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  • When are you Going To Fit In Your Tiara Time?


    At Jenny Burrells Women On Fire Event
    Jenny did a talk on the importance
    of Tiara Time.

    “What on earth is Tiara Time?”
    I thought……

    Well, its YOU time.

    Scheduling in stuff/activities/hobbies

    Bits & bobs that you always
    wanted to do…….

    Bits & Bobs that you never find
    the time……

    The stuff that gives your
    body, mind & soul a break from
    the grind, being busy
    looking after others,
    working, social media,
    learning…etc etc

    blah blah blah

    What IS the point if you cant fit in
    some Tiara time?


    Jenny asked the group
    what Tiara Time activities
    we “dreamed about”
    bringing back into our world & weekly schedule.

    Sewing, Reading, Gardening,
    Knitting, Meditating, Taking a class,

    All were shouted out.

    All doable.

    All actionable.

    Just simple stuff that
    makes us happy.

    Not climbing Everest.
    Or hiking up the Amazon

    Just simple Tiara Time.

    This week lets try and get some
    Tiara Time into your schedule.

    Lets have a break from being
    so bloody busy & telling everyone
    how busy we are. Its boring.

    Whats your dream “Tiara Time”?

    Make it a reality and tweet me
    I’d love to know.


    Have a wicked day

    BIG LOVE Always


    I was on flight to Turkey on Saturday
    reading the Sheryl Sandburgh book
    Lean In
    & even Cheryl the COO of Facebook.

    Who is an incredibly powerful, productive
    & super busy women
    talks about the importance of
    Tiara Time.


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