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  • Are You Over Teaching ?

    Are You Over Exercising Or Have You Been Over Teaching For Years ?

    This year I’m celebrating my 30th year in teaching fitness.

    It’s a long time 🙂 

    So back in the day I taught 20 + sometimes 30 + even 40 + classes a week.

    Hiring venues.

    Driving around doing back to back community classes.

    Working in clubs and centres.

    On the road at the weekend driving to workshops. 

    Teaching workshops.

    I can honestly touch wood and say I’ve never had an injury PLUS I’ve always done my own training most day as well.

    Now as  I’m 46  I realise how much of an impact  this can have on

    our “INSTRUCTOR” bodies.

    *Off the scale cortisol levels. 

    *Chronic daily stress that you don’t realise is chipping away at your 

    hormones and your internal body chemistry.

    *Tired and exhausted adrenals.

    *Chronic lack of sleep for decades at a time – Anyone that isn’t getting a regular

    8 hours a night REGULARLY is sleep deprived.

    * Hormones levels that are out of balance

    These “symptoms” don’t really start to show up for a long time

    as they slowly manifest. 

    They kind of creep up on you.

    As instructors we eat healthy, we invest in our education, we serves others

    and we LOVE our teaching and that is to be celebrated.


    Before you say YES to yet another CLASS.

    Before you cover another 5 classes this week.

    Before you agree to do that latest Hiit / Harcore TRAINING course .

    Before you take on another 2 PT clients.

    Have a THINK…….

    Is this going to push you into that ” chronically over exercising” category.

    Even if it’s a low intensity class. You will still need energy to teach it

    and cortisol will flood your body the minute you get up in front of your group.

    Just give it another thought.

    Remember no one has ever been a Fitness Instructor Veteran yet

    the industry really only started in the late 80’s so we are total pioneers.

    But I am seeing more of my  Fitpro friends and colleagues

    with fertility problems, early menopause issues, hormone problems

    the list goes on……… Is over exercising to blame?

    So my message today is, to look at your daily stress, work on your sleep 

    health and reconsider how many times a week you get up in front of a class.


    I know that in time your older self will thank you for it.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    This topic fascinates me and I will write more about it

    and continue to conduct  deeper research – let me know what you think.

    Big LOVE

    Rachel xxx

    Have you booked The Fitness Pilates For Orthopaedic Conditions

    Advanced Training day in London on 27th November.

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    I wrote a Blog post this week for Instructors that I got a lot of response 

    from about letting your mind “Future Tripping”. 

    When you mind keeps over thinking EVERYTHING, over analysing

    and constantly thinking about every possible outcome of a situation

    that hasn’t even happened yet and how that sets up a chain of negative thinking.

    Here is the post if you missed it I’d love your thoughts CLICK HERE 

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