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  • Are you paralyzed by perfection – Inspiration from Rachel

    For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here

    It’s celebrate and reflect on FFFFFFFF.Fridays….

    GOSH I just LOVE FRIDAY So bad….

    Even though Insomnia struck me like the Northern Lights
    last nigh, from 2 till 330am…Im still buzzing cause its Friday

    Yesterday I got paralyzed with so many jobs, & projects
    & tasks & to do lists & blah blah blah

    It couldn’t work out which one to go at first.

    Panic set it & I ended up frustrated & mad
    for not choosing one and seeing it through.

    I kept getting distracted with emails/Whats app/Facebook
    phone calls/notifications/text messages/window cleaner

    You name it………total swimming in soup day.

    It was a classic case of Parkinsons Law

    Thats when the task you have expands to the amount
    of time you have available.

    If you have say 3 hours to write a blog or newsletter
    its takes you 3 hours – If you have 15minutes,
    you knock something up in 15.

    Does this ever happen to you?

    So, what did you get done this week?

    Did you release any new project or idea or class?


    are YOU still debating whether to get it out there or not…

    What are you waiting for

    The first step is to just release it, get it out there and

    STOP polishing things to a high GLEAM

    Are you being paralyzed by getting caught up in the
    smallest details that you never actually release your
    product, class or idea.

    You know what.. its soo cool to release your idea even
    if its not perfect.

    You can get feedback and polish it up as you go along.

    The BIGGEST, KNARLEYIST hurdle is to get it out there
    thats the hardest step.

    Do it today
    Make a stand
    Tell the world on social media
    Make a commitment
    Make a public pledge or promise
    Release your idea into the world

    The time is RIGHT NOW

    And as the universe works in the best ways.
    Gaby B’s affirmation is PURFECTO & will definitely
    resonate with a ton of us.

    “The minute I Stop caring about what others think
    is the minute I start being myself”

    How flipping apt & rock n roll is that???

    Input it into your phone, Say it LOUD with a smile
    and rock it out all day on Fabulous Friday.

    THANK YOU for all the emails, Tweets, & Messages
    from you about these emails.

    I cannot tell you how much
    I LOVE writing & the gratitude I feel when I hear
    from you is immense.

    Im so happy you are enjoying them.

    Please keep your messages coming & feel free to share
    this email, repost & retweet

    I LOVE and I REALLY mean LOVE to hear from you

    Sending so much love from me to you!

    RACH xxx
    Tweet me @RachelHolmes

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