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  • How to Create and Organise Seminars in the Community and for Corporate Clients

    How to create and Organise Your Own seminars and Workshops in the community and for corporate clients

    Discover the secret hidden profit potential of running your own workshops and seminars. This is one component 99% of Instructors forget about. I am not talking about becoming a workshop presenter here at Fitness Convention but becoming a Health, Fitness and Motivation presenter in your area can be a great way to market your business, sell more personal training sessions, Bootcamps and catapult you into becoming your area’s “Health and Fitness specialist.’ If you are a successful group exercise teacher then you have the knowledge, people skills and speaking abilities to move into workshop and seminar production

    Producing your own seminars and workshops can be a very large money maker for your business. In this ongoing series, I’ll show you the inside track to producing seminars and workshops that will skyrocket your business.

    Knowing the Economics
    Before you begin setting a price for admission to your seminar, you first must understand the economics behind it.

    Registration fees will only make up a small percentage of your actual profits. I’ll show you just one of the revenue sources for seminars and workshops in today’s article…

    Back of Room Sales:
    The sales and promotion of your classes and personal training sessions, plus any products that you have developed, can help make up a large percentage of your seminar profits (you have a product to sell, right?). Once you’ve wowed the crowd, you have to give them an opportunity to buy right there on the spot.

    I know what you’re thinking, isn’t the point of a seminar to promote your classes or PT services? Not necessarily!

    Not everyone will be interested in your training services. Some people might have travelled 20 miles to hear your talk, so they are not  potential clients.

    By offering your audience books, videos, DVDs, manuals, phone consultations, internet training programmes, fitness clothing etc.

    Carly Greenway is a Fitness Instructor and Choreographytogo member based in the West Midlands. Her company, Fitness Express, gives talks and seminars on Starting an exercise programme, Motivation techniques, The Power of Positive thinking, Exercise adherence, Weight loss and many more.

    “I decided a few year’s ago that there was a gap for in the market for an evening seminar aimed mainly at woman in Hotels and Health clubs. Many hotel conference rooms are empty after 7pm and I negotiated a low room hire to put on a Health and Beauty evening. I prepared a fun but informative talk on weight loss and the importance + of exercise, the talk involves myth busting and general health and fitness tips, and I made it really fun with loads of props and overheads. I also approached a local Beautician who specialised in Make Up lessons and she did a 30min talk on applying make up. This  was a real winner as she brought along trainees and she got members of the audience up and taught make up techniques. We both promoted our businesses and gave away loads of freebies. I charged 0 for the 3-hour evening seminar and promoted it via press releases, adverts, flyers as well as to all the members in my classes. For our first evening 70 people bought tickets and the event was a massive success>

    Carly now runs a Health and Beauty every month at various Hotels in her area. She uses different speakers including massage therapists, aroma therapists, physios, chiropractors, Pilates Teachers and a nutritionist, who all prepare talks and get to promote their businesses, and the events are always sold out.

    “The seminar evenings are a great way to promote my classes and personal training and I am asked all the time to provide the talks and workshops for local businesses and corporations. This year I’m planning a How to stop smoking evening and a Fatburning  Cookery evening. I like to think of the evenings of Edutainment –  they are informative and educational but entertaining and fun. That’s the secret to keep people coming back every month.

    You could also run Fat Loss Parties with a local beautician/hair salon. If a local  salon has a monthly Botox nigh you could get involved with a talk and seminar.  Ladies who come for Botox are usually able to afford high end PT and small group PT and are very image conscious etc so create and  present a group talk on Fat Loss and what to eat for maximum fat loss and supplements. This is a great way to market small group sessions.


    I hope that has given you some food for thought


    Love Always


    Rachel x


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