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  • Dare YOU put your prices up in 2014?


    I read a fantastic BLOG yesterday from my

    top girl Jenny Burrell.


    You may know Jenny of the Foo Food Fun Box Fame?


    (You may want to check her out as she is an outstanding fitness

    entrepreneur – btw)


    It was about raising your prices and how many amazing

    Fit Pros are not even making the minimum wage

    when you add up all the costs, travelling, music , insurance

    etc etc


    You know the score and the costs of being a Fitpro.


    And it really got me thinking about pricing & placement

    for Group X Classes.


    I teach HiLo/Step/HIIT classes at Virgin in Nottingham

    & the classes yesterday were rammed & buzzing.


    Loads of day trippers & new faces & folks not yet back at work.


    Great vibe and atmosphere. Lots of love & positivity.


    On Xmas Eve I got 40+ people all freestyling with me…fab turnout.


    But if I delivered the same classes in the community, there

    wouldn’t be anybody.


    The classes at the same time/same content

    same Instructor (Me)probably wouldn’t even get a

    handful of folks.


    The people that want Freestyle/Choreography have joined the gym.


    Now, the Fitness Pilates community classes are a different ball game.


    The people that attend FP would NEVER join a gym.


    I’ve increased my prices & no one has battered any eyelid.


    The class is constantly busy all year round.


    The Kick Start Fat Loss Detox and Beauty Detox

    sold out in 15 minutes

    and that was the most expensive community course

    I have ever advertised.


    Because its different, unique and exclusive.


    It comes down to knowing your product and understanding

    what your market wants & needs & their pain points.


    EVERYONE WANTS and NEEDS Health/Fitness/Fatloss/Nutrition/Motivation


    In one form or another, especially NOW!


    We need to package the right product, at the right time,

    for the right market………….



    My daily affirmation for today is all about forgiveness.


    Its plugged into my screensaver and alarm.


    Any negative rubbish that

    comes dancing through my mind today gets zapped with this one.


    “I forgive myself for having this thought. I choose love instead”


    That will smash it! Give it a go today.


    You can train with us to teach Fitness Pilates Click here for

    a list of all courses in 2014


    You can still get the different, unique and exclusive Fitness Pilates

    Men on Mats DVDS click here


    (Male Only FP Classes are a serious

    untapped niche)


    Let me know your thoughts and give me a shout on Twitter @RachelHolmes


    Happy Friday my Gorgeous Friends


    Rachel xx



    Grab both Fitness Pilates Men on Mats DVDS for click here

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