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  • C2GO Newsletter 16th Feb

    C2GO Newsletter 16th February.

    Good Morning

    How are you I hope you are having a
    great week?

    I’m still in Cape Town until tomorrow when we
    fly to Johannesburg for the
    Virgin Active Live conference.

    I’m looking forward to team teaching with
    Ceri Hannon and doing
    P.H.I.T which is Pilates HIIT Training there will
    be over 1000 Instructors attending so it’s going to be a
    mega event.

    Fitness Pilates Endorsed By Cimspa


    FINALLY after 15 years FP gets officially endorsed
    and accredited by CIMSPA.

    It just shows you, keep going, going and going and
    you will FINALLY get there.

    THIS has made my day, it really has, when I started FP
    everyone said NO…. NO you can’t do this…No NO NO

    I had so much stick from other training providers,
    various Pilates teachers, Pilates Presenters who all
    all said NO you can’t/shouldn’t.

    Cyril Cooper or FitPro Insurance (who is sadly not with us)
    saw things differently.

    He looked at the course, examined the
    content and manual and liased with the Insurance company,
    who agreed FP was safe and relevant.

    Without Cyril and the insurance company
    endorsing FP it could never of continued.

    15 years later we have trained 1000’s who are
    all teaching and coaching 1000’s of people around
    the country.

    FP Is an encouraging story.

    Keep going no matter what anyone says – and believe
    me, lots of people had lots to say.

    Have an unwavering belief in your product and your programme and even it takes you 15 years you will get there.

    Did you take the FP course with me in the beginning?

    Are you still teaching FP? I’d love to hear from you.

    The next Fitness Pilates For Orthopaedic Conditions
    is in Bristol on Sunday 4th June – Watch this space for
    bookings details.

    Meditation & Journalling QUICK TIPS For BUSY Fitpros

    It is so well researched how amazing meditation and journalling is, especially for busy brained Fitpros.

    I recently found the amazing
    Tara Brach Meditation and I wanted to share her work
    with you as
    she is so good.

    Quick Tips For Meditation.

    Its a great idea to write down and think about what help and guidance you need for the day.

    Then spend 5 – 10 mins, maximum,
    aiming to sit in stillness, breathing and
    listening to what comes up.

    It’s really not complicated or difficult.

    1: Find a nice, tranquil space to sit or lie in.

    2: You can use music or a guided mediation at first.

    There are millions on youtube & itunes.

    I love Tara Brach, Gabby Bernstein and Marianne Williamson
    but there are literally hundreds to try.

    Mix it up and sometimes use a guided
    meditation and
    other times try silent

    3: Breath slowly & deeply and allow thoughts come in and out of your mind – all thoughts/any thoughts.

    4: Listen to what comes up, feelings,emotions, listen to your inner voice.

    I like to write in my notebook immediately after as I often get ideas & inspiration.

    I really enjoy this part and it’s always just total scribble.

    You may only mange 2 minutes but that’s cool, 2 minutes of clarity, of getting your day in order, of dealing with thoughts/emotions & feelings is so good.

    You don’t have to mediate first thing in a morning try it as an afternoon pick me up.

    It’s YOUR meditation you can make it work however
    YOU want to.

    I hope my little simplistic guide helps you get into it and try listening to Tara Brach.

    Let me know how you get on.


    Would you like to come to a FREE Kick Start
    launch and talk I’ll be speaking in the following areas.

    You are more than welcome to come along.

    Lincoln 21st February – Sarah Hogan

    Durham 27th February – Maria Ireland

    Coleshill 28th February – Brainfit Masterclass & Talk
    Kim Jenkins

    Banbury 2nd March – Sindy Matthews

    Langley Mill 20th March – Rachel Holmes/Kirsty Trapp

    Plymouth 29th March – Tracy Harrison

    Send me a message and I’ll get you all booked in 🙂

    Next Kick Start Discovery Day

    Friday 3rd March St Pancras Hotel 11 – 1pm
    Email me to book in Rachel


    Have you claimed your FUNDING yet
    for the following courses?

    Fitness Pilates is now endorsed
    by CIMPSPA click here for dates
    and course details – 3 places on March

    Level 3 Pilates now get 150 FUNDED
    next dates March click here 2 places left on March

    The Brainfit Workout™ Get 77.00
    Funded when you do the course LIVE or
    ONLINE click here

    Have a fantastic Thursday.

    Love Rachel x

    Follow me on Instagram Rachel L Holmes
    Youtube RachelHolmes
    my Main Facebook page is
    Kick Start with Rachel Holmes

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