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  • C2Go Newsletter 22nd June 2017


    Evolving And Moving Forward.


    Good Morning 

    The fitness industry is REALLY changing and evolving. It’s still an industry in it’s infancy but when you take a step back it is so different. 


    We now see “Instagram” stars with 1000’s  even millions of followers headlining fitness festivals and events all over the UK as a new breed of Fitness Professional emerges via social media. These stars have huge tribes of 20 to 30 somethings and command sponsorships and brand deals never seen before.


    You wont see these teachers at the usual fitness conventions as they are reaching our directly to consumers  and their audiences are mainly online.

    Freestyle classes are still being taught, but now it’s in the minority and usually taught by Instructors who have been teaching for many years with many years of experience.  The ETM qualification is not the popular qual it once was, as many new Instructors come into the industry to PT and to teach the branded programmes – of which there are many.

    If you are thinking about where you want to go in fitness teaching then specialising is one route to think about.  

    Do you enjoy teaching Pre & Post / Children / Moms and Tots / Weightloss & Health / 3rd Age?

    Yoga and Pilates are both classes that continue to grow in numbers as our population ages and clients are looking for classes to help destress, relax and unwind. 

    Kelly and I have had deep conversations this week regarding our educational courses and we have put a huge amount of time and effort into developing new Fitness Pilates modules as online certifications.  

    Although you cant beat face to face – Travel costs and venues can be tricky and the world is taking education online. With technology, virtual training is a reality and we have invested heavily in the infrastructure to do this and offer our learners this opportunity.  

    Training online is so flexible and convienant, you do it at any time, you have the full support of a REAL Tutor and you submit your case studies and videos without incurring travel time, hotels and being stuck on the road for hours.

    You can now do our FP For Orthopaedic Conditions Certification online and coming next week is The Fitness Pilates In Pregnancy Course.

    With in my own business I expect this to grow even more as technology improves and more options to deliver “virtual” training comes through… It’s exciting times in a changing world!

    And clear branded formats are also the preferred method for Kick Start. When I began KSFL in 2012 each coach and franchisee created their own programme from the nutritional and fatloss information I taught.

    But now I create set formats, workouts and nutritional protocols for the LIVE and ONLINE classes and courses that we all follow nationwide. This gives brand uniformity and a strong cohesion and makes it a whole lot easier and less time consuming for each coach to deliver as everything is ready to go and done for you.

    We all need more TIME.

    And any product or service that gives us a few hours back or takes us less time to complete wins.


    And that goes right across the board as a Fitpro – If we can get our training and education in less time without spending hours travelling from  home, we will do it. 

    If I can offer you a full turn key programme that you can replicate and teach with ease it will be popular. 


    **Of course “LIVE EXPERIENCES”  are still very important but as one offs they become really special and unique. Therefore  we are organising a new Fitness Pilates Summit in November which will be a FULL FP DAY of learning this will be in LONDON.


    **Jayne and I are organising a new Mind. Body. Fit event in London in September.


    ** Yvonne Radley and I are running our POW WOW WOW WW events in Manchester and Nottingham.


    All exciting “event experiences” that take place our of cold studios and into nicer venues they inspire creativity and gives us the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with peers.


    It’s exciting times as the fitness industry evolves and changes.

    Id love to hear your thoughts.





    Take the Fitness Pilates For Orthopaedic Conditions ONLINE 

    click here 


    Do my new 14 Day Kick Start ONLINE SUPER SPRINTER

    click here 

    Training without Traveling with Kelly Reed-Banks

    It’s been a while C2GOers since I have written for Rachel in the newsletter and that’s cause I have been very busy with putting together all new online certification courses and teaching a lot of in house FP so wanted to share whats going on and how we are moving education forward here at C2GO. 

    We have been monitoring live workshops and courses for a while now and especially with what has been happening over the last few current months in the country it’s quite clear to see that a lot of you either do not have the time to travel to do an update CPD course or quite frankly do not want to travel. 

    This is totally understandable, as I know when I look for my update training – I really want it to be online study so I can do it in the comfort of my own home with my big bulldog Bentley sitting on my feet!!

    So Rachel and I have spent this last year creating online CPD courses like the Advanced Fitness Pilates for Back Care, Aqua Fitness certification, HOT fitness Pilates and now our brand new course – Advanced Fitness Pilates for Pregnancy – which will be launched VERY soon!!

    I have also been working heavily with Active IQ to bring back the level 3 award in designing pre and post natal exercise (QCF) as an online qualification through C2GO – which we have recently re-launched with brand new content from AIQ and us – a full comprehensive training manual, online webinairs and skype calls to help support you continuously throughout your study! 

    We have also just moved our Advanced Fitness Pilates in Orthopedic conditioning to a complete online study as we have had so many instructors wanting to do the qualification but can not commit to the contact day. 

    So now you will receive all the information we delivered on the contact day via your online instructor hub, plus all of the original support videos, online training and fully comprehensive manual to help you complete this advanced training with us. 

    So if you are interested in any of the above please get in touch – I can give you more information about how each qualification is assessed, time frames etc and how our courses are recognised in industry. 

    Remember now we have been endorsed through NASM and CIMSPA for all our qualifications. 

    Also I have been delivering a lot of in house Fitness Pilates training for companies and groups of instructors who, again do not wish to travel but instead for me to come to them to receive their training. 

    Recently I was in Wakefield to train up a group of instructors who all work for Wakefield council and I ran the course as a 1 long day training, rather than over 2 shorter days so that it enabled more instructors to be able to complete the training and take less time off work. I am actually back there again on 6th July to do it all again to a second group from the same company. 

    They had hired a Cross Fit box which was really cool setting for the course and totally appropriate for FP as all we needed was mats and a space – we didn’t need a beautiful studio with mirrors and air con (although it is nice!). This was such a great idea as the box wasn’t being used in the day like normal gym studio’s are. 

    So if you would like to arrange an in house training course in Fitness Pilates please get in touch as my diary is getting full for the rest of summer and autumn. I can run this either over 2 days or 1 long day like I have in Wakefield. You just need to prove a space for the course to run – somewhere like a hall or even a cross fit box and I need a min of 5 people per course for it to run! 

    Here at Choreography To Go we are striving to move Fitness Pilates and instructor development forward by giving instructors the most up to date information but in the most user friendly format so that you have the skills to apply the learning as effectively as possible. 

    What we also understand is time is precious and that technology is so far advanced now that I can sit on a training course with someone in Australia and still get the same content and support as if I was there in the room with them. So this is the perfect time people, with summer holidays coming and you might be taking some time out, classes may be quieter for you to be able to complete your update CPD courses or book up an in house course for you and your colleagues.

    As always I am more than happy to help so if you have any questions or queries about any of the above please get in touch – 

    Much Love KRB XX


    Kelly Reed-Banks




    Sale Of The Century….!!!

    By Andrew Crawford

    While we are still counting bodies from that horrendous Towering Inferno in London last week another attack drew our attention away from the ‘crime scene’……yep…I said it…!!

    However, there were other movements quietly taking place….I bet you didn’t catch it???


    Yes …Stripping…….Asset Stripping. The NHS is being slowly fazed out…..under our noses. What I mean by that is most of the services will be privatised. They are being given £10bn of tax-payers money to help them asset strip. That means to sell their assets. Land, equipment & buildings.

    Check out the full report here: It’s called the ‘Naylor Review’ – It tells you exactly what they intend doing to the NHS.

    This is the ‘Sale of the Century’..!!

    So Andrew,

    What has the Sale of the Century got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    Whenever you sell an asset, most probably your second home, some spare land or shares you will pay what is called Capital Gains Tax.

    Before you are taxed you get what is called an ‘annual exemption’ (AE) this is similar to the personal allowance. The AE can be used to reduce your capital gains tax.

    If you are married or have a long time live-in lover, partner or friends with benefits, then you can transfer half the gain to them so that they can use their AE. Therefore you are utilising 2 .

    Even better, you can gift assets to your children. Even if your child is under 18 they are entitled to their own AE.

    The best way to do this is gift a proportion just before the 5th April then a few days later gift some more. They can then utilise 2 AE’s 

    If you transfer assets to your children make sure you have evidence by getting a Solicitor to draw up a deed of gift….get it witnessed.


    I just noticed that my articles have their own page….yippee..!! 

    However, when I read last weeks article I noticed that it was heavily edited and may not have made sense to you, so I will be shortening them in future to fit in with the page and get the fundamental message I wish to deliver to your minds, quicker, faster, stronger…!!

    Until such time……Love Thy Neighbour…!!

    Andrew James Crawford

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