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  • Creative Ideas For Fitpros

    Rachel’s Fitness Niche and Class Ideas

    Be A Specialist Not A Generalist

    1.Are you teaching something unique and cool?
    Create a new class concept for 2018 – Brand your programme, give it mass exposure on Social Media and get it out there. Group X is crying out for some new class ideas.

    2.Are you teaching Fitness Pilates?

    Instructors report constant and consistent high numbers throughout the year. Add in specialities streams including Power Fitness Pilates, Fitness Pilates Conditioning, FP for Older adults and FP for Men only. FP is so versatile and can be tailed to suit so many niches.

    3.Special Niches

    There are still lots of untapped niches that no one or very few are providing great workouts and classes for. For example, the fastest group of women having babies for the first time are women over 40. What about a specialist pre and post natal programme designed for women over 40 who are first time mums group would be well received.

    4.There are still only a very limited number of specialist classes and workouts for women during and after menopause, Men Only classes and courses including muscle building and fat loss is a huge market that very few are tapping into. There are just a few and I think there are many more niche markets that no one is tapping into as yet.

    This newsletter has always been about encouraging Instructors to create your own style, your unique programmes and tapping into new niches. Don’t follow the crowd, create the future, and I do believe there are so many exciting avenues to go down. Research your idea thoroughly, trade mark and copyright it, trial it extensively, launch it and go for it.


    Fitpros Are You Struggling with the Menopause?

    Join my Womens Wellness Group


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