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  • C2GO Newsletter 22 March 2018


    It’s amazing what you can do with technology, the internet, and social media.
    After years of teaching 30 sometimes 40 classes a week, travelling all over the UK holding workshops and training courses being constantly burnt and tired out, you can now use Facebook Live, Instagram live, Stories, Youtube Live and reach 1000’s more people using just your phone.

    Everyday I get up and literally cannot be happier to think about the endless possibilities you have at your fingertips.

    Any idea you have can be thought through, planned and executed and put out to the world ON THE SAME DAY.

    Its flipping AMAZING
    Have you got an idea?
    Do It.
    Execute it.

    Who cares if it fails or doesn’t do as well as you think, you will learn something from it then next time you will know more. It’s all about testing, trying and learning.
    He who dares wins.

    So what are you going to launch today?

    Ann Alderman is a Group Exercise Instructor and Fitness Pilates Instructor based in Southampton. She has followed me for years, attending my workshop and trainings and teaching loads of classes every week.
    Ann knew she wanted to create an online version of her classes so she could scale her business, earn more money without physically more face to face teaching. She did the Fitness Pilates Health Coach where  I teach FP Instructors how to create an online version of their business. Anne launched and now has 21 people booked and paid for her online Fitness Pilates course – I am so thrilled for Anne and it’s only the beginning.

    Are you an FP Teacher are you in theFP Instructor Group please join us  join

    Buggy Beat – Outdoor Cross Training For Parent & Baby

    With 2 posts on Facebook and over 29 messages in less than 24 hours I launched Buggy Beat – Outdoor Cross Training For Parent & Baby.  The snow had cleared and the sun shone for us and we whizzed about with our buggy and baby.
    The class attracted new mums, mums with toddlers and even nannies with grandchildren and can you believe it everyone that came had a boy. It was #teamboy for sure.
    I launched it for me to meet other mums and get outside with the pushchair this spring and summer.
    We had a cracking time and I have some innovative ideas of where I want to take this programme
    and differentiate it from other buggy sessions.

    Let me know what you think.

    Calling all Fitness Pilates Instructors / Level 3 Pilates and Pilates Teachers
    I have a NEW bespoke newsletter for all things Pilates.
    *New exercises, sequences and progression
    *Free videos and class content ideas.

    Add your email here for all the news

    COMING UP – A FREE HIIT ONLINE Workshop and A FREE ONLINE STEP workshop for everyoe that wants to get back into teaching STEP and get all #RETOFIT – Ill be promoting these on social media.

    Podcast Round Up.

    I am having THE best fun chatting to all kinds of experts and today I’m extra excited to be chatting to not one, but two dating experts!
    So for all my gorgeous single fitness girlfriends (of which there appears to be MANY) If you have anything you want me ask join in the thread on my FACEBOOK. It’s hilarious.

    Listen to me chat to HORMONES expert Pamela Windle click here.

    Listen to me chat to Zoe McNulty About Body Confidenceclick here

    If you are at IFS this weekend then I’ll see you there.
    Come and say HI and lets have a selfie xx

    Wishing you all a fun filled day
    Love Rachel xxx

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