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  • The Art of Free Promotion for your Fitness Business & Classes.

    The best thing about teaching in the community right now is that there are so many FREE channels to get your message across. The only thing it will cost you is your time and a little bit of planning. Rewind 10 years, and to promote my own community classes I had to pay a crazy amount of money for adverts in the local paper, pay to go in the parish magazine, etc. etc. and then, because I couldn’t possibly afford to advertise week after week and one solitary advert would not bring enough new business to make it cost effective.

    These days I very rarely pay for print advertising.
    Unless I can get a really good deal that is competitive.

    But you know what really, really works in marketing and advertising is CONSISTENCY.

    It’s doing something over and over and over, not just having a big splurge every now and again and then nothing. You have to market consistently, because the tortoise will win the race not the hare.

    It’s that steady drip, drip, drip of status updates, weekly blogging, weekly videos and daily Facebook and Twitter.

    The common comment I hear from Fitpros is

    “I haven’t got time for all of that”.

    And I’m going out on a limb here, but maybe you are treating your community classes as a hobby and not a career or a business, and that’s fine, totally fine.

    But if your classes contribute to your mortgage, food, bills and your lifestyle, then getting bums on seats is imperative and working social media properly is ESSENTIAL.

    Blogging – Last week I talked about starting your own Blog and it was great to hear from you who have taken the plunge and started writing. Blogging is a drip, drip, drip form of indirect marketing; it gets people to know who you are, your ideas, your beliefs and your services. People buy from people and if they like your blog and it becomes a regular part of their internet reading they are more likely to come to you.

    Vlogging and Facebook LIVE – if writing is too long winded for you then get yourself in front of our iphone and start a VLOG this is so EASY and quick to do. Upload to Youtube or direct to Facebook. Make it funny, insightful, informative, solve your potential clients fitness problems but most of all do it CONSISTENTLY. That means every week at least. Your audience will start to look forward to seeing you and you will build a following.

    Facebook – if you are seriously working FB then you need a good 4 status updates a day. Make them funny, factual, questions, promotions, pictures, before & after’s, product; there; is a ton of fun stuff you can update your status update with but be YOU. Be social and let your personality shine though on Social Media.

    Twitter – Are you really getting Twitter? If not, why not. It’s free and it’s easier than Facebook, PLUS you can hook up easily with local businesses, prominent people in your area, potential customers and clients. Again it’s all about being consistent on Twitter with your message and your tweeting.

    You can automate everything using Hootsuite or Social OOMPH, which makes the whole process so simple, quick and easy. Just take some time and get to grips with all these FREE channels that can help you fill your classes and your Personal Training Services.
    Just be YOU and be consistent.
    Harness your personality on Social media and get involved, it’s so much better and more fun than paying for print advertising.

    Hope that gets you all motivated today 

    Love Rachel xxx

    SnapChat Rachel L Holmes


    Launching The BrainFit Workout™
    in Essex on 1st July 2016
    Plus The new Kick Start Discovery Days

    Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 07.55.52

    KSFL Transformation & Wellbeing Day
    With Rachel Holmes
    and Helen Barness

    Venue: Orsett Hall


    Are you Interested in
    Becoming A Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisee ?

    Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 08.03.36Rachel Holmes’
Kick Start Fat Loss ‘Discovery Event!’

    This is your invitation to apply to come and spend the afternoon with me in Essex on July 1st from 1pm till 4pm at Orsett Hall, Thurrock in Essex.

    Manchester on 8th July – Manchester Airport Hotel.

    I am holding special ‘Discovery Events’ for fitness professionals and entrepreneurs who want to discover more about becoming a Kick Start Fat Loss Franchise owner.

    These are small group events – limited to a maximum of 15 people at each, because I will be giving you personal attention and focusing on how my team and I can best help you.

    During the afternoon, I will be sharing the latest, cutting-edge marketing strategies we use at Kick Start Fat Loss to attract all the clients you need, without working any further hours.

    This is only for you if you have a serious interest in becoming part of the Kick Start Fat Loss family and joining our other successful franchise owners.
    Here’s what we’re going to cover:

    • How to launch a LIVE Kick Start Class and the steps up to launch night.
    • Running Kick Start classes and courses.
    • How the Online Kick Start Fat Loss programmes work and run
    • Latest nutrition updates.
    • Harnessing the power of social media and digital marketing to fill your Live classes and online programmes.
    • How the Kick Start 1 – 2 – 1 Online nutrition coaching operates.

    Yes, please reserve my free place!

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