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  • C2GO Newsletter 31st August 2017 Decluttering

    What a great week…. I have been in total decluttering mode and yesterday completely cleared 3 decades of clothes from my wardrobes.

    My GOODNESS I feel like a new women.

    I did post lots of videos on my IG stories and the comments have been unreal!

    I’m so glad it made you laugh and you enjoyed my embarrassment of the shoe mountain……. and I thought EVERYONE has a leggings cupboard!….. You didn’t realise what a clothes and shoe hoarder I am (now reformed)

    For all your cardio choreography class lovers here are a couple more for you – the comments and views have been off the scale which is brilliant 🙂  I’m posting weekly over on Youtube and Insta so please subscribe if you love your choreography.

    My music du jour is Pure Energy Essential House and Mashed up 5.

    Click here to view 

    click here to view 

    Quick Marketing Ideas

    1.Video 60seconds clips of classes and upload regularly to FB
    2.Continue to build up business pages & likes with lots of great regular content every day.
    3.Get classes to check in every class.
    4.Posting through the day as the feed moves so fast. So schedule lots of interesting & relevant posts.
    5.Client testimonial videos and written testimonials and add to FB notes for social proof.
    6.Ask lots of questions and get lots of interaction so FB shows your page more times in the feed.

    1.Post relevant, interesting, exciting content throughout the day and interact with your followers.
    2.Follow and interact with local prominent people
    3.Tweet all local businesses who have a similar client profile to you, hairdressers, beauty, florists, restaurants etc. Make connections.

    Instagram – Build your brand on Instagram
    1.Post relevant pictures regularly.
    2.Use app PHONTO to add text to photos
    choose your key # and use on every picture

    As you know, the key to getting great results from social media is to work it regularly and build up your contacts on a daily basis. It’s not all about selling your services, but providing useful and insightful content for your followers and fans.

    My YouTube is
    Instagram is Rachel L Holmes


    Jayne and I are doing our Mind.Body.Fit event at the beautiful Harbour Club Kensington on Sunday 17th September  You can book here we have wonderful goody bags and looking forward to teaching new masterclasses for you.
    click here to join

    Kick Start 28 Day Lift Lean Project – 28 BRAND NEW WORKOUTS

    The Kick Start Lift Lean September Project begins on the 4th and so far I have had AMAZING results with my Menopausal and Post Menopausal guinea pigs!
    All of the workouts are various home weight training workouts so NO HIIT just lifting and the shape changes have been incredible.
    I create 28 completely different workouts for you so every day is a fresh workout. Click here to join
    The group is open and we are getting all geared up. Perfect for all trainers who love being trained!

    Have a wonderful day my friends.

    Keep Inspiring.
    Love Rachel xxx

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