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  • Choreographytogo Newsletter 9/11/17

    Dangerous Ideas.

    I was listening to a podcast yesterday about “dangerous ideas” and how industry and business is being disrupted by digital ideas and new thinking.

    For instance, in the US Toys R US has gone bankrupt and the reason behind that is  AMAZON has taken the toy market.

    Shopping for toys online and the package being delivered less than 24 hours
    later is a much easier option than dragging kids around a huge store for a box of Lego.

    AMAZON will become a huge threat for the supermarkets as they now own Whole Foods and are poised to shake up the food home delivery market.

    It’s all great news for the consumer not great news for Walmart and Tesco.

    C2GO has been disrupted – 10 years ago my biggest selling products on the website were choreography videos.

    Due to YOUTUBE you can find lots of great choreography for FREE, no one wants to buy choreography videos and I even now put all my weekly choreography on YOUTUBE
    and that’s just one example.

    But how will the Fitness industry be disrupted?

    Well, it kind of is already.

    There are more gyms, studios, and classes than ever before, in my area Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire another budget gym – JD Sports with huge finance and backing from the massive JD Sports brand that own multiple global brands
    opens in a few weeks. Within a 10 mile radius we have every single gym chain from low budget, to 2 David Lloyds, Virgin, Nuffield plus numerous council gyms that are highly competitive in service and price.

    So what is the future of the community Instructor?

    Your business needs to be agile so you can pivot and change and use social media to build your brand and market your offerings.

    Offer something that the chains don’t offer, a programme that people will pay a premium for BUT it has to be branded, professional, give enormous value.

    * Weightlosss and Health will ALWAYS be a programme people want – the main competitors not being health clubs, but slimming clubs and they have not changed for decades.

    * Mums and Toddlers – Since having Logan in May we have been to every mum and baby class in my area and there are so many 🙂

    This has completely opened my eyes to a huge opportunity for amazing mums and tots classes.

    Mums will 1000% pay a premium for good classes that can be done in the daytime, before nap time with baby and pay for a course upfront.

    Myself and Kelly Reed-Banks have been piloting a new Fitness Pilates class for mums and tots along with some of the Kick Start Coaches and the response
    just from 1 Facebook post has been phenomenal. 

    Kelly filled her masterclass in an hour and Kelly Ravenscroft in Sutton Coldfield had over 30 messages from mums wanting to book.

    **Pilates – Pilates classes are always busy. Always.
    It’s the class that attracts a certain demographic of loyal customers.
    Package your Pilates up with a nutritional element and you have an amazing concept.

    **Classes for Older Adults – Seated classes / Zumba Gold / Senior Workouts all are popular.

    There is so plenty of “white space” areas that the chains just are not servicing. It’s about spotting those opportunities and creating clear branding,
    marketing, PR and sales.

    Let me know what you think 🙂 .

    The Kick Start Lift Lean Class 
    WELL DONE Michelle on your LIFT LEAN live launch in Redditch the atmosphere was amazing- watch the video here


    👣S T E P 👣
    Watch it here

    This week we launched the Fitness PIlates for Older Adults and looking forward to the Fitness Pilates Summit this weekend in London.

    Let me know what you think about where your community classes are going in 2018.

    Happy THURSDAY

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