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  • How are your fitness business plans going?

    Is your online business starting to take shape?


    The great news is it’s getting easier than ever to promote
    & market your services, products & programmes.


    And I don’t mean by going back to pushing flyers
    through letter boxes.


    Remember trudging the streets?


    Getting your hands stuck & nails ripped
    off, pushing class cards & flyers
    through doors.


    I just to DETEST flyering.


    Deciding which streets & estates
    my potential customer
    “may possibly”live on.


    Did it work?


    Sometimes & sometimes not.
    Random & unpredictable.


    But, now we have the gift that is

    Social Media.




    We LOVE social media.

    Add your email to my Fitness Business Academy Newsletter


    But YOU have to know how to use it
    correctly….it’s changing & evolving all the time.


    Just banging status updates on Facebook
    is now about as old skool as pushing flyers
    through the doors.

    It works sometimes & sometimes not.
    Random & unpredictable.
    Hit & Miss.

    Plus Facebook is BUSY, LOUD & NOISY
    so much NOISE.


    So here is my BIG TIP of the DAY

    If you avatar is women….busy women….
    searching for solutions…researching ideas…
    wanting the latest quick fitness information for her particular age group

    You need to be getting your eyes over to Instagram

    The fastest growing user on Instagram is female
    30 – 49 years old.

    Is she YOUR customer?

    67% of Instagram users are female

    There are 150 MILLION Active users on Instagram.

    Instagram is FAR easier and FAR less time consuming
    than Facebook.


    Eyeballs that could be looking
    at YOUR online products & services.


    You can post in seconds from your phone
    great content that will bring customers
    to your door.


    If YOU Are not on Instagram & YOU are serious about
    creating an online Fitness Business.


    Join today!


    Follow me & I’ll follow you back
    & start to get a feel for the platform.

    I have 2 IG accounts

    Kick Start Fat Loss

    There is SOME serious potential
    over on Instagram.


    Have a wicked Wednesday.

    Love Rachel



    I go into MASSIVE details about Instagram & every social
    media platform in my Fitness Business Academy Coaching & Mentoring

    I am currently working hard with my first intake on students
    & we are getting AMAZING results.

    I will be opening up the doors for intake 2 very soon.
    If you would interested in getting on the priority list
    when it does open up again Click here

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