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  • Are YOU Wasting TIME…….


    No matter how rich, successful, uber cool,

    positive thinker

    fit, strong, healthy, lean & all round

    amazing person you are……



    You cannot buy time.

    You cannot get time back.

    You cannot control time.

    Its the one thing we ALL Talk about constantly.

    “ Theres never enough time to do things properly……”

    “ I haven’t got time to learn………..”

    “ Im too busy doing…………”

    We use these lines all of the time.

    and stay STUCK in mediocrity.


    Are YOU Being Busy Being Busy?

    When you are younger you think you have unlimited amounts of time,

    and we waste it.


    I could literally kick myself for the time wasted

    on meaningless, unimportant drivel.

    But, as we get older, we realise we have to

    be efficient at managing time.


    It’s all going sooooooo fast and we all have

    sooooo much more to do & achieve.




    Take a long cold look at what you are

    EXACTLY doing on a

    day to day.



    I bet there is some serious time wasting

    bullshit going on.



    I have found myself wandering of down

    time wasting highway

    again, these last few weeks.


    But something just jolted me back out of it,

    and I wanted to pass that on and inspire you to do the same.


    This really is the time to STOP and REFOCUS.



    You HAVE TO…. Or Your Dreams & Goals

    WILL pass you by.



    Perhaps, you have a serious personal goal that you haven’t realised as yet.



    Perhaps, its a business goal that you have

    had for years and you keep

    putting it of.



    You MUST RETRAIN yourself to get back in the productivity groove.



    Just like you train every day and eat clean.



    You MUST condition your self to sit at your desk

    and GET that job done.



    All these things take personal courage,

    its much easier to faff about

    on Facebook pretending to be busy or take

    on more classes, because thats easier

    than figuring out how to create a new

    website or film a new online programme.



    Be Clear with your time.


    Be Focussed with your time


    Be Productive with your time.


    Be Consistent with your time.


    Be Efficient with your time.



    Don’t waste one more minute and lets get these goals smashed this week.



    My affirmation for today is



    “Today,I have enough time to complete all of my goals”


    You REALLY DO have enough time to seize

    your goals and get it all done,

    just got to cut out the time wasting crap

    from your day.



    Much Love from Me to you and Id love to hear from you


    Rachel xx


    Tweet me @RachelHolmes




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