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  • Does your business survive or thrive in the Summer Holidays?

    So for those of you that are parents,

    How are the summer holidays?

    When you are juggling combining being a mum, doing the normal upkeep of the house, along with entertaining the children can mean business taking a side track.
    Don’t beat yourself up about it.

    Here are some wise words and tips to THRIVE.

    Sally Gahfoor wrote this article for me a while and
    I saw it
    and thought


    I need to revist that one as it’s so relevant this week.

    It’s that crazy week when classes
    numbers are up and down, holidays are looming,
    kids are breaking up and its HOT today in the UK.

    Our clients want to get out
    in the sun and enjoy it.

    Here is Sallys BLOG – I hope it helps you relax and do a
    bit of planning.

    Now I know how people who are successful make sacrifices now to get to where they want to be to reap the rewards in the future, however what sacrifices are you as an individual willing to make?

    For me when it comes to my kids, I am not making sacrifices. I do not want to look back when my children are grown up and pine after those summer holidays when we could have been on days out enjoying ourselves when the reality was I was stuck to the computer and missing my kids growing up. Do you remember being a kid, the countdown to the holidays was epic, the last thing they expect to be doing is watching me blog!. This summer holidays have been one of the best in my memory of school holidays (and believe me there has been many) and it’s because I stopped feeling guilty about what I should be doing, after all this is MY business and MY life not anyone else’s.
    The past four weeks I can honestly say I have not achieved a lot in business, all the blogging I was doing everyday prior to the school holidays have been for no reason, as for four weeks no one has heard from me. I have slipped off the radar. However, this has taught me many things, one of them being I have to work smarter when the kids are at school so I can have time off when they are off for the holidays.
    Here is my plan from now on…

    1. I need to plan in the school holidays – When the school holidays are getting closer I shall ensure I have enough blogging material and webinars to just pop them on so I do not disappear for weeks on end.
    2. Always have great content saved for when things do not go according to plan – its not just about holidays, what about if the kids are ill? or if I am ill (yes that unfortunately does happen to us supermums even though we still try to plough on)
    3. Ensure all projects are completed prior to the holidays and none taken on during the holidays.
    So for the next school holidays we shall see if my plan becomes reality, as before we know it half term will be upon us and I am not going to find myself in the same situation. However this summer holidays will be one I look back on and smile about when my kids are all grown up. #memories
    So raise your glasses, here is to being a mum, juggling the kids, housework, hobbies, business, school holidays, as well as keeping our own identity as a person not just a mum and housewife.
    Here are some Tips from the KSFL Franchisees:

    Francesca Flin – Fran I’m embracing the quieter vibe – I know that Mum’s are too busy to be focused on themselves- I’m re packaging my on line summer survival 6 week on line – so they can dip in and out – around day trips and holidays but stay connected without it costing too much , that kinda thing?

    Michelle Jermy I m doing a summer survival deal whereby they can access 10 classes at anytime during the holidays, KSFL online & home workouts. First time ever trialing a kids over 10 years can come exercise on a Thursday morning with mum.

    For me personally I m pulling back to having Friday or Monday off to give me a long weekend to plan things with little man or some days out.

    Definitely advise to be clear with clients, some of my fitness friends only work term time (if only), as classes tend to go quieter so they shut up shop! Add something slightly different & build up to September new timetable new offers etc.

    Danni Evans Schedule!!! Prep newsletters in advance, plan out everything you want to run through to a September return. Sept is like the new January at our place…mums desperate to get their routine back. I’m personally running a 5 dayer online starting every Monday up until last one 22nd Aug. I’ll add everybody into one group alongside my full programme folks. Offer continuation rate to stay in group all summer. Then going quiet and will be hitting all promo big time for September 5th kick off! I’ll be having fun with the kids & mostly training for a couple of big competitions at the start of September too so I shall be a gym bunny!!!

    Hope that helps all our Choreographytogo Mums

    Love Rachel xxxx


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