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  • C2GO Newsletter 23rd February 2017

    C2GO Newsletter  23rd February 2017

    I hope you are well and good?

    Following on from a few weeks ago, Nesta Shepherd
    wrote about how she uses Instagram and Facebook to
    promote her Pilates business. (Nesta is in her 60’s)
    And due to the amount of feedback I received I asked her to do a follow up article.

    It’s all about being a Baby Boomer.

    Exciting news today as I am launching a new
    Wellness Events Company.

    Mind.Body.Fit is a new event concept and experience at
    beautiful locations around the UK.
    The first evening event is being held on Monday
    3 April 2017 at Morley Hayes Golf Club in Derbyshire.
    Click here for all the information and booking details
    and I’d LOVE to invite you to the VIP launch night.


    On being a Baby Boomer
    Nesta Shepherd

    My name is Nesta and I’m a Baby Boomer!

    I used to be embarrassed to admit it.
    Now I’m proud!
    (I’ve also discovered I’m not the only Baby Boomer Fitpro.)

    We were the first generation to wear mini skirts.
    We partied all night.
    We believed in ‘free love’.
    Our generation created the first music festival. (Heard of Woodstock anyone?)
    We protested about wars, stood up for equality, burnt our bras.
    Peace and love was our mantra.

    The 80s brought with it a new craze: aerobics.
    We jogged on the spot in our leotards and legwarmers (and in bare feet) to Jane Fonda’s routines.
    Who remembers thong leotards, high top trainers and slouch socks?

    In 1990 I gave up the 9-5 in London to become an aerobics instructor.

    I never looked back.

    I still have the passion I had when I taught my first class in the local village hall.

    I still teach there to this day.

    Some of my original class members are still with me.

    How does it feel now 27 years later?

    Maybe you should retire, says my inner voice.

    Hell no!!

    I just love teaching classes.
    Nowadays it’s less of the high impact aerobics and more seniors’ fitness…but my real passion is teaching Pilates.

    I love helping people of all ages, shapes and sizes
    improve their mobility, flexibility and general fitness.
    The more I give them it seems the more they give back to me.

    The banter and discussions we have about the latest Strictly Come Dancing series in the middle of learning a new routine is always entertaining.

    Lying down to do their floor work they chatter away about the state of the cobwebs or the latest balloon lodged on the ceiling.

    The beginning of each class is always so noisy as they are all catching up on the gossip and getting their phones out to show off photos of their grandchildren.

    As an instructor there is always something new to learn, no matter what age you are.

    Something that makes you go ‘wow!’

    Workshops, courses, seminars, fitness weekends.

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t always get it right.

    I have made mistakes in trying to teach something that was clearly not right for me.

    Forgive the cliché, but it’s all a learning curve.

    Sharing pictures and stories on social media and looking at other people’s pages is a great platform to keep up with everything and it doesn’t have to be fitness related.

    I have a Facebook page called Baby Boomers UK for sharing memories and photos.

    It’s just for fun.

    If you’re a Baby Boomer, please come and join us.

    Otherwise you can find me on Facebook; Twitter and Instagram @pilatesnesta.
    Keep on rockin’!
    Nesta 🙂


    Three Apps For Meditation & Mindfulness.

    Yesterday I wrote a blog about the apps I use daily on my phone and I had loads of great feedback so i thought I would share my favourite meditation and mindfulness apps.

    With meditation we tend to get going with it but soon stop when life get too stressful; exactly when you would have needed it the most!

    So using technology can help you stay on track with your mindfulness practice.


    When you first use the app it has a “Take 10” program which takes you through 10 minutes of guided mediation a day. This introduces you to the key concepts in meditation and is an amazing stress reliever. After this you can access two further “foundation” level meditation programs. You can also engage in specific guided meditation series on topics such as appreciation, anxiety and motivation. There are also “single” meditations you can purchase related to things such as eating, commuting and sleeping. The majority of the app is completely free though.


    In my opinion, this is one of the most accessible mindfulness apps out there. It has a “breathe” section which guides you through conscious breaths and a unique “sleep” section which contains a selection of relaxing bedtime stories to help you fall asleep. The “meditate” section is the most comprehensive though with numerous guided and unguided meditations, as well 7 to 21 day programs focusing on areas such as happiness, stress management and self-esteem. About 70% of the apps content is completely free but you can also pay for extra plans, stories and meditation tools.


    What I love about this app is that it allows you to choose your key values such as gratitude, simplicity and discipline. It will then tailor your guided mindfulness practice towards these. You can also set certain times for the app to notify you to “pause” – this is a 15 second guided breathing exercise to calm your mind. Honestly, although the user interface isn’t as beautiful as the other apps out there, this is one of the most varied ones I have seen for mindfulness. Not only can you delve in guided meditations, you can listen to talks about topics such as letting go, challenging thoughts and feeling gratitude. Furthermore there is a “night reflection” tool which you can use to reflect on your day and a “check in” tool which allows you to reflect on what you are feeling in the present moment. The vast majority of this app is free, which is a bonus.

    So, which one is the best?

    I think it depends on your preferences. It is probably wise to download them all and have a play around.

    Happy meditating,

    Have A Great Thursday

    Meet me on Facebook Live at 8am Today
    for a Fitness Pilates Wake Up Routine

    Love Rachel xxx


    Workshops, Events and Training Courses 2017

    Kick Start Discovery Day 3rd March
    St Pancras Hotel London 11 – 1pm
    Email me to book

    How To Start And Explode Your Online Business
    1 Day Workshop With Yvonne Radley Nottingham 20th May
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    BRISTOL – Fitness Pilates For Orthopaedic Conditions 3rd June Aztec Hotel Click here to book.

    Fitness Pilates Training PLUS get your funded place click here
    Birmingham 4/5 March, 13/14 May
    Manchester 13/14 May 2017.

    The Brainft Workout™ Training Course LONDON 25th March
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    Level 3 Pilates
    Birmingham 31st March,1,2nd April
    click here

    Fitness Pilates For Back Care Online Certification
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    Fitness Pilates For Children
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