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  • C2GO Instructor Newsletter 9th March

    Welcome to the C2GO
    Newsletter on the 9th March 2017

    What Are You Teaching, Where Are You Teaching
    And What Is Your Pay?
    Every year I LOVE to find out what you are all
    teaching, where and the rate of pay.

    Are you teaching Freestyle, LMI, Bootcamps, Seniors, a mix or are you specialising in Yoga and Pilates?

    Are you supplementing your teaching with PT or something else?

    Are you in the community, centres, clubs or have your own studio?
    and lastly, if you employed what is the rate of pay?
    Head over to the CHOREOGRAPHYTOGO Facebook page and lets get a good thread going.

    My New Pure Energy Mix

    This is my all time favourite mix that I have collaborated
    on with PE. I love every single track 🙂
    Head over to the PE site and have a listen
    let me know what you think?

    Hi Impact Reloaded
    click here




    Inspiring Reads.

    This week I’m having a few days away with my family as it’s my Dad and niece’s birthday so I’ve been catching up with some reading.

    I’m a huge Tony Robbins fan and his new financial book is called Unshakable and it’s a great read and highly recommended.


    Are You In Plymouth ?

    I’ll be teaching The Brainfit Workout™

    and doing a motivational talk on Wednesday 29th March
    at Widewell Primary School
    Lulworth Drive
    PL6 7ER
    To book your place


    Caroline Dance Lady

    Do you teach Rachel’s Brainfit ??
    This may be of interest to you to consider as a little seasonal class extra . Don’t worry if you don’t teach Brainfit its adaptable if you have Pilates /Yoga skills .

    I recently delivered Brain Fit style session at a couple of my regular Primary schools I work with . I had some great feedback which I shared immediately with Rachel .
    When you get testimonials from any client its satisfying , but when its from a 6 year old who has various educational issues , struggles with emotions and appropriate behaviour and doesn’t have the best home lifestyle it makes you feel Great !! and honoured to of made that small change towards that person .
    Child . My brain liked that PE class and my angry face wasn’t on my face I had a smiley face .
    Kind of says it all really ! .

    So could you deliver similar session to children , young people ? . The season of SATS , revision and Exams is upon us . Many children are now being exposed to internal and external pressure about gaining grades , achieving results , moving towards that next step in their education . Its extremely stressful for them and considered by many especially for the younger children unnecessary.
    As passionate group fitness instructors we understand the importance of relaxation, exercising the mind and body and simply taking some time out .
    So use this with children be sure to teach it in a playful way , encouraging self exploration via your teaching methods . Include Pilate / Yoga type movements and sequences interspersed with energetic bursts of activity . Its common for children to release pressure and tension via bursts of activity , rather than relaxation or sedentary movements . Children can be unsure of the feelings of anxiety , stress , discomfort . Often they can’t verbalise the emotional feeling but are in tune with their body enough to understand they need to move/be physical to allow that release …thats why children fidget, rock , generally move about when in unsure circumstances .
    My 30 min session included a simple active warm up , we used different themes for actions i.e. stood on a surf board , floated around like a balloon , moved liked an Astronaut. Then I used some of Rachel’s Brain Fit sequences , with some actions the children had already experienced with me .
    As well Brain gym movements i.e. Stand on 1 leg , touch your nose . Rub your tummy , pat your head etc . I finished the session with a really simple lye down /sit /stillness 2mins of music . I allowed the children to decide how they wanted to be seated /stay still . This is a really simplified session and was used as a taster session.
    Now is a great time to approach your local school , your child’s school , the Brownies whomever to offer a De stress type session .
    Many school have Healthy school weeks as part of their Healthy Schools application . SATs week in primary start Monday 12th June , I would advise to approach schools before June . Many schools are already using Mindfulness sessions , so they are already open to the concept of positive actions .
    Offering these type of sessions are a great way to introduce yourself to a different market , i.e. educational outlets , schools , colleges , adult learning. Offer a one off or 4 week course sessions adaptable to your time schedule and there requirements .
    As an Kids fitness Specialist working predominantly in schools , I have found Brain Fit /Pilates type sessions ,the area of my repertoire that is getting most interest at the moment .
    Give it a Go ! Caroline DanceLady If you teach kids fitness /Dance / Physical Ed join me and my friendly band of warriors !! dedicated to all things Kids fitness .

    Workshops, Events and Training Courses 2017
    Don’t forget to claim your funding from Sport England.

    How To Start And Explode Your Online Business
    1 Day Workshop With Yvonne Radley Nottingham 20th May
    click here to book.

    BRISTOL – Fitness Pilates For Orthopaedic Conditions
    3rd June Aztec Hotel Click here to book.

    Fitness Pilates Training PLUS get your funded place click here
    Birmingham 4/5 March, 13/14 May
    Manchester 13/14 May 2017.

    The Brainft Workout™ Training Course LONDON 25th March
    Booking and Funding Details Click here .

    Level 3 Pilates
    Birmingham 31st March,1,2nd April
    click here

    Fitness Pilates For Back Care Online Certification
    On offer Click here

    Fitness Pilates For Children
    On offer click here

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