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  • C2GO Newsletter 02/03/2017

    Good Morning!

    Here we go it’s March and the nights are getting just that little bit lighter and the mornings a slight bit brighter.

    Great to have Mr Crawford back in the newsletter now he has emerged from 31st January and TAX OVERWHELM plus Jo De Rosa from the Inner Guidance Centre, I popped an email over to Jo to give us an update on what she is doing and moving with her business.

    I’ve been digging down into the gut health research and understanding the huge impact the gut has on health – physical and mental health and it’s fascinating.

    If the microbiome is comprised and we have gut dysbiosis and/or leaky gut or parasites this leads to the hormone levels being disrupted and unbalanced which leads to adrenal and thyroid issues, inflammation, unexplained weight gain, mood disorders and a whole host of physical and mental problems.

    Putting together and helping our clients with a gut healing nutrition protocol can be life changing and gut health is another underlying reason we are seeing so many of our clients(and Fitpros) battling and battling with weight problems and health problems…… Interesting stuff.

    Re-motivate and Reignite

    Last night I headed out to Sutton Coldfield to do a talk and workout for Kelly Ravenscroft’s Kick Start group.

    The group are on week 6 of their 12 week programme so the mid way point is ALWAYS where you need to re-motivate , re-engage and reignite clients.

    The talk subject matter can be applied EVERYTHING we do.
    From business to nutrition and health.

    Because at times, we all lose interest, life takes over, things happen, curve balls come at you and taking time to reconnect with your WHYS and your big goals is key to staying on track getting results and feeling fulfilled with life in general.

    It’s not that we have lost our passion for something it’s that we need to get re-motivated again by listening to a podcast, watching something inspiring on Youtube, reading a motivational book and reconnecting with our WHYS.

    Working with the general public can be very tiring at times!
    both live and online, so putting little strategies in place can make all the difference.

    I’m a huge fan of goal setting and list writing but this year I’ve been creating monthly 30 day goals and staying accountable,this has made me so much more productive and clear.

    On the 1st of every month and rewrite my goals, I carry over ones that I didn’t get to, tick off one’s I managed to finish and then set a load more.

    Its a great way to re-motivate, re-engage and reignite our passions and love for what we do.

    Let me know what you think 🙂

    Kick Start Discovery Day if you would like to chat through becoming part of Kick Start I’ll be in London tomorrow at St Pancras hotel so drop me an email and lets connect.

    DO THIS As We Enter The Next Nine Year Cycle
    by Jo De Rosa

    It’s been a while since I last wrote, and wow!
    I don’t know about you but I feel like I have been pulled through a hedge backwards these last few months…

    And if I didn’t know about the latest nine year cycle coming to an end then all of this could have really got on top of me. I NEVER get sick, but was struck down in December with the dreaded lurgy and it took me SIX WEEKS to get back to normal. I don’t really know ANYONE that got off from this and in my rather fluffy opinion I believe that it was a mass clearing of old energy ready to take us into the next nine year cycle.

    If you’ve not heard about it let me explain:
    2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9
    2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 (1 + 0 = 1)

    So in numerology terms we just wiped the slate clean

    We cleared the last nine years

    And have the next nine clear and ready for us to rewrite the story
    But to get even more ready to harness this amazing newness we can do the following exercise that i have been doing with my clients over the last few months…


    Write out the main events of the last nine years (good and bad). What were the highs and lows? Be warned this exercise can be difficult and bring stuff up but don’t worry we are going to do a meditation afterwards to let it all go. A brief version of mine:

    2008: Got really sick and had an operation. Business failing. Drinking a lot. Met my husband to be

    2009: Got really sick again and had another operation. Went bankrupt and lost everything. Drinking out of control.

    2010: Starting my life from scratch, feel I have everything to prove to the world. Drinking still out of control.

    2011: Got married. Had a period of five and a half months of sobriety.

    2012: Had an amazing honeymoon, got cocky and thought I could handle a few drinks. Drinking even more out of control than before. Had my last ever drink on 14th October
    2013: Joined a mentor programme and up levelled my life. Found Hill Farm and moved in. Me and husband became business partners.

    2014: Life on the up. Business growing.

    2015: Fully out of bankruptcy and become an official co-director of the business and bank account. Have a vision about Quantum Sobriety and trademark the name. Life is great sober.

    2016: Have the best year of my life yet. Four years sober and happier than I’ve ever been before.

    All of these events have a residue.

    I call it energetic scar tissue.

    And by getting it out of ourselves, via writing it down, we can set ourselves free of it.

    Sit comfortably with your back straight, either in a chair or against the wall on a cushion.

    Become connected to your breath, and then focus on your exhalation. On each exhale let go of each of the stressful events on your list. Imagine them all leaving your body, and this energetic scar tissue dissolves and exits through your nose as grey smoke. The longer you do this, the calmer you become, and you begin to feel very light.
    Then, start to breath IN your amazing future with every inhale
    All of the wonderful dreams that you have
    And truly believe that anything is possible
    Fill yourself up with hope, with success, with love.


    Now it is time to actually burn your list!
    And this bit feels really great.
    Know in your heart that you are ready to release the past so that you can step more fully into the future, your potential, and the unlimited possibilities that are waiting for you to believe in.
    As you watch your old life burn away know that the ashes will form the foundation for the next nine year cycle to grow. And as we see spring all around us we can see how this new growth is mirroring our own personal journey forwards.

    Let me know your thoughts on this
    I’d love to hear what you think
    I’m super excited for all of us….

    Facebook: @InnerGuidanceRetreatCentre
    Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2017

    Oscar Wild…..!!!……and the Winner is…??

    Andrew Crawford


    Months in preparation, dress design, hair dos, make-up, carefully crafted finger nails, California all over body tans, slightly filled round juicy pouting red lips, teeth whitening, high fashioned luxury designer bag….the full monty including Jimmys….nothing over looked…and that’s just the men……!!

    Except of course……the Presenters. ..!!

    By now we all have heard of the faux pas ….. The Oscars went Wild because of that mistake.

    People were going La La whilst slinking out in the Moonlight shadows..!!

    So Andrew….

    What has Oscar Wild (without an ‘e’) and the Gigantic blunder got to do with Accountancy & Tax??

    Well…….As you may know the blunder was made by my Fellow Accountants who have now been ceremoniously relieved of further future Oscar duties….there’s a change which will cost them thousands of lost dollars…


    Because they were not concentrating… apparently one guy was on his mobile amongst other things..!!!

    And as you all now know as of 1st March (today) there’s a change in the law in you using your mobiles whilst in your motor vehicle.

    Once fined, you cannot offset the costs against your business because this is classified as law breaking. In fact, any law breaking expense cannot be utilised.

    So now the traffic Police, some in PLAIN clothes are on a crackdown. They can now stop you and do 3 things….drugs test, alcohol test, mobile useage test.

    One paper said “…..Police forces are carrying out a seven-day crackdown with extra patrols and an ‘increased focus’ on catching drivers using handheld phones…..”

    I’ve been banned for a year before that was for a speeding offence. Did it affect my business? Yes. ….12 months with no vehicle…!!

    This is what I was given today…..

    Advice to keep it simple
    – Keep your mobile in a craddle or glove box
    – You can’t touch the phone if it’s in a craddle, even if you stop at lights and even if your parked up with the engine on
    – If you want to use the sat nav on a mobile or plug the charger in. You must set it up before keys are in the ignition and don’t touch it once engine is on
    – You can’t scroll for tracks on your mobile while driving so have your playlist set up before entering the car
    – If you work for Uber or alike, you can’t touch the phone when the engine is on. So you can’t accept work while you’re on the move
    – Mobile can only be used if your parked up safely with engine off and keys out of ignition (Wireless keys – engine off)
    – Death by dangerous driving is now life imprisonment, no longer 14 years
    – You can use a mobile via built in-car technology like bluetooth. However, if you do have a collision, it can go against you.
    – You can’t use headphones
    – You can’t use loud speaker from your phone
    – You can’t move your phone while the engine is on
    – If you call someone and they are driving, hang up
    – If you are a passenger and the driver is using a phone, take it off them and tell them off
    – If you are an employer and you force your staff to use a phone, It can result into imprisonment for you, large fines and your company being suspended from operation
    – Rules apply to PDAs also.

    Here’s my issue……

    “….You can use a hand-held mobile in the case of a genuine emergency that requires a 999/112 call and it is not safe or impractical to pull over and park…”
    I think that‘s the wrong time to use one….because you will be in a high state of stress or shock not thinking properly and exposed to the risk of causing an accident.

    For your business sake if you need to use your mobile in your car….Pull over & stop, turn Engine off, take Keys out of the ignition.


    I have full respect for all you spinners out there. To climb back into my fitness regime I joined Delvin Clarkes Vibe Cycle for a day…Lord Have Mercy..Just call me John Wayne.

    I’m needing a gel-seat and something for the balls of my feet. Inappropriate clothing I believe..!!

    Talk about Wild….!!??

    Andrew James Crawford

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