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  • Choreographytogo Instructor Newsletter 8/9/16


    I wrote a blog post yesterday
    titled “Are You Over Teaching?” and the comments this
    generated was the most amount of
    feedback I’ve EVER written to date.

    I received so many personal emails and
    comments on social media.

    ***If you missed it here it is ….

    Is “Over Teaching” setting you up for long term health problems? click here to read

    So THANK you to everyone that messaged me :-)******

    Stress and chronic cortisol production can
    impact our internal
    body chemistry.

    We may “look” fit and healthy but there appears to be a
    link to
    so many health issues – fertility problems, unexplained Gynecologic disorders
    PCOS, Adrenal fatigue, Amenorrhea, Hormonal problems and imbalances…… the list goes on.

    It’s something that is just not talked about in fitness
    and I’d really
    like to explore this more and keep the conversation

    Stress and extreme cortisol output chip away
    like a dripping tap.
    Then suddenly later down the road
    unexplained health problems appear.

    Let me know what you think ?

    Have a wonderful STRESS FREE Thursday 🙂

    Love Rachel xxxx


    Have you booked The Fitness Pilates For Orthopaedic Conditions
    Advanced Training Day?

    Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.35.56In London on 27th November.
    Kelly Reed-Banks and I are presenting this
    “DEEP DIVE” training day
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    I wrote a Blog post this week for Instructors that I got a lot of response
    from about letting your mind “Future Tripping”.
    When you mind keeps over thinking EVERYTHING, over analysing
    and constantly thinking about every possible outcome of a situation
    that hasn’t even happened yet and how that sets up a chain of negative thinking.

    Here is the post if you missed it I’d love your thoughts CLICK HERE

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