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  • C2GO Newsletter 24th March

    C2GO Newsletter 24th March


    For this weeks newsletter I want to go back to
    C2GO’s roots as it is coming up for mine and
    C2GO’s birthday

    YEAH (Clapping emoji)

    My heart has always been in teaching
    community classes.

    I started hiring out dusty
    old church halls, with awesome sprung floors,
    stages & lighting back in 1987
    it has always been a viable business back then in 1987
    and still today in 2016.

    Its only the method of marketing that has changed.

    There will always BE a huge population of people that don’t
    want to commit to the monthly payment of a
    health club (however cheap)

    In my opinion, today’s customer wants payment flexibility.
    I want to go to Hot Yoga one week, Cross Fit the next,
    HIIT the next I don’t want to be tied into something but have the freedom
    to go to lots of different classes and venues.

    But if I find a class that is convenient, high quality, great customer service,
    and I can pay cash on the day and I am able to attend last minute,
    (easy parking right by it as I’m always in a rush)…I’ll
    attend religiously…

    As a customer what do you want?

    Is it time to assess what your customer needs in 2016?

    In the community – be a specialist, teach classes your customer
    CAN’T find in a health club, low cost gym
    offer the things your customer can’t
    find at the local leisure centre.


    Look beyond expensive school halls to hire.
    There are tons of space around if you look at different options:
    Commercial space
    Function Rooms
    Office Space Hot Desk Areas
    Shops with space such as beauty/hairdressers/nails etc that you could sublet.

    Spring and Summer is round the corner so why not
    start an outdoors class, what about a running club or a fitness walking

    Fitness Pilates is a strong all year round community class.

    KSFL Is another that you wont find in a health club.

    Keep going strong in the community.


    Thoughts become things by Jay Banks

    Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 07.53.03

    On Saturday night I achieved something that at
    one point thought would never
    be possible and I won International
    Fitness Personal trainer of the year 2016Let me introduce myself:

    I’m Jay a guy that a 24 couldn’t read or write and had to give up my career as a professional dancer due to injury.

    This was a challenging time for me as not being able to read or write kind of sucked and held me back.

    But at this point in my life I had just meet my now wife Kelly Reed-Banks.

    She suggested that I turned my hand to fitness but what she didn’t know was I couldn’t read or write.

    When it can to filling out the form to apply to evening college to do my level 2 to gym course I kept putting it of till Kelly sat me down and asked ‘what was stopping me.’

    I opened up that I couldn’t read the letter, let alone fill out the questions.

    So together we sat down and filled out the application.
    Once getting accepted Kelly then arranged for me to get tested for dyslexia

    I thought I was just ‘THICK’ but actually I am dyslexic.

    Jumping forward I passed my level 2 after lots of hard work on the theory front and started to believe in myself a little more.

    6 months on from then I had passed my PT course, ETM and Fitness Pilates

    I was on a roll and soon got a job in a local health club.

    After almost a year I was promoted to studio coordinator and a few moths after that Head PT along side the Studio coordinator roll.

    The only thing that had changed was I started to believe I could.
    After my 2nd year I left and went freelance and soon had 30 classes per week in all the top health clubs in the area, clients coming out my ears and was out in Germany training the British army.
    Whilst out in Germany I read my 1st ever book from front to back as once I released I wasn’t “THICK’ and was given the tools to lean how to read (I need a blue over lay, its magic) I believed I could read and learnt to read.

    However things didn’t continue going so smoothly.

    In December 2012 I tore my abdominals and things just got worse.

    By March the doctors thought it had healed but in September 2013 it tore twice as bad.

    With this I couldn’t teach, I couldn’t train and I become so unhappy and depressed I eat myself into oblivion.

    I had to give up most of my clients and classes due to not being able to deliver the session and had to go back to be studio coordinator in a club that wouldn’t let me do anything to make the timetable better.

    I was so depressed and in so much pain I was getting fatter and fatter and taking more and more painkillers.

    I found a local osteopath that worked for the Team GB ice hockey team and within a few sessions he had diagnosed my injury and set me up with a rehab plan.

    We got talking as the rehab went on and he asked me to run a Pilates clinic from his sugary.

    At the time I wasn’t the best Pilates instructor for rehab but I believed I could do this so I handed my notice in and started to study even more.

    I passed my GP referral and lower back care in a few weeks and set up the clinic
    Which is now full and needs myself and another instructor to deal with the demanded.

    I then started to get people to ask me about fat loss PT so I 1st took on KSFL to help people then studied with Phil Richards so that I soon became the go to trainer in the area for people wanting Pilates rehab and weight loss.

    Now in sat here, as the IFS Personal trainer of the year and it wasn’t because I’ve always been good.

    Its because I changed my thinking from that at 1st was im ‘THICK and no good’ to I can do this and I will be the best at what I do.

    I’m who constantly studying, up skilling myself and trying to better myself for my clients but most importantly myself be most recently completing my NLP practitioners and Life coach courses.

    I now want to help as many instructors and PT’s to believe in themselves more so that they can reach their full potential, as anything is achievable with the correct mindset, coaching and support.

    If you’re a PT out there and would like help reaching your full potential and would be interested in a bespoke mentoring program with myself them get in contact with me to talk more and see if I can help you.

    For more motivation, nutrition, fitness, banter and bulldog pictures
    Follow me on


    Emma Boffo This Girl Can

    At the start of December last year I received an email from a Sports Development Officer from a local council saying they had recently secured funding to develop a widespread programme of physical activity and/or sport for mothers and daughters to take part in together in the new year.

    They had done some research and found that variations of dance and fitness were the most popular types of activities for a joint mother and daughter programme, so were looking for instructors to deliver it.

    I would need to also provide the facility and they would cover the costs of this plus a payment for myself and also include the session in their wider marketing campaign, which included links on their website, flyers, vinyl banners up on the streets, rolla stands in libraries, ads in local free magazines and adverts on the back of buses!

    It was going to be free for all participants for 10 weeks, including a T-shirt! After that the next block of 10 weeks would cost them just £1. Wow! It sounded a too good an opportunity to miss out on so I found two available community halls at days and times that suited me and the marketing began. Within weeks both sessions were full with a waiting list. I was astounded!

    I also set up a secret Facebook support group and rebranded my existing class member’s manual with nutrition info for anyone that wanted to make use of it. But, these sessions were really about mum’s and daughters doing something together and getting fitter in the process.

    I am now 8 weeks into the first block of 10 weeks and loving every minute. I have been doing a mixture of all the usual squats, push ups and ab work stuff along with partner work, gliders, bands plus relays and silly games. I love seeing everyone smiling and laughing too and leaving with red happy faces. I can’t wait for the next 10 weeks! :))

    Emma Boffo
    Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach
    07956 315851


    Easter is Coming….Belgium Chocolate Bunnies & Brussel Sprouts??
    By Andrew Crawford

    What is going on in the heart of the decision making European capital?

    Brussels is home to the EU, Nato, international agencies and companies, as well as Belgium’s own government.

    Yet… still didn’t stop the carnage that happened.

    Over the next few weeks there will definitely be changes….they are happening now….there will be many disruptions over the Easter weekend.

    My prayers go out to all the victim’s families.

    In other news………the IFS – International Fitness Showcase 2016 was a HUGE success…..!!

    Each year it seems to get bigger & better. This year was no exception. It’s like a big family get together which comes around once a year with many fantastic Presenters representing different countries. Something for you to think about attending maybe?

    2 words……

    Donald Trump.

    Now ….what can I say about this guy?


    Just listen to what comes out of his mouth.

    So Andrew…..

    What has Belgium & Brussels got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    Well…as you may know, most of the UK’s rules come from Brussels.

    However, just to cover a few other things which I didn’t cover in my last article on the budget changes which will be coming into force.

    Corporation tax rates

    The main rate of corporation tax is currently 20% and this rate will continue for the Financial Year beginning on 1 April 2016.

    The main rate of corporation tax will then be reduced as follows:
    19% for the Financial Years beginning on 1 April 2017, 1 April 2018 and 1 April 2019

    17% for the Financial Year beginning on 1 April 2020

    Corporate tax loss relief

    This is a great way to reduce your corporation tax

    The government will introduce two reforms to corporate tax losses from April 2017.

    First, losses arising on or after 1 April 2017 will be useable, when carried forward, against profits from other income streams or other companies within a group.

    Second, from 1 April 2017, companies will only be able to use losses carried forward against up to 50% of their profits above £5 million.

    For groups, the £5 million allowance will apply to the group.

    Capital allowances on business cars

    Just bear with me on this one……

    The current 100% first year allowance (FYA) on businesses purchasing low emission cars will be extended to April 2021.

    A low emission car is one where the CO2 emissions do not exceed 75 gm/km and this threshold will fall to 50 gm/km from April 2018.

    In addition, the CO2 emission threshold for the main rate of capital allowances for business cars will reduce from 130 gm/km to 110 gm/km from April 2018.

    Abolition of Class 2 National Insurance Contributions (NIC)

    The government will abolish Class 2 NIC from April 2018.

    The government will publish its response to the recent consultation on state benefit entitlement for the self-employed in due course. This will set out details of how the self-employed will access contributory benefits after Class 2 is abolished.

    Property and trading income allowances

    From April 2017, the government will introduce a new £1,000 allowance for property and trading income.

    Individuals with property or trading income below £1,000 will no longer need to declare or pay tax on that income. Those with income above the allowance will be able to calculate their taxable profit either by deducting their expenses in the normal way or by simply deducting the relevant allowance.

    Phased rollout of Tax-Free Childcare

    The government has announced it will introduce Tax-Free Childcare in early 2017.

    Tax-Free Childcare will be gradually rolled out to children under 12 with the parents of the youngest children being able to enter the scheme first. The scheme will be open to all eligible parents by the end of 2017.

    The existing scheme, Employer-Supported Childcare, will remain open to new entrants until April 2018 to support the transition between the schemes.


    Have a great Easter weekend. Tomorrow is Good Friday…….the day after….Good Saturday…..!!!

    Easter dinner will be prepared… doubt some containing brussel sprouts.

    Lots of chocolate will be consumed….indeed….most will be Belgium Chocolate..!!

    Good Day Ladies & Gentlemen.

    Andrew James Crawford

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