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  • C2GO Newsletter 3rd August

    SEPTEMBER is by far the best month on the Fitpros calendar for restarting classes, launching new projects and programmes.

    Traditionally EVERYONE thinks it’s January and it’s just not the case. January can often be a bit of a disappointment.

    Keeping your social media content rolling and visible is key and planning your launches for September, so while everyone is scrolling through their phones lying on the sun lounger your offerings are going to be top of mind.

    Thanks to EVERYONE that has attended the Free Fitness Pilates Webinar Series. Last night we talked the new mums and tots FP, FP for older adults and the new developments in function, form and performance which I will be incorporating into the new Fitness Pilates Health Coach Programme. If you registered the recording is sent to you 24 hours later.

    Finally, we have a venue for the Mind.Body.Fit event in London with Jayne Nicholls. We will be holding the event at the former Reebok Club in Canary Wharf which is now called Third Space on Sunday 17th September click here for details

    Tonight Yvonne and I are doing the Pow Wow Wow Meet up In Nottingham and I’m looking forward to speaking to Fitpros about how they can stop just “Ticking Over” and realising the opportunities we all have in front of us.

    Social Media and digital has CHANGED everything. Many Fitpros are noticing they aren’t getting the number of customers they used to get and others are struggling to work out what to offer, how to price it and how to market. Yvonne and I have got so much to talk about tonightand looking forward to the Cream Tea as well!  You can still join us click here 

    For FREE Workouts and workout ideas – I’ll be on Facebook Live at 745am This Morning

    Or Follow my Instagram for workout Rachel L Holmes


    Are you teaching pregnant women in your Fitness Pilates Classes? By KELLY REED-BANKS

    Calling out to all the Fitness Pilates instructors that read this newsletter (and I’m sure there are lots!)
    I’d love to know how many of you regularly get pregnant women or post natal women who are experiencing Diastasis Recti just turn up in your classes?

    It seems to be a very common occurrence with a lot of instructors I know and often I have level 3 Pilates learners state that when they are teaching in high end fitness chains that they are regularly getting pregnant women just ‘turn up’ for class and often don’t actually let the instructor know that they are either pregnant or post natal.

    It also has happened to me in both the community and in clubs, now I advertise myself as a Pre and Post Natal FP instructor so I kinda get why they would be directed to my classes but I do clearly state on all my advertising that you must contact me first before attending to go through a health consultation and also so I can guide you into which class is appropriate.

    So it did take me back when a brand new lady just turned up unannounced the other Monday night who was 21 weeks pregnant, never been to any of my community classes before or been to Pilates or Fitness Pilates before and decided that my Monday night mixed ability class was the one for her!!! This also happened again yesterday in my Freestyle Fitness Yoga class at Nuffield!

    Now as challenging as it was to have her announce this at the start of my class and also that she is suffering with Sciatica, I felt confident I could teach her effectively and safely from the advanced knowledge I have, but I know that this could have happened to any of you out there and that there is a lot of miss guided information given to pregnant women about Pilates.

    A lot of women will assume that all Pilates instructors are equipped with the advanced knowledge that they can adapt and cater for her in class but the reality is that this is a MASSIVE subject which needs additional training and further ongoing development from the instructor point of view and many Pre and Post natal instructors do not allow pregnant or post natal women who have complications in mixed ability class – and in an ideal world I would agree with this too but it’s hard to get someone who wants to come with their Friend/ Sister etc to a specialist class.

    Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life and can affect each person differently both mentally and physically. The newness of this experience and all the issues that surround it can be nerve-racking and sometimes overwhelming. It is a time of uncertainty and a time that women may feel out of control.

    So to go to a class with someone they know can really help and Fitness Pilates can be a brilliant class for both pre and post natal women, but you as the instructor needs to feel confident with your knowledge and of course hold relevant qualifications to be insured.

    So if you need help then take a look at our Advanced Fitness Pilates for Pregnancy certification

    Or our level 3 award in designing Pre & Post Natal Exercise through Active IQ

    Fitness Pilates can be one of the safest forms of exercise for mother and child and by doing Fitness Pilates regularly, women will provide the best physical and emotional environment for themselves and their baby.

    It promotes a feeling of beauty, grace and inner calm. It will not only help during the delivery but will help women to recover more quickly afterwards. This method of conditioning will allow women to bring balance back into their lives physically, physiologically and emotionally.

    So rather than turning that pre and post natal lady away from your class, Or feeling overwhelmed when they announce to you they are pregnant or post natal during your class, why don’t you open up your business and specialise a little further to help support them!

    For any more information please do not hesitate to contact me –

    Have A Great Day

    Love Rachel xxx

    Rachel Holmes Signature

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