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  • C2go Newsletter 15th March 2018


    Good morning Fitpros and how are you?

    I hope you are having a great week, classes are busy and buzzing and you are enjoying your teaching.

    This week on the podcast I talk to Hormones specialist and dear friend Pamela Windle and we discuss everything hormone related, how teaching and over-exercising in your 20’s/30’s can be detrimental to hormonal health in your 40’s and 50’s.
    What is happening in the NHS in regard to menopause and hormonal problems, what to do if you are struggling along with quality of life.
    You may be a Fitpro and motivating your classes and clients every day but what about you?
    How are you feeling?

    It’s a really insightful conversation and Id love to hear your thoughts.

    Click here to listen 

    How Is Your Sleep?

    How is yours?

    It’s such a game changer when you sort out your sleep.

    How did you sleep last night?

    I posted this in my Kick Start Facebook group but I thought it may be helpful to any sleep-deprived Fitpros reading this newsletter.

    Lack of sleep causes hormonal imbalances/brain fog/irritability/making poor decisions the following day/Gives you crazy cravings/Increases your appetite/irrational behaviour… the list is long.
    I seriously put my own sleep problems down to years of teaching well into the evening, multiple classes, high cortisol levels after exercising, teaching at 7pm/8pm/9pm
    and eating late after getting in from teaching.

    ***But this is  OUR life!

    It is time to make moves and address your sleep.

    *****Hope it is helpful to you******

    Leading on from all of your sleep comments and Magnesium here are the answers to your comments 🙂

    1: Your magnesium needs to be high quality * I formulated my own as I couldn’t find the right strength without having to take loads of tablets * `shoot for 500mg/ 750/1000mg
    2: Depending on how bad/broken/disturbed your sleep is initially take 1 x 500mg about an hour before you go to bed.
    3: If you are still not benefitting take 500mg mid-afternoon and 500mg an hour before bed.
    4: I can’t comment on the magnesium spray as I haven’t used it.

    **Personal** – My sleep has always been terrible/shattered at 10pm wide awake at 1/2/3 with ideas running through my brain – I had a cortisol test and my cortisol levels were through the roof/dangerously high so I HAD to make a huge effort to bring down cortisol and improve sleep – Magnesium was a game changer – when I had my little boy I was concerened that I was sleeping so soundly that I wouldn’t wake up when he cried in the night so I stated taking Magnsium every other night, then stopped for a while – MISTAKE – disturbed sleep came straight back… started taking the magnesium again and amazing sleep returned immediatly – the same night.

    Remember YOU look after so many people in your career make sure you are looking after YOU!

    Take sleep seriously.

    Hope this newsletter is helpful.

    Love always Rachel xxxxx


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