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  • C2GO SPECIAL Newsletter 6th December 2017

    The Fitness industry is changing  rapidly as we head into 2018.

    There are so many free fitness videos on Youtube and Facebook that I wanted to update you on where my free content is and updates of my private online groups.

    My aim is to help, educate and inspire all Fitpros, PT’s, Pilates teachers and everyone who loves teaching group fitness with class choreography, courses, business, marketing and personal development ideas.


    Over the last 20 years I’ve supported you through my website Choreographytogo and via regular email –  and the C2GO Newsletter- which of course will continue every THURSDAY.

    These days many emails now get lost in junk mail, and social media gives us a better opportunity to have real meaningful conversations and forge stronger relationships.

    Therefore….  Here are my social media platforms and what you will find on them plus private support groups.

    I now create unique content for each platform so you will find different info and styles depending on which social media platform it is.

    Instagram – Rachel L Holmes
    I post daily 1 minute HIIT workouts
    here so brilliant for quick and easy ideas.


    Instagram  Fitness Pilates – FitnessPilates1
    Daily quick Fitness Pilates workouts, exercises and music ideas


    My Main Facebook page is

    I do a daily live workout between 7 – 8am here plus nutrition, wellness, recipes, food and all things related to Kick Start.


    For Choreography, Education, and Course updates

    All education, courses, choreography videos.


    All your Fitness Pilates News



    Have you trained with me in Fitness Pilates?

    I host a wonderful group of FP teachers where we share ideas, updates, motivation, support, music, PR ideas
    so please join in


    Kick Start Women’s Wellness Private Coaching group.

    This is my private coaching group for ALL women who are looking for the latest in health information, fatloss, nutrition.
    Even Fitness Professionals need help and support with food and fitness and this group is especially supportive.
    We all know what it is  like to feel the pressure of standing up in front of people day after day, week after week..decade after decade and I love helping and supporting wherever I can
    on health-related issues.



    You TUBE – SO many Choreography videos here
    Im posting daily so subscribe to get the updates.

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