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  • Age – Instructor Newsletter 26th Jan 2017

    HOLA  and
    Happy Thursday.

    Are You An Over 55 Year Old Fitpro?

    I started C2GO in 2001….Jeez it’s a long time ago…

    we’ve all been through a lot!

    So much has changed in the Fitness Industry (apart from Health Club Pay – But let’s not go there today) 

    Do you remember when the people attending your Over 50’s classes seemed so much older?

    When I was 18, my 50+ class was made up of people shuffling in, sitting on chairs, shouting at me if the music was too loud…… so different to now.

    Due to technology we are all aging down. 

    60’s the new 40.

    50 the new 30. 

    So, I’d LOVE to know how many of my 55/60 + C2GO readers are teaching regularly and also using tech – i.e Social Media?


    I’ll give you a fantastic example. 

    I love to follow my Instructor friend Nesta Shepherd. 

    Nesta is Over 60, teaches packed Pilates classes and  she is all over Instagram, Instagram  Stories & Facebook.

    Her business is thriving as she is maximising her social media presence. I tag Nesta into my Insta posts about being a female entrepreneur building our fitness businesses she always responds and I LOVE to see what she is up to.

    It’s just awesome.

    She has a thriving following and her business goes

    from strength to strength.

    I mean, my mum and dad who are in their 70’s are on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and even Snapchat! 

    They love scrolling the news feed, connecting with friends from all over the world and spying on me and my brother! 

    They read EVERYTHING…. slowly. They look at all of the videos and images, not like younger people who scroll through the news feed so fast.

    Just think about that for a minute.

    They read EVERYTHING. They know whats going on locally.

    They know about classes and groups……….

    Consumer behaviour is changing so fast it’s unbelievable.

    I’d love to get your opinions and I’d also love to hear from the 55/60+ Fitpros.

    What are you teaching and how are you doing? 

    Are you maximising your potential on social media?

    Shoot me an email or tag me on Instagram or Facebook!

    My Shouty Brain by Caroline Newman

    Working with kids means that in general my working day is loud, energetic and action packed . So when it is bedtime I just want my shouty brain to be silenced.

    Recently I listened to Rachel’s recent podcast with Pat Divilly, to sound cliche , for me it was my light bulb moment  in fact I enjoyed it so much I purchased his book and have been TRYING to practice the suggested lifestyle routines since Christmas.

    I am really good at exercising before the day starts, eating healthy, sleeping and gratitude .

    My problem is my SHOUTY BRAIN, when Im trying to drop off to sleep !. I believe,that my brain thinks to its self ..ahaha great , I’ve got her all to myself and now I will download all of the ideas , suggestions and plans NOW. Does this sound like you ?

    This term I am working towards my 3 day Dance Festival event which will impact on over 1000 kids .

    Term 3 January to February is always a busy term, coupled with the general January busy classes and life in general.

    I have also decided to plan my 2017 by booking 2 holidays and purchasing a new truck. My new beloved truck allows me to cart around hula hoops and mini trampolines as well as enabling impromptu camping trips, so you can see how the cunning plan is working.

    In reality I have taken on board an extra £500.00 in outgoings a month. 

    Now normally there is no way I would of done this, I can sense that as some of you are reading this are are also thing WHAT !! , why do that ?.


    I really needed to get out of the comfort zone that I have made for myself and that has been nurtured over many years , this is something Pat discusses in the podcast with Rachel. I have hurtled through the first part of January planning  and prepping on several projects .  So heres some ideas for you to perhaps consider …do you need that reality check and take that step forward towards your  £500.00  extra a month outgoings and incomings.

     Look at every opportunity .

    As a keen camper I am looking at the increase of family friendly festivals . The Uk is now one of the leading countries for festivals  with an increase in smaller bespoke local festivals , wether they be food , music or literature themed. As someone who specialises with children fitness I am contacting festivals offering Hula , Dance and Fitness .

    Could you offer your expertise ? delivering  Pilates or  BrainFit .Perhaps you would feel more comfortable offering a session at a local community event, before contacting Glastonbury , it doesn’t matter just do it once to see if its your thing  

    Look at your  brand and offer it within every means .

    For me , my kids love a sticker ! , I have personalised DanceLady stickers . In adult world its clothing  , bobble hats ! , leggings  and  yearly planners  or calendars detailing recipes and workout tips . What does your client want to wear or use that has your brand all over it ?

    New and unexpected avenues of opportunity .

    Kids parties seem to be an unexpected area of growth for me .Something I’ve never really considered offering properly before . Parents, will with consideration  happily pay for experiences and entertainment for their children , especially if its rewarding and the parents  can feel safe in the knowledge that their kids are having a great time .  There is also ,I believe a tide of change within kids parties . Parents no longer want sugar hyped children running riot ! , many party bookings are now looking toward minimal sugar & sugar free catering 

    So this then becomes an ideal opportunity to offer a KSFL smorgasbord of catering .

    Theme it .

    Happy Australia Day !

    If you reading this on Thursday 26th January , my kids dance sessions will be looking at Aboriginal Dreamtime dances and also listening and rocking to some ACDC !!  What can you do to your sessions & classes to theme it ! . Clients and class attendees love it !

    The Wednesday night Dancefit class I was covering for  ( which has not turned into a regular booking due to popular demand ! ) have had 4 different weeks of themes week 1  Beyonce , week 2  Latino ,week 3 Disco and  week 4 Madonna . I believe the themed style has meant the class attendance has doubled . Consider events such as Valentines Day  Love themed dance fit or a Pelvic floor health workshop , Mothering Sunday  relaxation Pilate/Yoga session . Easter , share a KSFL chocolate recipe . Obviously this needs a little thinking ahead and planning BUT so does booking and paying for your 2017 holidays !!

    Know your worth.

    Now this is my weakness ! 

    I used to call my self a Dance teacher .

    I now refer to myself as a Children’s Physical Educator .

    Because like you   YOU/I don’t just turn up , put our music on and jump around for an hour .

    We practice , learn , perfect , research , insure and expand

    on our skills everyday.

    So I am not just an hourly rate or a  individual class fee.

    I hope this has give you some food for thought and perhaps ignited your SHOUTY BRAIN ! .

    Follow Caroline on all the socials.

    Caroline danceLady  

    Or connect with me on Facebook as Carolin Newman. Facebook says I am not allowed to be a DanceLady and I have to use my proper name ! ..but I am still a Dancelady at heart


    Ladies & Gentlemen…Boys & Girls…Babes & Sucklings including Fellow Accountants……Lend Me Your Eyes….!!

    By Andrew Crawford

    I am one tired mofo …….to all those fellow Accountants out there are you?

    Sleep pattern is out, diet is shot…..eyes are deep red from lack of sleep. My bottom is no longer perky round and plump but flat from all this sitting ..

    I couldn’t make it to the National Television Awards so my mathematician nemesis, Carol Voderman, has been adding some much needed attraction and take away some of the spotlight from all the other little numbers in attendance.…go figure..!!

    Since Christmas (seems far away now doesn’t it??) We have done a 26 days straight, staying up late, dealing with questions, queries, opening packages, signing for letters, emailing, faxing, totalling, multiplying,  black coffeeing, adding, subtracting, high fiving, hardly eating, stressing, sitting, meeting, no time to play with the crewing, greeting, no TV watching, bloating, red eyeing, bubble bathing and submitting the yearly Tax Returns.

    It’s a lonely place….!!  But only 5  days to go…….   !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    So Andrew…………..

    What has all this ‘Lending you our eyes’ got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    You know that if we did we would not be able to SEE….!!

    I was only trying to give you an  INSIGHT of things that have comes to light these few weeks… Lend me your eyes and cast them over the following..

    LOOK OUT for when there’s an issue as to whether something is allowable or disallowable. Where there is a dispute in your mind just take half. As  I mentioned in another article.

    Well, if you were to take 100% of this particular item, then the Inland Revenue will have the power to disallow ALL of the expenditure. By claiming only half you have demonstrated that you understand there would be an issue if you were to take the full amount and that there is a personal element to the item.

    WATCH what you are putting in your paperwork. Keep your records up to date. I have found some interesting magazines and photos which upset the karma of my environment…….in fact…in a very exciting way. Nuff said.

    Be EXTRA VIGILANT from all the strange wacky and utterly ridiculous emails being sent to you. I have been sent allsorts this week. Especially ones with attachments and zipped files. Use your middle finger and Delete.

    Oh…….have you seen that one where your friend is ‘Stranded’ in a foreign country, lost all their passport and wallet??

    LOOK FOR ways to legitimately reduce your exposure to tax. No….not by concealing crinkely cash notes in your sock or knicker draw but utilising all the available claims and elections used by many tax avoidance veterans. Also LOOK OUT for when the powers at be change the tax rules. Usually read through the Budget Statement.

    INSPECT your Tax Return before you ‘Push That Button’ as when it’s gone and it contains a mistake……certain fine…!!!

    Here is the link to pay HMRC online. You will need your UTR (Unique Tax Reference Number).

    If you are having problems paying your tax bill then call 0845 366 1204

    You don’t have to pay your Tax and Payment on Account all in one go. Ask to pay it over 6 months, they may try and make it shorter but insist.

    If you can, make a payment on the day to show ‘Good Faith’

    SCAN the HMRC website for relevant documents, commentary and examples. They are trying to be more ‘friendly’ with us civilians. 

    SEARCH the website available at  for relevant resources, information and useful tools. If something is not there that you particularly need, let me know so that I can update it.


    It’s Tax Return season. You have under 6 days in which to get your Return done online. Remember you also have to pay the tax by the 31st otherwise the HMRC will classify your return as late.

    If your tax affairs are straight forward and you do not wish to use an Accountant, perhaps you may welcome this service:

    I’ll leave you with one of my ‘Good Life Equation’ quote…..

    Divide your time

    Subtract negativity

    Multiply positivity

    Add determination

    Andrew James Crawford


    Follow me on INSTAGRAM Rachel L Holmes 






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