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  • C2GO Newsletter 15th June 2017


    Happy Thursday It’s The C2GO Newsletter 15th June 2017.

    Tonight it’s our first Pow Wow Wow mixer event and I am so excited about it. If you are going it’s going to be awesome 🙌

    We all get stuck in a rut at times. Teaching the same classes over and over, training the same people, going to the same gym, having the same routine month after month year after year. While that routine is “nice” and is predictable and makes us feel safe it’s not leading to growth and expansion.

    We often stay in the same position for financial reasons. Those successful daytime classes are hard to come by and if you give them up, it’s hard to get new ones in mature established clubs….but are they not stretching you anymore?

    There are SO many opportunities around in health and fitness.

    Ideas you may have spotted but not sure how to take action and move it forward.

    I’m still a HUGE believer in community classes and hiring space local to you.

    There are some incredible spaces around the UK that can be hired and you can create your own amazing timetable that suits YOU are the people you want to teach….and charge accordingly.

    June/July and August is THE perfect time to get your thinking cap on and find that venue.

    Ready to launch in September.

    What is missing in your area?

    Fitness Pilates, Women’s Weightloss & Health, Kids classes, Mums and Tots classes, Pelvic Health, Pre and Post.

    There are niches areas EVERYWHERE.

    My good friend Jenny Burrell holds a Pregnancy Massage Course – Have you thought about doing that?

    What do you love?

    Who do you want to serve?

    Take these next few months and craft a plan and get moving.

    I’m opening up lots of new media channels with different content as I expand what I am doing so do follow my on Instagram Rachel L Holmes and subscribe to the podcast on itunes and my daily Vlog is coming soon 🙂

    Let me know what you think. 🙌

    Read today’s post by Andrew Crawford- A towering inferno… HERE

    5 Minute Super Sweet Treat Recipes Avocado Ice Cream and Sunny Berry Snack – click here Please feel free to share with your classes and clients.


    Quick Fire Questions

    1: Favourite Book You Have Read This Year.
    2. Best Course, Workshop or Training you have attended Live or Online so far this year.
    3. Favorite music you are using in class currently.
    4: Favourite Current Podcast – If you listen to podcasts.
    5: What are you working on to grow your fitness business right now – Live Classes ad Services or Online.
    6: What Courses or training do you want to attend this year.

    Rachel Holmes Answers

    1:Shoe Dog Phil Knight.
    2: Brainfit
    3:The Evolution Of Dance – Pure Energy Music.
    4:Gary Vaynerchuck – Daily Vee.
    5:Both – LIVE/ ONLINE and Virtual courses – Growing the Food Box Business. Training more Franchisees.
    6: Joe Polish Event.

    Sindy Matthews Answers
    1. You are a Badass, Jen Sencero
    2. BrainFit
    3. Kick Start Mixes
    4. Brendan Buchard
    5. SMart Studio 2
    6. NLP, Strength and Conditioning with KBT

    👏 👏 I’m raising the bar on the podcast and interviewing some super cool people and this interview is with Gary Vayerchucks Personal Trainer Jordan Syatt.

    Subscribe on itunes to listen


    This interview shows you the power of INSTAGRAM – I have been following Jordan since he started training Gary Vee and I love his coaching style and also how he operates his social media and I was dying to find out more so I DM’ed him and he came straight back with a big YES.

    I was thrilled to talk to him on the podcast this week – It’s so insightful into how to grow your INSTAGRAM and what is really is like to train the one and only GARY VEE…


    New Fitness Pilates Courses
    BOOK ON 20 places on each course

    1/2nd July 2017
    DW Sports FILTON

    15/16th July

    12/13th August

    Birmingham – Bourneville Collage
    7/8th October

    18/19th November


    Check out my new 90 Day Kick Start Womens Health and Weightloss Online Programme – Inviduliased Bespoke Programming – There are 2 places left on this times intake of women.

    Wishing You all a Happy Healthy Thursday
    Love Rachel xx



    Rachel Holmes Signature



    Quick LINKS

    ✔️Would you like all of your Kick Start food delivered to your door – Kick Start kitchen Food Boxes.
    Many FOOD BOX people have now lost between 6 – 9lbs in the first week.

    ✔️Would you like to train to teach Kick Start and become a KSFL coach & business owner?

    ✔️Train to teach Pilates in Ibiza
    You don’t have to have a fitness qualification to do this course.


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