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  • The Power of Affirmations


    -Today I choose to be happy-


    I’m a big fan of affirmations.

    It really works.

    What you think about
    your bring about.

    It really helps to train your mind with
    positivity, instead of letting your inner voice
    chatter away with negative self talk.

    While they can sometimes feel a little silly to say,
    I find they’re most effective when you write them on
    a Post-It Note and put it somewhere you’ll always see it.

    I have one on a  Post-It on my laptop
    & on the wall opposite me.

    Simply seeing these words fills you with a positive feeling,
    and the more you read them, the deeper your
    subconscious will drink them in.

    You can choose anything you want.

    Any words that make you feel positive & reminds you
    to stay on track.

    I love the Gabby Bernstein App called Spirit Junkie.

    So I scrolled through today to see some featured on there.
    “When I choose love everything works out”

    “My experiences change when I change my mind
    about my experiences”

    “Obstacles are detours in the right direction”
    “I am the master of my own destiny”
    “Happiness is my birthright”

    I know these can seem a bit “woo woo”
    sometimes, but they really keep you focussed & on track.

    Enjoy your daily affirmations
    & sunshineLove Rachel xxxx

    Tweet me @RachelHolmes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


    My affirmation is from Lesson 41 of May Cause Miracles


    “I am here to be truly helpful”


    By helping YOURSELF become the best version of you.

    You inspire others to do the same.


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