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  • Are You Ready To Ignite Your Fitness Teaching?



    Are you ready to rekindle your fitness teaching
    & business passion?Are YOU ready to get creative this September?

    It’s certainly time to re-ignite into action
    & get back to fulfilling your dreams,
    projects & plans.

    Feel that inextinguishable fire that burns
    with enthusiasm, inspiration & optimism.

    Grab your iphone or your ideas
    notebook & kick of with writing your
    TOP 10 Goals & Ideas for Autumn.

    DREAM BIG & create some seriously
    LARGE plans.

    I’ve got this exciting feeling about

    Have you?Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle & Wellness
    are just BLOWING up everywhere.

    There is a niche for all.

    So many ideas.
    So many options.
    So many avenues to sashay down.
    Whatever your area of expertise.Doing the things YOU love.

    Serving the customers & clients YOU
    want to work with.

    So, Today.

    Get really clear & focussed.

    Empower yourself by making a plan.

    Craft that to do list & make dreams a reality.

    I KNOW you can do its so let’s get busy.

    If you have dropped your affirmations
    & daily meditations by the way side
    this summer..shall we crack on again today?

    “Today I Create My Future”

    Every thought.

    Every action.
    Every list.
    Every plan.
    Every goal.

    Is creating your future……

    Let’s GO.
    It’s such an exciting time right nowWhat do you want to create?

    Tweet me @RachelHolmesLove Rachel xx


    Do you want help & coaching on Business, Social Media,
    Marketing, PR & Digital media for your fitness projects?

    Do you want to join my Fitness Business

    Coaching & Mentoring Course.
    The Fitness Business Academy?

    Click here for today’s special deal


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