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  • Do You Want To Start Fitness Blogging & Writing?












    Have you thought about
    Health & Fitness Blogging?


    Writing regular emails & Blogging isn’t just about
    typing words onto your screen:


    It is about
    learning to communicate in your voice,
    from YOUR heart.


    It’s about sharing something that is
    real & attention grabbing that
    your audience
    can relate to.

    YOU have such unique expertise
    as a Fitness Professional.

    Amazing life skills, tips
    & advice that changes lives.

    My goal is to inspire
    Instructors to reach out,
    not only through face to face teaching
    but via digital media.

    Using Video, Blogging, Writing, Audios
    & leverage the power of social media
    & the internet.

    You really can create
    an exciting, profitable & sustainable
    fitness business.

    There is a definite art & science
    when it comes to blogging &
    writing emails.

    Which you can learn & then hone your

    So what do you think?

    Are you interested in getting into
    fitness blogging & writing emails?

    It is THE perfect way to build an online fitness  business.

    PLUS It’s exactly like building your live classes up:

    You begin teaching – You are a bit shaky.

    You find your voice – You feel more confident.

    You teach more classes – You improve.

    You hone your skills – Your personality shines through.

    You get great feedback – You continue to improve & build your classes.

    You build a loyal tribe of happy customers who LOVE you.

    Exactly the same steps for Blogging & Writing.

    I keep saying it but, it really is exciting times for Instructors wanting to create a digital fitness business.

    Now is THE time.

    Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday

    Love Rachel xx Tweet me @RachelHolmes


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    fitness entrepreneurs.


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