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Fitness Pilates Focus DVD


Fitness Pilates Focus DVD with Rachel Holmes



Body Transformation Instructor DVD


bodyTransformation_DVD copy 3.jpg

Body Transformation DVD for Instructors

This DVD is for Instructors looking for conditioning ideas.

The DVD comes in a hard case and runs for 60minutes.

Section 1 – Warm Up

Section 2 – Bar Alignment ideas using Body Bar, Stick or Barbell

Section 3 – Kettlebell/Weights Interval Ideas

Section 4 – Step H.I.I.T Ideas & Full Body Matrix

Section 5 – Ab Ladder Ideas

The DVD is on offer for £10 + VAT + postage



Kick Start Fat Loss Home Workout DVD 1

4 x 30minute H.I.I.T Total Body Conditioning Workouts

“4 minute of HIIT Training can be more effective than 30 – 45 minutes on a treadmill”

The KSFL home workout will burn serious amounts of body fat plus shape, tone and define your entire body in only 30minutes

KSFL Creator & International Fitness Presenter Rachel Holmes leads you through 4 fatburning equipment free workouts with a bonus KSFL Core section.

Workout with Rachel and the UK KSFL Trainers in your living room and get amazing results in record time.

Burn more fat and calories than traditional steady state cardio

Amazing body weight exercises that will shape, tone & define your entire body.

* KSFL is a heart pumping High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) workout
* Begin with Workout 1 then progress as you get fitter & stronger
* Join Rachel & her team for the bonus core section to tighten your mid section
* No dancy steps or moves just the most up to date functional exercises that get results
Get to your goals faster with The KSFL Home Workout DVD

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Evolutionary Fitness Pilates – *Best seller*

Evolutionary Fitness Pilates Click here to order and get details

Evolutionary Fitness Pilates contains warm up, standing routines, functional FO and how to evolve classic moves into seated, kneeling, standing and balance. More practical and innovative ideas for your FP class.

DVD contains

Section 1 3D Joint warm up

Section 2 Functional Fitness Pilates Sequences, Routines and Exercises. Begins with Standing exercises, Kneeling exercise moving into floor work. There is a lot usable material here that will take your Fitness Pilates classes to a more functional level.

Section 3 Evolutionary Fitness Pilates  Rachel takes the original Pilates exercises and shows you how to evolve them into a moving challenge, a balance challenge, and a progresive challenge.


Fitness Pilates with the Mini Ball *Best Seller*

Fitness Pilates using the Mini Ball - Rachel Holmes

This DVD features Rachel going through all of the Fitness Pilates exercises using the MINI BALL/Bender Ball. It arrives in a plastic sleeve and is posted first class out to you.
A useful DVD with innovative ideas adding a new dimension to your FP classes.
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 Fitness Pilates The Next Level DVD *Best Seller*

This is Rachels latest DVD that accompanies her latest workshop Tour – Fitness Pilates The Next Level.

The DVD is posted first class and comes in a hard DVD case.

The DVD Contains:

 Warm Up Ideas for FItness Pilates

Tennis Balls Mobility

Tri Plane Standing Sequences

Transitional Sequences

Resistance Tube and Fitness Pilates

The Grid and Foam Roller ideas

The DVD runs for 1 hour and 7 minutes and is presented by Rachel Holmes

Click here to order Fitness Pilates The Next Level



Body Shock Workout40.png

Body Shock DVD Workout is £10 + VAT + postage/packing it is posted first class and comes in a hard DVD case.

The DVD runs for 75minutes long.

Body Shock is a workout designed to fire up the bodies metabolism ensuing maximum fat loss PLUS muscle conditioning in one action packed workout

 I have 20 DVDs available today.


Body Shock DVD Content:

Section 1 Warm up – Using light weights for warm up routine and sequence.

Section 2 Metabolic Training – This section is choreographed into routines using powerful interval training. This is equipment free and uses own body weight including burpees, squats, lunges. Each routine is tri plane.

Section 2 Metabolic Training – Lateral equipment free routines

Section 3 Metabolic Training – Transveres equipment free routines

Section 4 Tabata Training Ideas – Lower Body Tabata using weights, Upper Body Tabatas and Core Training Tabata, Seated and Kneeling Tabata. Loads of innovative ideas.


Click here to order BodyShock



I have 15 Super Seniors DVD on offer today.

Super Seniors contains lots of verse chorus style choreography and blocks of simple/low impact routines. Rachel goes through many of the steps first without music putting just as you would in a class. The choreography is aimed at more Active Seniors but can be modified and changed to suit differnt ages and abilities. Its an up beat style of choreography.

The Video contains:

Warm Up Routine Kylie Cant get you out of my head

Section 2 Madonna Vogue routines.

Section 3. Madonna Hung Up

Section 4 70’s Disco Style Routiunes 4 x low impact combinations

Section 5 Bollywood Style Routines  using a scarf (Get your Bollywood Music from Pure Energy)

Section 6 Salsa Style Ideas

Conditioning Ideas using Dyna Bands and Gliders




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