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  • C2GO Newsletter 8th July 2015

    C2GO 9th July 2015
    Hope you are
    enjoying the sun (if it’s still shining)
    & the tennis & getting all ready for summer…yeah!
    At last it’s Fitpro Live at
    Excel in Docklands which I am
    immensely excited about…..
    say HI if you are knocking about,Ill be teaching
    FP & doing a new Seminar On Social Media
    For Fitness Instructors
    then its World Fitness IDEA convention
    which is in LA (double YEAH!)
    #Exciting times
    Retreat in Brackley
    Sindy Matthews organised a lovely
    1 day retreat on Sunday comprising of
    Fitness Pilates, Meditation, Motivational
    talks, Nutrition & Tons of KS Food all cooked
    & baked by Sindys mum.
    I taught FP & did a talk and it was a great day.
    Have you thought about organising your own?
    Scotland KSFL Launch
    Are you based in Scotland?


    Do you want to join the
    Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisee

    We have some very exciting
    business opportunities & special
    deals & would love you to join
    myself & Sarah Jane Walls for a
    FREE afternoon on
    Saturday 19th September at the
    Blythswood Square Hotel.

    Its 130 – 330pm so come join us 🙂

    Click here to add your details


    Greg Sellar

    I’m coming to the UK to do a workshop in Derby on Saturday 25th July for instructors, trainers and Kick Start Fat Loss franchisee owners because I truly believe that the approach we have to fat loss and results is amazing for the body, but inadequate for the mind.

    Your clients are going to get results because of what you tell them. They will have fat loss and fitness success stories, but the real test will come from how they look in one year, two years, ten and twenty years.

    Most of us have ‘head trash’ that is set up in our early developmental stages. It’s the result of us hearing things from our parents, teachers, peers and environment that will subconsciously rule our thinking later in life once the neural pathways are set. Most of these pathways are pretty much established by age seven. That’s not to say things can never change after that (our brain is plastic and malleable, not fixed), but it’s a lot harder to unlearn an old habit than it is to learn a new one.

    What are the top five strategies for long-term client success?

    We have to ask better open-ended questions in talking to our clients about their goals. Asking secondary questions to get to the REAL reason they want change or why they feel they’re currently not successful.

    We have to become better listeners. Most of us hear, but don’t listen. We spend time hearing, waiting for our turn to talk, or thinking about other things not present with the clients. With limited attention capacity (7+/-2 thoughts at any one time), you will miss vital clues as to why people are unable to overcome thinking roadblocks.  

    We have to suspend judgement and assume that the client has all the tools they need to succeed. We just have to reframe negative mind-sets and limiting beliefs with tools and visualisation exercises to remind people they have been successful in the past.

    We need to understand that some things are within our control and others are not. If we can properly identify what we can and can’t control, we can focus more on the things that will move us forward towards positive action.

    We have to identify what success looks like with the client – how will they know when they get it? What will it look like? What happens if they don’t get it?

    The ‘Your Best You’ workshop will give both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to gain better client relationships, increased client performance and retention for your business. I hope to see you there on the 25th July. To book, visit .

    For more information of this kind, sign up to Greg’s newsletter at GREGSELLAR.COM or Like GREGSELLAR.COM on Facebook.

    Are you a ‘Jack of all trades’? – By Kelly Reed-Banks

    Someone asked me the other day what do I teach and I reeled off a long list of pretty much every freestyle class you can think of plus Zumba & INSANITY.

    They then said ‘oh so you don’t specialise in anything?’ and I thought well, yes I do, i specialise in Fitness Pilates, Weight loss, HIIT training, Step/ Aerobics, Pre & Post natal – ummmmmmmm maybe I don’t specialise as this is still quite a long list to specialise in????
    Should I focus on being a specialist rather than teaching a wide variety?

    This one comment has made me think a lot about what pressures are put on us as instructors to keep up with trends,

    Do you feel you need to jump onto the next big thing with regards to classes/ fitness / nutrition? Or do you become a master of one? – Can we be a master of all of them?

    Is it the pressure put on us by busy timetables and the competitive nature of this industry that requires us to be able to offer as many classes as possible so we get & keep the work? Or do we put this pressure on ourselves? Do we like to teach a wide variety? Would we get bored if we only taught one format?

    It also made me think about how many instructors out there sign up for EVERY next big trend, complete the training course, buy the music, dvds, sign up for the monthly subscriptions etc etc and then never teach it??? Or maybe just complete it so they can cover from time to time?
    Do we really make the most of this training?

    Do we get our return in money & time that is spent?

    Or are you just becoming a course junkie???

    As a course tutor, I see this first hand, instructor who sign up for courses and then never complete them! Why is this?
    I know in some cases there are external factors that happen which we have no control over like injury, illness, family or relationships that can prevent us from achieving these qualifications, But sometimes there is no real reason.

    Can we dedicate enough time not only to complete the training but then to perfect the format and continue to develop our training in this?

    I have no answer to give you on this, I would just love to know your thoughts.

    Does this sound like you?
    Are you a Jack of all trades or a master of one?

    Tweet me @kellyreedfitnes
    facebook me – Kelly Reed-Banks / Kelly Reed Fitness
    Email –

    A Change Of Perception
    By Jo De Rosa

    Last weekend we had an amazing retreat here at Inner Guidance called ‘The Soul Development Weekender’. The facilitator delivered three powerful meditations incorporating
    1) Your Past 2) Your Present 3) Your Future.

    As our retreat centre is 16th Century and the facilitator is a psychic, we also organised a séance on the Saturday night after dinner…..

    “Spirits Please Show Yourself”
    I’ve never done anything like this before and was intrigued and a little scared by the prospect. There were 14 of us around our large table, gathered with the lights out and joining hands to make a connective circle. The scene was set with just one candle in the middle of the dining room table.

    What an interesting evening!
    I learnt so much about the power of the mind….
    What Is Your Perception?
    I and others saw the candlestick moving, whilst some didn’t. The lady next to me got tapped on the shoulder, while someone down the other end of the table felt something push into their chair. At one point the table was moving like a wave, and the interesting thing is that half of us felt it and the other half didn’t……

    All In The Mind
    I soooo wanted to see a ghost!
    Some did. One lady apparently had a ghostly head above her own head, but I didn’t see that. What was lovely was that one person who had been very apprehensive about the whole thing saw lots of spirits during the evening and when she left the next morning said, “My fear of dying has gone now”.


    And this knowledge also backs up what I have known for a long time: that we create our own destiny with the thoughts that we fill our minds with.

    Our minds are powerful beyond belief, and we have no idea of the capacity and possibilities that are available to us. We need to eliminate immediately:
    DOUBT and FEAR and STRESS.
    Yuk what destructive emotions they are, playing havoc with our wellbeing ? and quite literally contracting us.
    Replace them with:
    LOVE, HOPE, BELIEF IN YOURSELF, FAITH and your DREAMS ? – all expansive emotions.

    It Is Up To You
    Create the life that you want. If there is something in your life that isn’t working CHANGE IT! If you feel that you can’t, then look at your PERCEPTION of the situation. Is there any way you can walk around the situation and see it from another angle? This is where a coach/mentor can be of real help, to view this seemingly unmovable situation with new eyes. We all need someone to help us ‘see beyond’ where we are right now, someone who already views life in an expansive way and who can give us the green light to think in an extended way.
    Just last night I had this lovely message:

    “I’ve stayed off the alcohol and stuck to healthy eating, so quite a week! I can’t thank you enough … You have turned my life around.”

    This from a lady who when we first met just 10 days ago couldn’t see a way forward from her out of control drinking. And with a bit of support and guidance, has new insight into how to create the life she dreams of.

    A Shift In Perception
    It’s amazing how easy it is to make a small shift in perception, which will have a huge impact on your life. Usually it is something that we already ‘know’ on some level but are not ready/able to fully acknowledge. For example, I have been working on acceptance and trust for a while now. And although I ‘know’ that everything happens for a reason, sometimes I can’t seem to help trying to control a situation. Take my retreat last month. During the breaks between our sittings, I had my favourite spot in the temple to lie down or do some yoga. I found myself getting agitated at the thought of someone else taking my spot, but with my new perception of allowing the present moment to be whatever it is meant to be I realised that if that particular space was taken then A BETTER SPACE WAS PROVIDED TO ME!
    Learning To Live Life In A New Way
    So now this has become almost a game for me! As soon as I see my need to control I let go, and instead allow. Because I really do think that when you are connected (through meditation) all we need to do is trust. And relinquishing control and seeing what the universe has in store for you is FUN!

    Getting Out Of The Way Of Yourself
    We may think we know what is best, but the universe will show us what is in fact  the highest option available to us. It feels like someone is looking out for me and showing me the way, and now that I am learning to get out of the way of myself so much is opening up to me…..bigger and brighter than I could ever have imagined!
    If we fixate on a particular outcome we are actually pushing away everything else, and who knows what amazing experiences we are missing out on because we are so busy trying to control control control…..

    BBC Radio Suffolk are intrigued by us and are planning on live streaming the next séance planned for Halloween evening. This event is in the planning stages and not yet launched on our website but let me know if you are interested in attending and ready to open your mind to another dimension!?
    And Lizzie is holding two more Soul Development Weekenders at Inner Guidance on:?4th to 6th July
    14th to 16th November

    Let me know what you think about all things ghostly, and if you have ever seen one! Also how you feel about living life in trust…..I’d love to hear from you x

    Facebook:  InnerGuidance
    Twitter:  @Inner_Guidance
    Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2014
    Tweet me @RachelHolmes
    Instagram  RachelLHolmes

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