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  • Are you set for the next leg of 2016?

    As we are hitting the second quarter
    of the year are you all set
    for the next leg of 2016?

    Here is some help to get you ready to go!

    Blog round up
    We have had a furiously busy week on the blog
    this week and
    here are the highlights:

    Check out our Clean Eating  Pina Colada Bars- they are delicious!
    click here

    Read all about Heather Prings
    Fitness Business in Somerset click here

    Have you or a any of your clients got
    high cholesterol ? Click here

    Music Discount – If you purchase any Pure Energy
    Music use the code KSFL for a discount.

    Have you trained in FP with us?
    We have created an awesome FP community
    private Facebook page click here
    Join us.

    Have you started to create your
    Online Fitness Business Yet?

    1:Who is YOUR avatar?
    Who is your ideal customer – the person you really
    want to work with, hang out with and be with.

    2:Work out what your ideal customer needs – what is he/she looking for?

    3:Leverage your platforms – Using social media in a time efficient way. Understanding the individual platforms & how to get people off social media & onto your database.

    4:Create a FREMIUM that becomes your lead magnet.
    Attracting more people into your email list.

    5:Communicate with your list regularly via blog posts, videos, visuals and audios, giving useful and interesting content. YOU have SO much knowledge to share.

    6:Keep building your list daily.
    Once you have built a responsive list you can create
    products and services to sell & to market your LIVE classes and services to.

    Creating a OFB is not a short, fast sprint, it’s a steady marathon.

    Exactly the same as growing your live classes, you have to chip away building your client base and daily marketing, but YOU can do it. If you really want to change your lifestyle in the next year
    start taking those steps now and grow your email list.
    YOUR fitness email list is your biggest and most valuable business asset.

    How to create flyers that convert, even if you think flyers do not work by Sally Ghafoor.

    I am always surprised when people tell me flyering doesn’t work for them. The reason I am surprised is because I have always had huge success from flyering.

    If I am launching a new class and do not get 40 plus people to a new class from my flyers then I am disappointed.

    So I decided to dissect how I do my flyers, as I have been flyering for about 12 years. I can also reveal some surprising results from the type of flyers I have used.

    Before I even sit down to design my flyer, I get a piece of paper and I begin to write down the following.

    * All the class details, date, time, where, when, cost etc

    * Who am I aiming it at.

    This is where most of the work goes in, who is the target market – and I am never ever vague with it. I don’t just put women aged 30 -45. I delve in much deeper than that.

    These are the type of questions I ask myself:

    What are my customers pain points in relation to what I am offering?

    *They want to lose weight, none of their favourite clothes fit, the clothes they are wearing at the moment are baggy and they wear the same type of clothes constantly.

    *These clothes are getting snug, they do not want to buy the next size up.

    *They are lacking the incentive and motivation to exercise or do something about it.

    *Fed up of going clothes shopping, nothing fits, they stop trying on clothes in the shop, buy them try them on at home and put them to the back of the wardrobe thinking they will get into that at some point.

    *How are they feeling about themselves?

    *Tired, lethargic, fed up of feeling overweight, but can’t seem to find the motivation to get up and do something about it.

    *They are embarrassed and don’t want to be compared to fit people in classes. They resolve every day to be better with food and exercising but never do. Not feeling confident, every day feel like groundhog day.

    *What is stopping them from exercising?

    *The thought of working out in front of fitter slimmer people.

    *Worrying people will judge them for being overweight and unfit.

    *What if they look silly. What if they cannot keep up with the class.

    *What keeps them up at night?

    *Worrying about upcoming events where they have nothing to wear.

    *Worry about their health and being overweight.

    *How they look in their clothes.

    In an ideal world if they could make a wish what would it be. To be confident in their body and looks, to be able to try on clothes that fit and look good. To wear all their favourite clothes and rock them. To be fit enough to take part in activities they want to do. To just slide into their jeans.

    Now that is just a snippet of how I go deep into how they are feeling, from all of the above I have a great insight into what makes my client profile tick and can create a flyer accordingly.

    My pal Yvonne Radley knows how to blog and earn money from blogging and she’s done a
    video to help fitpros do the same.

    She first did her first Blogging Workshop in Paris last year and again several
    times in Nottingham this year.
    SO, she’s decided to turn it into an online course and has added it to her Media School instead.
    In this video she shows you HOW to be seen once you have written your blog.
    Plus how you can position yourself as an EXPERT in your field in less than 5 minutes.
    And when you are the expert you ATTRACT an audience without even having to try.
    You don’t have to create new blogs either she shows you how you can just repurpose old content or content you’ve written recently.
    She also shows you how you can connect easily with BIG influencers like Gary V, or big names in your industry.

    Watch video here

    Visit the site

    A Different Type Of Sweat
    by Jo De Rosa

    I live life a completely different way now.
    It’s not always been a life of ease and enjoyment.
    I’ve had years of struggle, tears, pain, frustration, remorse, guilt, shame and regret.
    The picture on the left is me high on drugs (ecstasy or cocaine or maybe both) around 2004. The photo resurfaced recently on Facebook because somebody liked it, and the comments came up from a number of years ago when it was first posted. This is what I had to say about it in 2008,
    ” awwwww just one of sooooo many top nights iv had at ***…..look at me having the time of my life! 😉 “
    Today I look at that photo and think,
    ” that poor girl needs to stop taking drugs, eat better, and start looking after herself :’( ”
    And no longer do I think that getting off my head on drugs constitutes a good night or ‘having the time of my life’.
    I do quite literally think differently now.
    And back then I didn’t think it was possible to think the way I do now.


    The picture on the right is of me yesterday post workout.
    When I train I listen to deep dark house music; the sort of music I would have been ‘having the time of my life’ to back in the day.
    I still totally love the music.

    Only NOW it pushes me harder in the gym rather than on the dance floor.

    During yesterdays session I had a flashback to my clubbing days; an image of Jo 15 or 20 years ago. And I suddenly remembered how lost and unhappy I was. Of course back then I had no reference point like I do now, so I had no idea just how good life could be so I settled for less than I knew deep down I was worth.

    Looking back I can now see that I was desperately unhappy in my job, relationship and financially, and health-wise I was eating crap, smoking 20 cigarettes a day, puffing, with class A’s every weekend.

    Weekends were my escape.

    I worked so hard all week, commuting into central London, that I felt that I ‘deserved’ the release that the drugs gave me. It was also the ONLY time that me and my then partner liked each other; the highs were so high and then we crashed back down to reality with such a painful bump; back to the fact that we simply did not really like each other at all.

    As my mind travelled back 20 years I was once again 24 year old Jo partying hard, and I was overwhelmed with sadness for her. For she was struggling to find herself, searching for meaning and happiness, she was not where she wanted to be in any area of her life. I cried yesterday as I remembered how lost I was in what seems like a previous life.
    Then I cried even harder as I snapped back into the present moment and where I am now. The realisation of just how far i’ve come almost too much to comprehend.
    Everything suddenly came into focus.

    All at once I saw how the changes in my life have been so gradual; imperceptible shifts occurring daily.

    How we plateau and then suddenly have a QUANTUM LEAP in consciousness.

    Now that I believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

    Now that I am living my dream life:

    Sober, happy, content, healthy, fit, calm, at peace, and living with passion.


    And the realisation that there is NOTHING that I would change was overwhelming.

    Having that sense of distance from the ‘old’ me; the old and limited way I lived my life, which is all that I knew back then.


    Natural, genuine, congruent, supportive, healthy = LOVE

    Natural, genuine, congruent, supportive, healthy = LOVE
    And this is what Quantum Sobriety is offering: the bridge between these two worlds. Becoming more of who you really are at soul level; I still love listening to house music only now I do it in a way that supports me rather than kills me.

    I do not deny any part of myself, because I am more of myself.
    There is no substance covering me up.

    It’s raw.



    And I can honestly say I LOVE MY LIFE.

    So if you want some of that, then QS is for you.

    Do get in touch or sign up today for instant access to the online programme.
    Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2016


    I hope you found that helpful, thanks for reading!

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