivated and inspired along the way. It doesn’t matter if you have big groups or small numbers. Whether you teach in an old church hall, B & Q car park, or the coolest health club in town, the fact that your expertise and knowledge has helped someone improve their life really is priceless.

    In this week’s newsletter Sally Ghafoor is yet again bang on the money with a brilliantly insightful article about customer service. It’s a great time to stop and think if you are valuing your regulars enough. I’d love your feedback on this. As we all start to relax a little you may have noti ced the fun I have been having on my Facebook and Twitter over Katie Bulmer-Cookes admission to me that she her husband Simon, wear matching onesies – the most disgusting item of clothing ever invented – I hasten to add. Over 150 comments yesterday and I am now inundated with pictures of men wearing onesies, the banter has been hilarious.

    Tweet me @RachelHolmes

    19 day Create Your Online Fitness Business Jumpstart Course – This course has been one of my most successful online courses and if you would like to get access to all 19 videos and webinars, plus my notes in one package, then you can access it all in one go. Creating a clear plan with products and services online should be all fitness entrepreneurs aims for 2013 click here

    KSFL Christmas Club – If you would like to continue working out with me PLUS festive clean recipes and meal ideas watch out for the Christmas Club starting on Monday 17th December with daily workouts and motivation through to New Years Day.

    Make Sure you Snow Proof Your Business by Rachel

    If you remember, January 2010 was a nightmare month for community classes. The UK got heavy snow in December that stretched right into January. The new classes I had planned and spent big bucks on leaflets, printing and adverts all cancelled. I don’t think my car left the street for about 3 weeks. Nightmare in the first degree. Looking at todays forecast we might be in for more of the same, so make sure you are totally prepared…just in case

    If we are in for another bad winter maybe now is the time to really have a think about putting Plan B into action Make sure you are prepared and organised.

    1. You MUST get every client’s email and phone number. If your database isn’t up to date and you have to cancel last minute, trying to get hold of everybody is a nightmare job. Phone numbers are key so you can text everyone quickly and 97% of people will open a text message.

    2. Let everyone know in advance your policy. If the weather is bad, then make a decision early on. Don’t leave it till the last hour. Make a decision by lunch time and contact everyone.

    3. Put on your website something like: If it snows please check the website/Facebook before travelling to class. I reserve the right to cancel classes and sessions if the weather is bad. This is an important policy, so make sure your clients can find it easily.

    4.Talk to your venues and confirm room cancellation fees. Double check if you have to cancel last minute whether you will you be charged or not. Ensure you confirm this right away so you know exactly where you stand. This will also help you make a decision whether to run a class or not.

    5.Get your secondary income in place – If it does snow can you do phone coaching/ Weight Loss plan via email/Workout videos you can email to clients or put on your website….Brainstorm ways to keep a connection with clients and class members.

    Secondary Income

    The weather WILL seriously effect your bottom line, so give this some thought and make a plan now and if we get off without snow then you can still sell all of your newly created products using social media and your own website

    Can you sell your services online / distance

    1. Offer an online fitness course or email/phone coaching to existing clients.

    2. Film workout videos or audio workouts to sell to clients or to put up on your website.

    3.Write an ebook/recipe book / home workout book to sell to you clients via your database, website and Facebook.
    Brainstorm other ways you can add additional products and services to your business.

    Let’s stop crossing our fingers, praying and doing the snow dance and get plans into action now.

    Jayne Nicholls 2013 Predictions Q and A

    1. What do you predict will be big for group x in 2013

    I think that fitness training will take a step forward in 2013 with some really hardcore and result driven classes emerging in every mode from H.I.I.T to pilates. We have been through some serious typecasting when it comes to group classes as we emerge from a huge trend of pre choreography. Instructors have been led to believe that they have to teach in a certain way, with specific methods of pay, even being forced outdoors to conform to the type of class. This will all change as a new wave of confidence allows individual input shaping how classes are put together and taught.

    2. What skills do you think group x instructors should work on
    Tolerance of their peers, open minded practice and a realistic approach to what they do and what it affords them long term. Teaching skills are one thing but business skills and communication skills are just as important.

    3. What new business ideas do you predict for 2013
    I think that network marketing will be MASSIVE in 2013 which will really interfere with peer groups and small businesses when instructors take on the help and resources of established global brands.

    4.What changes are you making personally in your business.
    I am broadening my target market. I am broadening my horizons and most importantly I am traveling to the level of the people who do not come to me for their qualifications, events and long term success at present.

    5.What are you excited about for Fitness 2013
    much bigger business, much more opportunity and many more possibilities.

    It’s all about the challenge in 2013. Make no mistake this does not mean that it is all about winning, no not at all, but after years of PC and pussy footing around in case we offend clients by giving them direct or negative feedback, we are now emerging powerfully which allows us to get on and do our job.

    How fit you are is always going to be comparable with the people who you work out with. Groups are a fantastic place to introduce challenges and competitions, as long as we mix this up with team tactics of helping, cheering on and group encouragement it creates a fantastic environment and a further inspiration for people to come back next week.

    Here are the things we want to hear from my clients moving into next year:

    ”Next week I will…….”
    ”I didn’t know I could do that”
    ”I want to break that record”
    ”I want to beat my time”

    Everyone enjoys getting better and receiving praise and this environment is perfect for cultivating PB’s. Challenges are a natural evolution of high intensity classes. The skills and benefits from a constant up-increase helps to set the content apart from your other modes of exercise. Challenge one day and aerobics the next, a week of variety and more incentive for people to cross train. On the challenge tour next year we are also introducing a cash prize for the winners of a set phase challenge over either 28 days or 12 weeks. What a great new theme for Group X.

    Bring it on.

    You can book your place on the Cross Training Challenge 2013 with Jay Banks by visiting events

    Jayne Nicholls
    Group X Training Ltd

    How a little trick in January can get you free publicity for the rest of the year by Yvonne Radley

    Everyone goes health crazy in January as we all know and by February they are all buying chocolates for Valentines so you need to hit this now!

    Get in touch with your local paper or radio station and invite (you have to be careful it’s not seen as a bribe) a member of the newsroom to come and train with you and your members for the whole of January so they can chart their progress and write a feature piece on the experience. Organize it now, don’t wait or you will be too late.

    To be honest you probably stand more chance with the papers.
    Their readers/listeners will love it because they will be doing exactly the same in their lives and people like it when we think we are all suffering together. We can all talk about aching in places we never knew we had, walk like John Wayne for a week because we haven’t done lunges like that for years or hover over the toilet because our quads are burnt out and it even hurts to sit.

    The journalist will love you because they are poorly paid and can’t afford personal training and of course with your brilliant workouts and nutritional advice you will have a major change on their body.

    By the end of January they’ll have lost about a stone and have great before and after pictures to put in the paper or online, they will have lost loads of inches and they’ll be into fitness like never before.

    This is when you offer them VIP membership, it’s NOT a bribe. You are just looking after them and you might mention the odd event you are doing in the coming months.

    For example, your Valentine Special in February would make a great piece in the paper and some great pictures, or how about a story about one of your mums in March to highlight mother’s day. You see where I’m going with this?

    Every month there should be something in your diary and you can just mention it to your VIP client who happens to work on the local radio or at your local paper.

    Now they won’t be able to do all of them but there’s a great chance you will get a lot more in the paper and on air in 2013 if you do this.

    Plus, whenever there is a health story hitting the headlines, which local health expert do you think they’ll call first? Damn right, the guy who gives them free sessions.
    Tweet @Yvonneradley

    The Customer is Always right.. or are they? by Sally Ghafoor

    The customer is always right, always, even when they are wrong. As a business owner, I know in my head how I need to treat my customers. Even when I don’t want to and I really want to tell them they are cheeky, have no loyalty and are selfish to the small business owner, I take a deep breath and smile and do what’s right for my business… is this the best thing to do?

    Yes, it really is. Last week I went to Center Parcs. I booked straight from my last stint there so qualified for their “£25 Center Parcs vouchers” to use on my holiday there. When I arrived at Center Parcs, I enquired at the Customer Service desk, where were my vouchers?? The lady on reception told me they would have been sent out to me. I had no recollection of receiving said vouchers and said so and asked for replacement ones and was met with a no from the brick wall receptionist. It was a battle of wills. As a business owner I knew what I would do if this was being said to me. I would have replaced the vouchers. So the more she said no to me the more I dug my heels in. She accused me of lying and trying to gain an extra £25 of vouchers, she suggested I get someone to “go to my house and look through my paperwork and post them to me” What planet was she on?? My family were with me at Center Parcs, so she suggested I get a neighbour in to go through my paper work…. I am not in the habit of leaving my keys with my neighbours in case of such emergencies!!!

    Was I right? I didn’t know, I can’t remember getting these vouchers and in my head I booked straight from my last holiday to get my vouchers, so I wanted my vouchers. I asked a for the manager. Well, you would have thought I wanted to meet David Beckham (yes I actually would like that). The manager wouldn’t even come out, just sent brick wall back out to phone up the people who send out the vouchers to check mine got sent out. I wanted to scream, I had been there 30 minutes by this point. My issue wasn’t whether they had been sent to me, I did not have them, couldn’t recall getting them and just wanted them replaced. I said “you know what, don’t worry, I will use Social Media to air my views on this and the way you have treated me and I will not be coming back here” And I meant it. Years of happy holidays had been marred over a measly £25.

    When I uttered the words social media, within 30 seconds the manager came out and presented me with an apology and £25 worth of vouchers.

    Was I right? – yes, the customer is always right. Businesses that do well are the ones that go out of their way to reward their customers’ loyalty. I have been a loyal Center Parcs customer for ten years, but they argued over £25 with me.

    Think of the hardcore fitness bunny, who always comes to your classes non stop for months maybe years on end, then suddenly stops. You cant work out why they have stopped. Well maybe, just maybe, they love your classes but feel like they are just another number. Months and years of loyalty from them, yet they are treated the same as someone new to the classes. Would it really hurt your business to reward your loyal following with a free class every now and then as a surprise for them always coming to your class? This week in my classes my loyal followers will be getting a free surprise class token for sticking with my classes even when money is tight. Why not thank your loyal followers too! Just think, this article could have been written about how good Center Parcs’ customer service is. Instead over 40,000 of you are reading about how they got it very wrong! Don’t let that happen to your business!

    Tweet @Sallyghafoor

    Vikki Scovell

    You may be disappointed to discover that I haven’t been in any public brawls this week, nor have I been in trouble with the Police. In fact everything is going rather swimmingly, everyone I have met has been perfectly pleasant, and life is good.

    Actually, life is utterly brilliant, and just about to get better, because it is my FAVORITE time of the year. Christmas started for us last weekend with the school Christingle; a procession of tiny excited faces, walking through the church with their candles to stand at the front and sing: their faces lit up like a choir of angels (ok so it takes some SERIOUS staging, glittering candlelight and a heart full of Christmas excitement and joy to make me suspend my disbelief and believe my youngest to be an angel, but once a year IT WORKS). It is always lovely, and twice the weather has put on a show, sprinkling snow on us as we walk out of the candle-lit church into the frosty night.

    This morning there was the first scattering of snow on the mountains, making them look much closer, as if they have pulled their long skirts to their knees, and marched across the starry landscape, to sit back down much closer to the house. I am fairly bonkers about snow, frosty weather, black twinkly star-studded nights, and everything to do with Christmas.
    Well when I say EVERYTHING, I am a bit of a Christmas snob, and my house will not be sporting an LED Snowman on the roof, flashing away with an intensity that needs a warning-sign and disclaimer for more sensitive types. I am potty about sparkly things hanging from the tree, crystal catching candlelight, and all that twinkles and glimmers.

    I love all of the tradition that we have created in our family: gathering holly and ivy, stirring puddings and decorating the tree together whilst singing ‘Santa Baby.’ There will be no next-generation Wii underneath our tree however: my kids bleed me dry financially throughout the year, and extravagant over-spending on already indulged children, leaves me cold. I try to fill their lives with the magic of the season: the excitement of putting on hats and scarves for freezing-cold dog walks which end at a cosy pub fireside, the daily sharing of the tiny pictures behind the advent calendar doors, stamping through icy puddles, and drinking hot chocolate from enamel cups. I have explained that Father Christmas has been hit by the economic downturn, and is going retro-chique with walnuts and oranges in the bottom of old socks.

    Youngest: but Mum, Father Christmas MAKES all the toys, and has an army of elves so he should be able to bring ANYTHING. Me: I thought you said you didn’t believe in FC?
    Youngest: I’m perfectly prepared to believe in him if I get lots of Lego, Elves CAN make Lego can’t they? Eldest: What the Hell? (Glowers from beneath heavy eye make-up). I would always rather do things myself, and even if I won Euro-Squillions, I would still go out and collect greenery for the house. I have my eye on a holly tree which is dripping in bright red berries, and also on clusters of Mistletoe adorning the boughs of local trees. Each time I drive past, I calculate how close to the hedge I will have to park, if I will be able to reach if I stand on the roof of the Landy, and if I can actually climb onto the frosty roof without causing serious injury to myself. It is probably a whole prickly, slippery, ouchy sort of disaster-scenario in the making, with a face-full of mud thrown in for good measure, and possibly another warning for trespassing and/or violence to trees: I’ll keep you posted. I have a terrible seasonal affliction, which is an addiction to Quality Street: I love those foil wrappers almost as much as I love what nestles within them. If I pass those industrial purple drums in the Supermarket, I embarrass the children by calmly filling my trolley with 30 of them as a joke. Gone are the days when they would have to sit on the floor of the supermarket laughing at me ‘ooh Mummy, you are so funny….’ Now it is much more ‘WTF? Like why is it, you like have to be like SO EMBARASSING and BTW it isn’t funny anymore.’ However, this is a Christmas family tradition, and even though the kids are now too big and socially sensitive to appreciate it, it still makes me laugh, so I WILL NOT STOP. (I do put the tins back BTW).

    I guess I have meandered my way towards the point where I have to say something useful to you (not sure if you ACTUALLY expect that from me), and what I will say, is that Christmas on the one hand is a festival of wastefulness, over-indulgence, terrible financial pressure for many, and smashed expectations and dreams for others. On the other hand it is just pure twinkly fun: we all work bloody hard for every penny in this business and many of you work too hard, so make sure you just have some fun at this time of the year, lighten up your classes, stay happy and keep a twinkle in your eye for everyone.

    Vikki Scovell @fitbite

    Autumn Showers….But There’s Snow On The Way!!
    By Andrew Crawford

    Some of you were visited by the Snow Queen yesterday but here in Sunny Nottingham, we were bathed in warm sun, pants rolled up to the knees, vests on showing off our tattoos and tathrees and licking on ice creams……(joke…!!)…if I was a brass monkey, those round spherical objects would’ve broken off by now…it’s f f freezeeing…!!

    I bet you the Councils are not prepared…!!

    It’s not a surprise guys, the snow comes almost EVERY year. You’ve had a year to prepare, one year to stock up on salt, one year to counteract the different types of snow this country will ever get… Sort it mofos…!!

    When taking my daughter to school yesterday morning, my car hit ‘Black Ice’….Black ice??…wtf…it’s transparent !!! There’s snow on the way.

    Just a Couple of Observations

    Franki Dettorri got a six month ban from ‘failing’ a drugs test….any other sports men or women would have got a life ban…what’s different in this case?

    Perhaps it’s because he rides gee gees….meant to be a Gentleman’s sport?

    Our great British born sprinter Dwain Chambers tested positive for drugs was humiliated and called a ‘cheat’ and banned for years… the same time Canadian born British tennis player Greg Reusedski tested positive for drugs but……………was cleared….ummmm….it’s all down to the Defence Lawyers baby..!!

    Secondly, if you were caught in possession of a firearm and bullets, would you be let off a jail sentence?
    The Defence: You had ‘forgotton’ you had it…!!! Things that make you go umm..!!
    I’m sure if Police had caught me with a gun and live ammunition I would have been shot and killed..on the streets if necessary. Branded a terrorist, Leader of the Black Panthers, Organiser of an Underground gang, Linked to a life of drugs, Crime and a bit of sex, (easy), Suspected murderer, Seasoned Rapist, Philanthropist, Father of three, Brother, Uncle, Good Samaritan, Community Leader, KSFL lover, All round do gooder for the Community…..(you get the picture?) tee hee..!!

    By The Way….This Is A Warning…!!!

    Watch out for this call from ‘The Money Club’ where they advise that for only £1 they can help you make savings on purchases.
    For the initial set up you will need to *****HORNS & WHISTLES*** Give them your bank details….!!!! Wtf…!!
    …….after a few days they will deduct £98 from your account without telling you…!!! No paperwork was signed for authority to take out the further funds.
    They phone you from various numbers. I have had a few myself on my mobile. Just put the phone down on them and NEVER ever give your bank details to ANYONE over the situations like this, tell them to ‘Sling Their Hook’ or other words to that effect.
    So Andrew

    What has the Autumn Shows, drugs and the thieving Bar Stewards called The Money Club got to do with Accountancy and Tax?
    Well, last night the Autumn budget was announced, here is a summary of how may it affect you.
    Personal Tax
    The personal allowance for 2013/14
    For those aged under 65 the personal allowance will be increased from £8,105 to £9,440. Ultimately the allowance will rise to £10,000.
    The reduction in the personal allowance for those with ‘adjusted net income’ over £100,000 will continue. The reduction is £1 for every £2 of income above £100,000. So, for this year, there is no allowance when net adjusted income exceeds £116,210. Next year the allowance ceases when net adjusted income exceeds £118,880.
    Tax band and rates 2013/14
    The basic rate of tax is currently 20%. The band of income taxable at this rate is being reduced from £34,370 to £32,010 so that the threshold at which the 40% band applies will fall from £42,475 to £41,450.
    The 50% band currently applies where taxable income exceeds £150,000 but the rate will fall to 45% next year.
    Dividend income is taxed at 10% where it falls within the basic rate band and 32.5% where liable at the higher rate of tax. Where income exceeds £150,000, dividends are taxed at 42.5% this year and 37.5% next year.
    Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)
    From April 2013 the overall ISA savings limit will be uprated to £11,520.
    Further anti avoidance measures
    As announced earlier this month, the Government is investing a further £77 million in HMRC to increase revenues raised from tackling tax avoidance and evasion. This investment is expected to secure additional revenues of £22 billion a year by the end of this Parliament. This investment will allow HMRC to go further in tackling avoidance and evasion.
    Child Benefit
    A new tax charge is being introduced from 7 January 2013. It will apply to a taxpayer who has ‘adjusted net income’ in excess of £50,000, where either they or their partner is in receipt of Child Benefit. The effect of the charge is to claw back some or all of the Child Benefit paid. Where both partners have income in excess of £50,000 the charge will apply to the partner with the higher income.

    Business Tax
    Corporation tax rates
    The main rate of corporation tax is 24% from 1 April 2012 and 23% from 1 April 2013. The Chancellor has announced that the rate from 1 April 2014, which was planned to be 22%, will be reduced by an additional 1% to 21%.
    The small company rate will remain at 20%.
    Annual Investment Allowance (AIA)
    The AIA provides a 100% deduction for the cost of plant and machinery purchased by a business up to an annual limit which is currently £25,000 (with effect from April 2012). The Chancellor announced that this limit will rise to £250,000 for a period of two years from 1 January 2013.
    Capital allowances and cars
    A 100% first year allowance (FYA) is available on new low emission cars purchased by a business. The current rule is that a 100% FYA is generally available where a car’s emissions do not exceed 110gm/km. The availability of a 100% FYA is to continue for a further two years for purchases from 1 April 2013 but only where emissions do not exceed 95gm/km.
    Cars with emissions between 111-160gm/km inclusive currently qualify for main rate WDA (18%). The threshold is to be revised down to 130gm/km for additions from 6 April 2013 for income tax (1 April 2013 for companies).

    Investors will also see some benefit, with the annual exempt amount for capital gains tax rising by 1% to £11,100.
    The inheritance tax nil-rate band will rise from £325,000 to £329,000 in 2015-16.
    Benefits such as Jobseeker’s Allowance, employment and support allowance, and income support, as well as maternity, paternity and adoption pay, will rise by 1% for the next three years.
    That will mean the weekly £71 jobseekers’ allowance is likely to rise by 71p a week, rather than £1.56 next year.

    Myself and Rachel Holmes put on a workshop entitled ‘Total Fitness Business Blueprint System’. It was Bad. Bad meaning Good….Wicked in fact..!!

    Rachel broke down and dissected the 25 years history and elements of her successful business Choreography To Go Brand. Those who attended, I personally thank you very much for supporting us. They will have taken away a proven, workable, implementable plan for their own businesses which will replicate Rachels’ ….I will be watching you…!! (Claire Mockridge comes to mind..pressure…ha ha ha)

    Be careful with the snow and ice and take it easy on the start of the Xmas parties. All you guys in Nottingham….There’s snow on the way.

    Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday

    Love Rachel xx

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