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  • C2GO Newsletter 23 November 

    Christmas is just coming up so FAST!
    Are you one of the super organised who has everything wrapped and ready?
    I wish…
    I’m  trying to organise a christmas christening while my brother is over from the US and travelling to Fuerterventura this weekend for International Fitness Week,
    so all go this end 🙂
    But of course …. being self employed, business doesn’t stop and planning for 2018
    is essential in a competitive market 🙂
    Fitness Pilates Updates 
    Have you done our Fitness Pilates Course?
    It does’t matter how long ago our private FP group is so helpful with ideas, pricing, marketing, music … in fact everything you need to support your teaching, so do join us.
    EVEN in a highly competitive market Fitness Pilates classes are hugely popular and the brand is
    growing and expanding in 2018 with the FP for Mums and Tots/ Older Adults/Corporate FP and
    FP Health Coach.
    Do you need Choreography and class content ideas?
    I post daily choreography on my youtube
    and the choreographytogo Facebook page.
    Its all FREE just leave me a comment and let
    me know what you think.
    Are you using Video to Promote Yourself on Facebook?

    If you are really getting into using Facebook as a powerful marketing tool to build your brand, get great exposure, building relationships and, of course, getting new people to come to your classes, then check you are using video as much as possible on your Facebook.

    As instructors we are great in front of people, so just use all of your bags of personality, charisma and record loads of 30 secs little clips to upload onto your Facebook direct from your iphone.

    Facebook Video and Marketing Tips

    1: Bring your Facebook page to life with daily videos. This will really give your page a personality and people will start to tune in every day to see your little video.

    2: Potential customers will get to know you and be more eager to come to your classes and services.

    3:Customers buy with their eyes, so a quick video is so much better than writing oceans of texts and marketing spiel.

    4: Film 14 Top Fitness tips, 14 Fatloss Tips, 14 Workout ideas. Tell people about your new classes and service…Plus, you can keep coming up with so many little nuggets of information that are perfect for little videos.

    5:If writing is a drag for you, then you must use video to promote yourself and your brand. It’s so easy to do.

    6: As soon as you have created your videos, upload to Facebook and Instagram daily.

    7.Practice being succinct, natural and let your personality shine through. Think of all the reasons people come to your classes and bottle it up and use it in your 30second videos.

    Eyeballs are seriously looking at video on social media, so make sure they are looking at YOU and your business and brand.

    I’ve got to be 100% honest with you now.
    The only tools I use for marketing all of my businesses are social media including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram and I have a daily strategy on all of the platforms as you can see if you follow me.
    I haven’t used flyers, posters or print advertising for a good few years as I get a tiny return for the large amount of £ print media costs.

    Corporate Wellness – A BIG Growth area.

    I’ve found sending emails to Human Resources won’t get that much response so I go in and I find out who I need to talk to, I ask to see them, leave them some information, which may include a DVD or a package, and then I follow it up.

    I’ve found going in to talk to people and building up a relationship has been the most effective way of getting to talk to the right person or the decision maker. It seems a lot of people love the opportunity of getting away from a desk and coming to have a quick chat and if you are bearing gifts, even better.

    Winter Checklist – Have you???

    1:Sorted out your Christmas timetable.

    2: Arranged for pre booking and pre payments only in December.

    3: Created a bad weather policy with the venue and your clients.

    4: Created online workouts and plans to keep everyone motivated and going through the holidays.

    5: Planned your January classes, timetables and marketing campaign.

    6:Ditched all of the draining and toxic classes and tasks you have been doing in 2017. Bin them of now and new avenues will open up the minute you make room for more.

    7: Got your website sorted and able to take payments.

    8:BUILD your social media platform so you can spread you message and build your audience.

    9:Research new fitness opportunities – look outside of the fitness industry for ways to expand your business as I have with hairdressers and local businesses.

    10:Practice doing videos and audios and ramp up your Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

    The way we deliver fitness is changing so rapidly that it’s important to look laterally at how we will deliver our services in the future.
    Of course, there will also be a huge market for classes and PT, but creating concepts that can be delivered partially online, partially via social media and partially live will be the way forward if we are to really reach out to different demographics. It’s an exciting time and I’m so optimistic about the  future of the industry and I hope you are too.
    Rachel xxx

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