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  • How to create your own niche brand as a fitness professional

    In this weeks newsletter I’m looking at how to create your own niche brand and becoming a coach and mentor.

    Amber Rich chats about her new retreat in Pembrokeshire and Jo De Rosa talks Politics in light of todays BIG Day..

    Have you voted yet?

    Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 08.03.36Rachel’s Fitness Niche and Class Ideas

    Be A Specialist Not A Generalist

    1.Are you teaching something unique and cool?
    Create a new class concept for 2016 – Brand your programme, give it mass exposure on Social Media and get it out there. Group X is crying out for some new class idea. My new BrainFit Workout™ is launching soon 🙂

    2.Are you teaching Fitness Pilates?

    Instructors report constant and consistent high numbers throughout the year. Add in specialities streams including Power Fitness Pilates, Fitness Pilates Conditioning, FP for Older adults and FP for Men only. FP is so versatile and can be tailed to suit so many niches.

    3.Special Niches

    There are still lots of untapped niches that no one or very few are providing great workouts and classes for. For example, the fastest group of women having babies for the first time are women over 40. What about a specialist pre and post natal programme designed for women over 40 who are first time mums group would be well received.

    4.There are still only a very limited number of specialist classes and workouts for women during and after menopause, Men Only classes and courses including muscle building and fat loss is a huge market that very few are tapping into. There are just a few and I think there are many more niche markets that no one is tapping into as yet.

    This newsletter has always been about encouraging Instructors to create your own style, your unique programmes and tapping into new niches. Don’t follow the crowd, create the future, and I do believe there are so many exciting avenues to go down. Research your idea thoroughly, trade mark and copyright it, trial it extensively, launch it and go for it.

    I’d love to hear your views and comments tweet me @RachelHolmes

    Do You Want To Offer Coaching And Mentoring?

    My Top Tips to becoming a Quality Coach and Mentor

    1.Know your subject inside out, back to front and upside down.

    2.You MUST be successful in the area you are coaching in. You must be able to prove your success and have been there and done it.

    3.Create a sound, robust and comprehensive training programme for your clients that has a clear start and end point.

    4.Be able to help, share, support and love your clients. You may have to guide them through rocky times until they get on track so patience and understanding is paramount.

    5.Work only with clients you click with to get the best from your coaching.

    What Can You Coach or Mentor On?

    Brainstorm your skills and achievements:

    *Are you an amazing cook or chef? Could you do online cookery coaching?

    *Have you lost a lot of weight and kept it off and can specialise in helping coaching people to go through your regime?

    *Have you got a fitness business that is unique to you? Maybe you have taken on staff? Have created your own brand? Have you set up a successful business in the community? Could you coach others to do the same.

    *Are you a whizz at editing videos? Could you coach people to edit their own videos or become more computer savvy?

    * Have you run a Marathon/Triathlon/Tough Mudder – Could you coach others to do the same?

    I know these are all a bit random but I bet you have an amazing skill that you could coach others to do using the internet, social media, webinars and skype.

    Have a brainstorm its a huge and growing market.

    You are invited to my Kick Start Discovery Days

    1st July – Essex
    9th July – Manchester Airport

    Click here for all the information


    The Retreat – Unleashing the power of you.
    Amber Rich

    What must it be like to get only two hours sleep every night – month after month? I think I would go mad. I know my kids would be in a constant state of panic, creeping about trying not to trigger an eruption. (“Christ! Why don’t you just eat your bloody vegetables)

    Sleeplessness is just plain awful. The gift of a good night’s sleep, on the other hand, is a gift beyond measure. It is not the sleep itself that’s welcomed – after all you generally sleep through that – it is that incredible feeling of being rested, restored and healed that comes with it.

    I mention this because one of my Retreat clients confessed she’d been suffering from insomnia for some years before she visited us. It was morning and we were sitting at the dining room table eating scrambled organic eggs with laverbread (it’s neither bread nor molten rock, btw). She said her sleeplessness had left her feeling constantly exhausted. However, she added, last night she’d slept the whole night through. How did she feel? I asked. “Wonderful!” she laughed.

    Retreats – places where people would be sent to be healed and restored – trace their history back to the late 18th century. Created by Quakers as a counter to strict asylums, they used the power of personalised attention, landscape, fresh air and peaceful surroundings to heal troubled minds. The mind, they believed, needed to be released, not constrained, to be able to reassert its own self-control.

    So back to my insomniac client. What, I asked, did she think had helped her sleep so well? It was a combination of things, she thought: the massage, the clean eating, the beautiful location, a lovely walk and the peace and quiet. The power of the Retreat.

    Women come to see us for all sorts of reasons. We introduce them to KickStart’s clean eating lifestyle, set them goals to take away. We provide nutrition and lifestyle coaching, HIIT, pilates and yoga. However, let’s be honest. I could do that anywhere. I do, and have done for many years

    But all too often my clients are fitting their sessions into a busy week. They rush in, give the class as much attention as they can muster, and move onto the next item on the schedule. You can see their focus deepening as the session runs before the thought of what’s next draws them away again.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats the power of a Retreat to immerse you utterly into the now. Whatever you might be doing on a Retreat, be it a Yoga class, some life planning, kayaking among seals or sitting with friends eating delicious clean food, if you have the space, a beautiful location, the fresh air and someone thoughtfully personalised attention you can truly let go. That’s when the added benefits kick in, the intangible wins: a great night’s sleep, a problem solved, an issue resolved, a sense achieved of utter and complete relaxation.

    On a Retreat there is no ‘what have I got to do next?’ to spoil the last 10 minutes of a class. There is no stressful transition to and from a treatment. Everything elides beautifully, one thing to the next, and so the value of each session is multiplied tenfold. A walk along the shore is no longer just a walk, it is an unravelling of months of tension, a chance to unscramble some jumbled thoughts, time and space to make a new plan.

    Unlike a certain hotel chain we don’t offer a good sleep guarantee. We don’t promise instant weight loss, life’s problems solved or stresses eliminated either. At a Retreat our clients have space, time and rested minds to allow them to find all these things for themselves.

    Like a good night’s sleep, that’s priceless.
    So if you would like to come to one of our retreats or run one of your own here in Pembrokeshire please don’t hesitate to contact me
    Amber 07973373833
    IN or OUT: The Tug At My Heart
    by Jo De Rosa
    On Monday I posted a question on my personal Facebook page asking my friends how they were voting in the referendum for I’d suddenly realised that I hadn’t yet given it any thought, and had no idea how I felt about this forthcoming important decision.
    There were 53 comments within 24 hours and as I read through them I knew instantly which way I will be voting today……
    Some background:
    For the last three years my husband and I have taken ourselves literally off grid. Not in the sense of no electricity etc… but our existence is in the middle of nowhere slap bang in the middle of a 500 acre farm, away from people, the media, ‘normality’, and here we make our own rules; live the way we want to and do the work that we love.
    Add to this mix our in-house programme which we also live by: (Quantum Superpowers™) a journey from head to heart and then living from that truth, and our lives are shaped by ultimate rather than relative reality.
    Suddenly as I read the comments on my post I realised that I’d been looking at the referendum from a relative standpoint, and could see how potentially a decision could be based on it. When I widened the picture and saw the situation from an ultimate perspective it was so obvious that there was no other option for me than to vote IN.
    As I read down the comments each mention of separation, division and closed borders shut my heart down and I felt a tightness in my gut. In comparison the talk about oneness and unity opened me; lifted me; expanded my consciousness. It was like a rose opening and then closing it’s petals, or the inhale and exhale of my breath, and I knew categorically that I was going to say YES to expansion.
    It was so obvious and I even laughed out loud at how easy the decision had swiftly established, and how at peace I was with an IN vote.
    And this message is not necessarily about IN.
    This message is about HEART.
    I am voting with my HEART.
    I am voting for ultimate truth and what that means to me: connection and collaboration between peoples.
    There is no way I could vote separation as for my heart that would be like cutting my energy off from source. I would be energetically saying ‘NO!’ to the quantum field and that is the exact opposite to my own personal beliefs of continued expansion.
    And I’m not in the slightest interested in politics; if I am unfortunate enough to walk into a room when Prime Ministers question time is on I am appalled at how our country is run; by arguments, propaganda, pettiness and fear. I will have no part in it but I will enthusiastically vote IN with my heart.
    What I would like to see is a new breed of politician.
    Living from the heart.
    With peace, love, unity and compassion as their utmost priority and foundation of their policies.
    I see that future clearly.
    In my heart.
    I believe it.
    And I also know that to achieve it it must come from WITHIN.
    It is OUR duty to find peace and compassion inside us, for then it will emanate outwards. That is how we heal our world.
    I will be holding this vision in my heart and mind during meditation and sending the vibration into the quantum, and I’d love for you to join me. This is what YOU can do to heal the faction and separation that we are seeing around the globe; OUR beliefs matter; we can create massive change FROM WITHIN. The situation is not hopeless.
    And the politicians will catch up soon enough when there is enough of us living from our truth. When the collective vibration raises they will HAVE to also rise up, and we will begin to see this inner shift that has been gaining momentum IN OUR OUTER ENVIRONMENT.
    Embracing solidarity, inclusivity, unity, peace and togetherness is what we all want; but we must first find that within ourselves.
    This is the REAL work.
    We must not be distracted from it!
    So each and every one of you vote from your HEART not your head, for your heart is around 100 times stronger electrically and around 5,000 times stronger magnetically than your brain. And if we each do that, speaking the language of our heart, then I TRUST that todays result has to be the correct one.
    This is the most political you will ever find me and I wasn’t going to write this, yet in my meditation class on Tuesday morning as we talked this through whilst drinking ceremonial grade cacao my students told me it was MY RESPONSIBILITY to send this; to share the conversation that my heart had had with my head. And these words are not written from head but from heart, from LOVE, from oneness and unity.
    I’ve seen so much hatred and anger from both ‘sides’ already around this vote that we’ll be making today, and I want to fill your inbox this morning with LOVE.

    And as you stand in the voting booth later listen to the tug of your heart and vote from your own personal truth rather than fear, and if we can all do that then this world has to be an even more wonderful place.
    Out of interest how have my words resonated with YOUR heart?
    Are you more open now?
    Are our hearts speaking the same language? xxx
    Facebook: InnerGuidanceRetreatCentre
    Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2016



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